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File: 1565214277629.jpg (102.03 KB, 800x504, photo_2018-08-08_22-57-42d….jpg)

5be14 No.120[Reply]

Uživateľom mladším ako 18 rokov je vstup zakázaný.
Nemáme žiadne pravidlá ohľadom toho, čo sa smie, čo sa patrí a taktiež nevynucujeme žiadne hranice slušnosti alebo morálky.
B-lokal je miesto, kde má každý možnosť byť uprimný, slobodný a sám sebou do maximálnej možnej miery.
Aby sa predišlo úplnemu chaosu a anarchii je rozdelený na boardy:

> /x/-Settings

= slúži na diskusie, postrehy a výhrady ohľadom funkcionality stránky
= zapnuté IDčka

> /pol/-Politika

= slúži na moderované diskusie
= OP ma možnosť mazat príspevky vo svojom vlákne
= témy nie su obmedzené len na politiku ale je jasné, že politika tu bude prevládať

> /b/-Bordel

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File: 1586949411034.png (358 KB, 1918x889, jew.png)

625ba No.228[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Sorry for the English, I don't speak Czech or Slovak.
This single trpll (both anonymous and under the name "Judenkiller88" and tripcode "IkcIUBl.rw") is infesting the entire /pol/ board with cancerous memes and spam harassing people who aren't pro-jewish. He has completely derailed this thread to mocking "anti-jewish nazis" (even though I'm not even a national socialist and neither are the others he's mocking, Czechoslovak or foreigners alike), and has made two more threads dedicated to harassing me among others just because he "doesn't have anything better to do":
He's also repeatedly changing the title of the site to essentially "this site is run by jews", both in English and Czech/Slovak to spite others. Now /pol/ is borderline unusable as he's flooded the board with his nonsense; what this man is doing can be considered nothing but spam. /pol/ isn't supposed to bee some anarchic board, it's in the board's rules to crack down on spam:
>= o uživateľoch neuchovávame žiadne informácie okrem IP adresy a aj to len po dobu nevyhnutne potrebnú na správu ich príspevkov. (ban za porušovanie pravidiel, blokovanie spamu, …)
>= we do not store any information about users other than the IP address and only for the time necessary to manage their posts. (ban for violation, blocking spam,…)
As it's possible to ban block spam by IP, can certain measures be taken on this agitator and his existing posts? It would be very good for such treatment to happen.
(I know he's coming here too, just to spite me)
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e723c No.371

File: 1589239516851.gif (13.54 MB, 240x426, jqQ8PoC.gif)

>you're ready to turn this board into a honeypot with illegal porn
Im not turning this board into anything really.
It's all up to the users.
This is a dark place with faceless voices making whatever sounds they want.
Im not here to silence them.

>doesn't want his board to have a certain vibe

quite the opposite
it just might not be the vibe you are looking for

f6d0e No.372

EC stealth thread was deleted, that place is a no go.

08046 No.373

I tried posting on Ylilauta/int/ today, but it bans proxies too, or at least the ones I'm using; thus I can't post on there either.

f1b6f No.374

You need an account to use proxies (and then you have to wait 24 hours to post if spam protection is on, which sometimes happens), though I don't know if you can register for an account via proxy.

Yli is a place to piss in the wind though, so don't expect many if any serious replies, getting angry at posters will probably result in you being made fun of. There are also offshoot boards like Bronnen and Mintboard, but those might be worse (though it doesn't hurt to check out). Just keep in mind these places have a different feel than Krautchan, and since you seem to have been around KC in the early 2010s (based on you comparing EC to old KC), you might be aware of the pranksterish and avant-garde nature that Ylilauta used to have (though that culture has pretty much died and modern Ylilauta is so fucking stale in comparison, I admittedly rarely go there anymore and I'd need to get a new account as well since I deleted my old ones. The former culture may have been deliberately sabotaged). … Actually on further reflection, you might just get trolls and literal shills shitting up your threads on Yli with grotesque imagery and spam, to which the admin might not do anything about.

I also get proxies from proxynova.com, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't for getting around imageboards.

2caf2 No.205[Reply]

Dnes B-lokal oslavuje svoje prve narodeniny.
Pri tejto prilezitosti som urobil propagandisticke video o nasej stranke a jej hlavnej myslienke.

Sirte tuto radostnu zvest do vsetkych kutov cesko-slovenska.
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175b2 No.224

mozem sa spolahnut, ze to co si tam povedal aj dodrzis? ze mozem komukovek vypicovat ked s nim nesuhlasim a ze blokal nepropaguje nejaky jeden ideologicky/nabozensky smer?

2caf2 No.225

File: 1586910797475.jpg (158.86 KB, 1280x720, photo_2019-08-17_17-00-45.jpg)

mozes sa spolahnut, ze urobim co najviac pre to, aby to tak bolo
je to v mojom vlastnom zaujme, kedze sloboda a nestrannost je asi hlavny zmysel celej tejto stranky

91ae4 No.352

Panboch prosim vymaz to zoo porno alebo prikaz, nech to je zaspoilerovane. Je mi z toho fyzicky napicu ked tu scrollujem a to napr. pri gore veciach mozem kludne jest. Stratis skalneho fanusika stranky ak tie sracky ostanu na ociach

2caf2 No.358

mozes si cele vlakno skryt a nebude ti ho zobrazovat.
…pomocou toho "minus" co je vlavo vedla kazdeho vlakna.
Funguje to na urovni browseru, takze by tie vlakna mali ostat skryte aj pri zmene IP.

Ale mozno by nebolo odveci zaviest pravidlo, ze animal porn musi byt zaspoilerovane.
Pouvazujem nad tym.

da309 No.330[Reply]

1. What's the bump limit for threads?
2. Would you consider allowing multiple embeds?
3. Since /x/ operates as a meta board, could threads approaching traditional /x/ tier be made on /pol/? They're increasingly intersecting, in a perturbing way.
(song chosen just because)

de5b4 No.331

File: 1588517720731.jpg (47.75 KB, 1000x561, FemalePilots415.jpg)

>1. What's the bump limit for threads?
>2. Would you consider allowing multiple embeds?
>3. Since /x/ operates as a meta board, could threads approaching traditional /x/ tier be made on /pol/? They're increasingly intersecting, in a perturbing way.
sure, you can make whatever threads you want on whatever board you want
/p/ - is for porn
/x/ - is for constructive discussions about the site itself
everything else is for everything else
The boards are not 'topic oriented'. The only difference between them is the way, they are moderated:

/b/ - no moderation
/pol/ - self moderated by OPs
/int/ - no moderation + no language restriction (the rest is cz/sk/en only)
/gp/ - everybody gets banned after their first post
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fc5b9 No.337

Panboch can I COOM on your face next time when we see each other again? Now it's my turn.😜😂👌

de5b4 No.338


e60fd No.354

Judging by your tattoos you were the one teetotaler drinking Kofolka on our last alokal gay orgy meetup :) no offense bro you know I'm just a bored troll; I hope you do. you better not ban me again otherwise you may get your dick sucked pretty hard so think twice about it.

File: 1572456118372.jpg (17.63 KB, 474x93, Capture.JPG)

2d204 No.180[Reply]

toto je inak dobry napad
vieme s tym nieco urobit?
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4c723 No.221

Chýba mi hore ten jednoriadkový textfield čo má alokál, kde každý môže písať nejakú kokotinu.

80f00 No.222

File: 1586823012161.jpg (264.05 KB, 1280x1600, four_children_for_sale_194….jpg)

mas to tam, drahy uzivatel.
Ale ked ti mam pravdu povedat, celkom som sa s tym natrapil.
Ten textfield je prezitok z minulosti a v novsich verziach vichan-u uz vobec nie je.
Musel som natvrdo dopisat kod do zdrojakov, tak dufam, ze to ocenite.

c1d54 No.223

nefunguje to, napisem nieco, dam enter a stale je tam to weeeeeeeee

028ea No.226

uz funguje1 dik za tu namahu, uz sa tu citim ako doma

File: 1555415638890.png (53.2 KB, 421x319, rozjebane.png)

e5b58 No.33[Reply]

Lze nějak nastavit defaultní minimální šířku plagátu, aby to neprodukovalo nečitelný hnus jako obrázek příbuzný?

9050c No.40

File: 1555450699347.jpg (21.03 KB, 528x349, firefox.JPG)

To, ako to mas vykreslene, zalezi od browseru (obrazok pribuzny - firefox).

myslim, ze na to neexistuje ziadny parameter v konfigu. Ale skusim sa trochu viac pohrabat v kode a mozno nieco vymyslim. Na chrome a edge mi tiez niektore vlakna generuje napicu a nepaci sa mi to.

23f45 No.52

Fuggg, toto je v Bravu.

c00c8 No.209

File: 1586298817571.png (111.11 KB, 345x341, brave_sk2vNgNea8.png)

Statečný Prohlížeč - stále rozmrdané :(

File: 1555071327251.jpg (44.68 KB, 1430x476, banner1.jpg)

a67e7 No.14[Reply]

a rovno mozte zacat vymyslat bannery. Zatial som len tak v rychlosti a bez akejkolvek hlbsej myslienky zbuchal prvy.
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0b67b No.192

Nacismus je bohužel jediná ideologie, která dává smysl. Říkám za sebe, bývalého komunistu.

f3f29 No.194

File: 1580117242611.png (825.02 KB, 806x1178, Norwegians politics.png)

liberalna demokracia ftw!!

b9c7d No.195

Cool guy

8b2be No.204

File: 1586125307707.jpg (28.03 KB, 600x200, banner.jpg)

File: 1580897596573.gif (494 KB, 500x241, 1430182306772.gif)

f17c3 No.196[Reply]

Sorry za maly vypadok.
Uz by malo byt vsetko v poriadku.

A co inak, jak sa mate?
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62ac7 No.200

File: 1581026812277.jpg (102.69 KB, 591x714, EGAyz3HWkAAVh6S.jpg)

mam se skele
uz dlouho mi nebylo tak dobre
a jak se mas ty?

a36f0 No.201

File: 1581285752566.png (434.01 KB, 500x628, 34744383_10156342374803416….png)

Strasne dobre
Len ma trapi, ze mam tak malo casu v zivote.
Hrozne vela veci by som chcel stihnut ale neda sa, lebo den ma iba 24 hodin.

d9a6d No.202

třeba mít děti, které dokončí tvé životní cíle

ac96d No.203

Takáto mentalita dojebava deti.

File: 1555197038863.jpg (64.63 KB, 1600x900, diera.jpg)

3f273 No.22[Reply]

aby ste boli v obraze, momentalne je konfiguracia asi takato:

>delete time je nastaveny na 3 sekundy. (to je cas, ktory treba pockat, ked chcete zmazat svoj prispevok)

>je mozne uploadnut ten isty obrazok viac krat ale nie v tom istom vlakne

>max. pocet znakov v jednom prispevku je 2500, max upload size je 50 MB a rozlisenie 10 000 x 10 000

>bump limit je 500. (t.j. ak vlakno presiahne 500 prispevkov, prestane sa pretlacat medzi "najcerstvejsie")

>tripcody su povolene by default. Ak by chcel niekto custom tripcode, napiste mi.

>podporovane typy suborov: jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, webm, mp4, txt, pdf

>pristup cez Tor je povoleny. Nezneužívajte to.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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8853a No.175

File: 1569191914687.png (177.71 KB, 1365x698, Screenshot_2.png)

Panboch, napadlo ma, či by si nepridal dosku určenú na akýsi živý chat. Podobne ako livechan alebo kotchan. Alokálnici majú IRC, takto by sme na nich zaflexili. Taktiež na péčko/nudes by mohla vzniknúť tiež samostatná doska, nech /b/ nie je len o porne
A nominujem ako obrázok moju jedinú obrazovkostrelu z /had/a.

391bc No.176

File: 1569327084571.jpg (112.4 KB, 959x643, 1381324170975.jpg)

Nepotrebujeme na nikoho flexit.
To IRC sa mi ale pozdava. Skusim to pridat, mozno sa ujme. V priebehu tyzdna na to mrknem.

Zatial pribudlo /p/.

8853a No.177


9bf17 No.184

File: 1579766591437.png (131.7 KB, 1222x694, pojeb_sa.PNG)

Jebe ti Panboch?!

File: 1569191073155.jpg (428.19 KB, 1200x1200, a1256656962_10.jpg)

5fb29 No.174[Reply]

Zaslúži si podľa vás Blokal vlastný soundtrack? Ak áno, čo by ňom podľa vás malo byť?

a692f No.178

ale volaco by si mohol zlozit
kludne ti napisem text

t. anon poet

5fb29 No.179

neviem spievať, takže tak

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