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File: 1586949411034.png (358 KB, 1918x889, jew.png)

625ba No.228[View All]

Sorry for the English, I don't speak Czech or Slovak.
This single trpll (both anonymous and under the name "Judenkiller88" and tripcode "IkcIUBl.rw") is infesting the entire /pol/ board with cancerous memes and spam harassing people who aren't pro-jewish. He has completely derailed this thread to mocking "anti-jewish nazis" (even though I'm not even a national socialist and neither are the others he's mocking, Czechoslovak or foreigners alike), and has made two more threads dedicated to harassing me among others just because he "doesn't have anything better to do":
He's also repeatedly changing the title of the site to essentially "this site is run by jews", both in English and Czech/Slovak to spite others. Now /pol/ is borderline unusable as he's flooded the board with his nonsense; what this man is doing can be considered nothing but spam. /pol/ isn't supposed to bee some anarchic board, it's in the board's rules to crack down on spam:
>= o uživateľoch neuchovávame žiadne informácie okrem IP adresy a aj to len po dobu nevyhnutne potrebnú na správu ich príspevkov. (ban za porušovanie pravidiel, blokovanie spamu, …)
>= we do not store any information about users other than the IP address and only for the time necessary to manage their posts. (ban for violation, blocking spam,…)
As it's possible to ban block spam by IP, can certain measures be taken on this agitator and his existing posts? It would be very good for such treatment to happen.
(I know he's coming here too, just to spite me)
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28ac1 No.304

I was talking more like the "legitimacy of fascism/NS thread", which covered both Hitler/Mussolini but also Rockwell, Pierce, Mason etc.
I've taken a look at them. From their website they apparently have paid options with varying features (the cheapest of which is 50 Euros (Pro Lite) and the most expensive 240 (Pro Plus), which is out of my reach) but also a single free one called a Community Site, which on paper is even better than the Pro Plus. The problem with that option is that it's only available for "high-quality, approved sites". More specifically it must:
>contain quality, original content
>be driven by an active community
>be publicly available with either open or closed membership
You also have to submit an application which only the Wikidot team themselves can give the greenlight on, and I doubt a proposed pro-white Wiki page would pass, if they're not going to reject it on those grounds alone, they'll have to consider the low-profile of boards like this and elsewhere (as they're going to be an extremely small amount of people), and won't consider it worth hosting..

d4f45 No.305

take your meds schizo

d4f45 No.306

>Yes, the OP could delete them, but what if he isn't around?
I guess you have to be here full-time you kike! Nice jewish tactics silencing other people. And asking you a legitimate question how do you know how erotic comics/novel looks like is not spam you samefagging mentally ill schizo nazi piece of shit.

955f9 No.307

The jew is mass spamming in this thread:

Frankly, if the admin isn't interested in cleaning up antiwhite spam and wants to hide under the "free speech" fallacy, he might as well be considered an active enemy agent as well.

No way am I promoting b-lokal with this trash running amok.

648f9 No.308

kys schizo

955f9 No.309

Who knows, maybe like on julay you and the admin are one and the same. It seems to be a recurring theme on political imageboards.

648f9 No.310

Maybe you are a mentally ill schizo after all.

648f9 No.311

>political imageboards
where did you get the impression this is a political imageboard?

cc877 No.312

I've deleted them, though he'll probably go for another wave of spam later on. That jew really loves to project his own faults onto others, spamming that "jews live rent free in my head" while obsessing over trying to shut me down.
Anyhow, I don't think it's as bad here as it was in Julay. What keeps me of treating Blokal as another Julay is that Julay had to actually have BOs or volunteers in order to delete others' posts, and the global volunteers wouldn't give a shit about helping them no matter how obnoxious its spammers are (the only exception is this one poster called the "Dolphinposter" who is suspicious himself), as they only acted on the extremely limited global rules. Despite Blokal showing the typical faux-free-speech banner that Julay shows, on /pol/, /p/ and this board at least, every OP is their own moderator, which does help since the moderation doesn't need to be nearly as centralised as it was in Julay, though that might be counter-intuitive, especially considering there's one password per user meaning if the OP isn't available, the thread can be spammed to oblivion. Thus, it should be reported, and the admin must intervene, considering blocking spam is a rule, and if he doesn't, then well, you know what's up with him.
Another thing that keeps me from treating this as another Julay is that they allowed board creation under authorisation, and they were basically tolerating CP by extension, which is what those obnoxious spammers tried to defend.

648f9 No.313

MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULES xDDDdDdd holy shit you are unbelievable massive faggot piece of shit Guthrum.

cc877 No.314

I'm deleting his posts, but the jew's clearly using a script to post now; it's literally the same shit over and over again. At this point, it's clear that he's intentionally trying to spam; right now it's lolishit he's spamming, before it was "Khazar milkers" (which confirms all previous suspicions regarding that meme), soon enough he's going to start posting actual jailbait.
Panboch, this jew is clearly not a normal troll, but he's intentionally trying to harm the board. I suggest adding a captcha to deal with scripts.

648f9 No.315

File: 1587668985751.jpg (30.85 KB, 460x613, loli for Guthrum.jpg)

Please Guthrum fuck me in my tight pink pussy right now. I need it. Guthrum senpai do it for me please!

648f9 No.316

File: 1587669207812.jpg (110.78 KB, 781x1024, Guthrum bait.jpg)

My friends told me you have a huuuuge dick Guthrum. I wonder if it's true. Could you s-show me?

cc877 No.317

Well, he's starting to do that as well.
Now this jew is going to fill your website with CP. Are you going to just leave him be now?

648f9 No.318

File: 1587670143004.jpg (73.16 KB, 506x724, prime age.jpg)

are you a fucking faggot? Are you afraid of juicy tiny piece of 14 years old ass?

648f9 No.319

File: 1587670360562.jpg (168.54 KB, 1600x1200, kids dancing class.jpg)

Or maybe you like the really good stuff. You like them really young aren't you Guthrum? Don't be a stranger tell me what you dream about.

cc877 No.320

File: 1587670604155-0.png (30.07 KB, 868x146, forbiddeninczechia.PNG)

File: 1587670604155-1.png (27.18 KB, 876x166, forbiddeninslovakia.PNG)

This jew has CP all over his hard drive doesn't he? It turns out that just deleting his spam or even banning him isn't enough.

28ac1 No.325

Thanks for banning the jewish pedophile. What drew the line however? Was it that he was spamming threads with a script with a clear harmful intent, or was it only drawn when he started to spam CP with a harmful intent?

e723c No.328

he was balancing on the edge of CP with the clear intention to push and test the limits.
I gave him a temporary ban to let him know that he should not go any further.

d4f45 No.329

You gave me a permaban and in that case so long and enjoy Guthrum the schizopedonazi I'm too lazy to use VPN for avoiding that ban. Btw that wasn't CP that was literally the google result for 'kids dancing class query'. I'm not a pedo to have real CP on disk nor I'm interested on looking at such pictures but thinking that anyone with pictures of children is a pedo just shows how much mentally ill Guthrum is. In that case even parents can't look at their children or bath them until they come of age because that would make them pedo. Seriosly this is beyond retarded. Fuck you Guthrum I don't know why you've decided to ruin this board you dumb idiot.

Seek help. You are discussing with yourself and you see jewish conspiracy behind every fart and you take imageboard waaaaaaaaaaay too much serious.

3b63a No.334

I've sent an email.

043af No.335

I need to to fuck me Guthrum please. I'm so horny. I want to choke on your dick.

3b63a No.339

I still haven't received any responses, though the BO is active going by his recent activity in >>338

d4f45 No.340

Wherever I am I also must COOOOOM! Guthrum you pedo gay fuck answer me!

3b63a No.341

Since Panboch is still reluctant to respond and just letting this jewish spammer bloat up the thread, I'm starting to think he's compromised. I want my new passwords; and I'm not getting them.

955f9 No.342

Like with julay's moderation team, it appears that Panboch is in on the harassment, or at least is okay with it. He's probably even homosexual since he leaves gay porn up, and I'm dead serious with that assertion.

At least we've learned that Eastern Europe has a hasbara problem, even in less significant countries like Slovakia.

3b63a No.343

I suspected that too (of Panboch). I also suspect that he'll appeal to "free speech" to justify it as usual. Anyways that "Czech" jew (going by his /int/ post, he appears to be posting from a Czech IP, though Google translate renders his language as Slovak) occupies no good space here. At this point he's not even trying to troll or even act in bad faith doing so like a jew, he's just forcing his homosexual and pedophiliac fantasies on others, also like a jew. So unless Panboch either does something about him, or gives new passwords for all of my threads that I've mentioned in my email, including this one, I will leave and shun Blokal.
It's a shame if I have to leave though, since so many other imageboards I've checked out were already off my limits i.e. either non-English (at least Blokal is both Czech/Slovak and English, some boards like Magyarchan seem to be more active, but it in-particular is only in Hungarian except /int/) or full of degenerates (either run by known degenerates, built for degenerate purposes, or is a literal Israeli board), and this single jewish spammer has to ruin it here.
The few other boards I've inspected a bit more were Nordchan, a Scandinavian board where I posted for a while, but the BO openly sold it out to the same group behind 16chan, so I quickly left it. I've tried reviving my German thread on Kohlchan, but it's impossible to post there on a proxy without going through a hash process, which makes it seem compromised. Also, there's a new board called 10chan.net that was posted here, but it's already infested with obnoxious trolls:
(speaking of Julay, apparently the BO is fed up of all the spammers and pedo crap there (even /n/ was hijacked and is now a catshit anime board), which might be good on paper, but it comes off as a sort of controlled demolition, as the BO still appeals to certain degenerates, and since political boards there are already gone, there's no reason to return to Julay)

955f9 No.344

Kohlchan's pol looks like a German version of 8kun's pol, with a strong obsession with the fake Hanau spree killings. And who the fuck is that frog creature Naomi Seibt? That thing doesn't even look human but like a misshaped puddy figure.

Magyarchan looks like another shithole with anime faggots. And considering Hungary still has a sizable jewish population (more than either Czechia or Slovakia, might be the third highest in Eastern Europe after Russia and Ukraine) and that there's an Israeli advertising a Krautchan Minecraft server, I'd put MC on the backburner at best.

I'll probably resort to making occasional threads on 8kun and 16chan when I have more time for it, otherwise I'll be using IBs even less.

Oh, I just remembered… what about Ylilauta (though it requires Captcha for non-accounts) or Nyymichan (though requires Captcha and does not have account registration) or other Finnish boards? Maybe even a board hosted in Asia (Japan or Taiwan) that has an English section.

955f9 No.345

>And anons were happy with the situation, because even after the Saint Tarrant shooting nothing happened to 8chan, and anon took it as a sign to trust 8chan even more and centralize harder.
"Saint Tarrant"? Hmm…
>while I'd love for a big imageboard to happen, the current climate of the internet does not permit it anymore, at least not at my paygrade. 8chan was backed since 2016 by Jim Watkins who had thousands of dollars to throw at a project with no profit in sight. I earn barely enough to keep myself and my family alive, and Julay has been kept alive mostly by donations, which I appreciate. Because my foundation is this unstable, if someone comes for Julay, I cannot guarantee that I can keep it up. I do not want the 8chan fiasco to happen again.
That's some really weird language he's using that I've bolded. The choice of words makes it sound like he's a middle-aged man who works for some government agency, even giving off military vibes.
>Once Final Solution is complete and those boards can find a place in the imageboard mesh, I'm probably going to disappear for good and "Robi" will die, which is something I'm looking forward to.
Okay then… so you're retiring your current persona and moving onto your next one… or something…

3b63a No.348

>Naomi Seibt
Apparently, a 19 year old German jewtube celebrity with ties to the AfD (another kosher "populist" party) and an American spook institute. I feel that this is another manufactured YouTube celebrity, essentially just a "right-wing" Greta Thunberg that the alt-media sucks off just as the mass-media sucks off Greta. The real question is: what's with all these awfully abnormal often-underage people being pushed by both the kosher left and right to begin with? Are they just the most attractive jewesses whoever behind this can find (considering jewish women are atrociously ugly, and their high rate of pedophilia)?
The anime crap in its non-/pol/ boards also drew me off from there. At least initially on Blokal, there wasn't as much decadency as there was in other boards (although there's a porn board, it's at least straight and nowhere near as decadent as the pedo crap allowed on practically every other new imageboard), though this single jew made sure that won't go on as long as we're here.
>Finnish boards
For me, it's just that their political boards are all in Finnish (whereas other boards including here at least allow some English). Nyymichan also appears to be incredibly inactive, its /pol/ board having only one post from last month, and a few from March (even Blokal/pol/ is much more active than that). Are the posters on Yillauta's /pol/ today any good? Nordchan actually had good posters and the medieval jewry thread even did well there, but since the BO sold out to 16chan, I left. It's completely gone now anyways.
>The choice of words makes it sound like he's a middle-aged man who works for some government agency, even giving off military vibes.
Speaking of that, apparently the so-called "Dolphinposter", a spammer on Julay ran entire websites and paid money to host them just to harass or subvert Julay's BO, which really seems like a controlled character possibly by some moderator or the BO himself. More reasons to believe that it's a controlled demolition of sorts.

955f9 No.349

>Are the posters on Yillauta's /pol/ today any good?
Eh, not really, but they don't seem to be malicious like on other websites. I hardly use yli anymore since most of the userbase left for something called circleboard or whatever it's called now (last I checked it was even worse than Ylilauta, and I don't mean it was funny like Ylilauta used to be; a lot of faggots crawl on the spinoff IB, the name of which I don't recall since it wasn't apparently worth storing in my memory).

That said, you could test your luck on Ylilauta, though they are much more restrictive on proxies now. Most posters would probably call you KC-tier or something.

There's like one semi-English thread at the bottom of Nyymichan's /pol/ so maybe the BO would allow English threads (and if he's not controlled and saw stuff like the Medieval jewry thread or 14/88, maybe he would be intrigued enough to allow it to stay up).

Other than that, dunno what to tell you as far as imageboards go. Do you know of any text-only boards?

3b63a No.350

>Other than that, dunno what to tell you as far as imageboards go. Do you know of any text-only boards?
I was thinking of finding some old BBS board and then building up a permanent community there out of new people, though I don't imagine I could get enough people to migrate there, and if I could, there may be a few jewish trolls from previous boards that catch on to it, meaning moderation would be essentially non-existent, which is something I don't like since that'll mean either I or someone else would have to be a permanent admin, which didn't work out before.
Now I'm starting to think that perhaps spreading this information (on medieval jewry etc.) through real-life discourse outside of the internet is more efficient since it's easier to tell if someone is a jew or spook (since they can't hide their faces), though it might not be able to reach as wide of an audience, and it's incredibly hard in countries like Germany and France.

183ba No.351

File: 1588636770999.png (4.35 KB, 574x114, finniship.PNG)

Apparently Nyymichan only allows Finnish IPs, so I have to get a Finnish proxy to post there.

e723c No.355

I did not receive any email
what address did you send it to?

183ba No.356

I sent it to panboch@protonmail.com.

3b63a No.359

I still haven't received anything, and you're still active on this board going by your post >>358

3b63a No.360

Alright, I've received the response. Yesterday, I've responded regarding an issue with the jews' posts on /pol/1937.
(do you check your email regularly?)

183ba No.361

Panboch has rejected my plea just as I suspected.
For the record, he said that he was thinking of banning bestiality here (responding to someone else publically): >>358 yet appealed to freedom in the email. I have suggested to create laws against these types of pornography; yet it is rejected. Therefore I'm going to have to leave and shun Blokal.

e723c No.362

He never said he would ban it though.

183ba No.363

File: 1589180482745-0.png (33.36 KB, 1851x567, samefagging.PNG)

File: 1589180482745-1.png (5.16 KB, 568x74, panbochreply.PNG)

Forgot to switch your IP didn't you? Now you're just being dishonest. You're the BO of this entire imageboard and you're literally pretending to be a normal poster to defend yourself and your policies.
>He never said he would ban it though.
You said that you're "thinking about" having a rule that blocks it with a spoiler. Similar measures could be taken against homosexual porn, yet you're seemingly abandoning that notion entirely in order to keep the whole board a free-speech board where everything within the rules are permitted to the point where they're allowed to stay in threads without an active owner. I'd guess that if CP wasn't illegal in Czechia/Slovakia, you'd allow that up too.
So I'll have to shun Blokal due to the dis-satisfactory policies that have been going on recently; plus, you literally samefagging to defend yourself is just giving me and perhaps many others an even more ill-feeling towards Blokal,

04d68 No.364

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Guthrum noooooooooooooo please stay. My nazi memerinos cannot disappearinos!

e723c No.365

File: 1589220442935.jpg (43.22 KB, 550x563, c84030d62596ee3954dcb1e976….jpg)

Jesus man, you have some serious paranoia issues.
You spoke about me in 3rd person so I (jokingly) did the same assuming that because of the ID's its totally obvious to anybody that its still me.

>if CP wasn't illegal in Czechia/Slovakia, you'd allow that up too

thats right.. I dont really care what people post and whose feelings it hurts. Actually, I don't even care if its legal. Many things posted here already are illegal in CZ and/or SK (including some of your posts).
What matters is the amount of trouble I feel a certain post could get me into.

Im sorry to lose a fan but It really seems like this site is not a place for you. You expect it to be something that it never will be and wasn't even meant to be. There is thousands of other boards and forums that are heavily moderated and will probably meet your expectations better.

3b63a No.366

>You spoke about me in 3rd person so I (jokingly) did the same assuming that because of the ID's its totally obvious to anybody that its still me.
Was that really necessary? I was talking about you in third person as I wasn't directly replying to you in any way; I was making an announcement. Your post comes off as you trying to be someone else replying to me specifically.
>Im sorry to lose a fan but It really seems like this site is not a place for you. You expect it to be something that it never will be and wasn't even meant to be. There is thousands of other boards and forums that are heavily moderated and will probably meet your expectations better.
I never said that this board was supposed to be heavily moderated. My problem with this whole spectacle was that you're leaving up gay sex images on a vacant thread, and that you won't either allow anyone to take it over, or at least accept any demands to give such images a spoiler. That thread is now the planet of the apes and normal, genuine lurkers will immediately be repulsed by whatever homosexual shit the jew posts there, even if they block it any new posts will immediately be visible. I'm not the first person to suggest either banning just pictures entirely or at least blocking it with a spoiler (which is extremely generous at that) for /pol/, and since you're not accepting the demands you're leaving a dissatisfactory taste for every other lurker and poster here. Thus, I'll have to explicitly shun this board. It's simply too lightweight, and that can be easily exploited by posters like the jew, which you're not addressing but instead leaving it up.
(on a side note, "insert noun here"-ino is probably another shill buzzword, it's getting spammed on other boards as well as this certain jewish poster; it seems to be an extension of the already cancerous "Soyjak")

0c054 No.367

>Actually, I don't even care if its legal.
I'm getting jewish pedophile vibes from you. It even sounds like you're ready to turn this board into a honeypot with illegal porn. Are you the same person as judensau1488?
Ernstchan has an /int/ board.

f6d0e No.368

Well, I tried with EC. They're different, but I made my thread hopefully more palpable for that crowd, since I don't think they're all shills, though the admin over there either has a stick up his ass or he just doesn't want his board to have a certain vibe (or he's a spook, duh). Maybe now though some of them will think about commonly spammed numerology in a different light.

I only suggested them due to their similarity to Kohlchan, when Krautchan died EC.com (not .xyz) was the first new alternative. There are always … jesusfuckingchrist … /x/ boards.
…and Ylilauta am I really suggesting this crap?

08046 No.370

Avoiding the issues of whoever the admin is himself, I thought that since EC was made up of old posters from KC, that they'd be okay with a large opening like I had. I suspect that they're now mostly Kohlchan/newer KC users that post mostly nonsensical stuff nowadays.
there's also 7chan, it's still online but it seems to be mostly dead, and a complete mess at that; it's surprising that one of its admins who appears to be a spook of sorts only left this year. It has an /x/ which alongside /phi/, /lit/, and /hi/ might be the only worthwhile boards there, notwithstanding that they're extremely vacant at this point seeing their obscurity relative to even the rest of the site itself. Its /x/ board seems to be low quality at that, even having threads like "God only saves the Jews", and considering the nature of /x/ (good threads devolving into occult rabbitholes and whatnot), I'm somewhat reluctant to hosting my threads on there instead of a /pol/ board

e723c No.371

File: 1589239516851.gif (13.54 MB, 240x426, jqQ8PoC.gif)

>you're ready to turn this board into a honeypot with illegal porn
Im not turning this board into anything really.
It's all up to the users.
This is a dark place with faceless voices making whatever sounds they want.
Im not here to silence them.

>doesn't want his board to have a certain vibe

quite the opposite
it just might not be the vibe you are looking for

f6d0e No.372

EC stealth thread was deleted, that place is a no go.

08046 No.373

I tried posting on Ylilauta/int/ today, but it bans proxies too, or at least the ones I'm using; thus I can't post on there either.

f1b6f No.374

You need an account to use proxies (and then you have to wait 24 hours to post if spam protection is on, which sometimes happens), though I don't know if you can register for an account via proxy.

Yli is a place to piss in the wind though, so don't expect many if any serious replies, getting angry at posters will probably result in you being made fun of. There are also offshoot boards like Bronnen and Mintboard, but those might be worse (though it doesn't hurt to check out). Just keep in mind these places have a different feel than Krautchan, and since you seem to have been around KC in the early 2010s (based on you comparing EC to old KC), you might be aware of the pranksterish and avant-garde nature that Ylilauta used to have (though that culture has pretty much died and modern Ylilauta is so fucking stale in comparison, I admittedly rarely go there anymore and I'd need to get a new account as well since I deleted my old ones. The former culture may have been deliberately sabotaged). … Actually on further reflection, you might just get trolls and literal shills shitting up your threads on Yli with grotesque imagery and spam, to which the admin might not do anything about.

I also get proxies from proxynova.com, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't for getting around imageboards.

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