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This obvious piece of spyware and its false "encryption" has been shilled everywhere in recent years. From ISIS threats in 2014/15 to "St. Tarrant" spam and faux-WN threats this year, Telegram is always claimed to be a sort of safe haven for dissidents due to its encrypted messages; in reality, it's all false. You need a phone number and thus a smartphone to even get access to it. Smartphones all have Baseband chips which allow DMA, meaning that it's compromised to its core, as whatever intel service that's trying to fight you now has access to your phone anyways. Plus, since Telegram hosts its servers for free, they're obviously selling your messages to jewish advertisers anyways.
Anyways, aside from being a large harbour for homosexuals, pedophiles, and kosher neoconservatives, "Yuri Romanov's" Vorherrschaft division has been touched on before (namely, it being involved in the Kansas City bomb threat hoax, and being spammed on 4chan afterwards, also suspected of being tied to St. Tarrant spam), but you probably didn't know that it was being spied on by the ADL:
>Some Telegram channel administrators appear to recognize the inflammatory and racist nature of the content they are hosting and seem to have accepted the possibility that law enforcement is monitoring these channels. These administrators attempt to undermine gravity or intent with “disclaimers” of sorts. For example, the description for the “Holocaust II” channel reads, “A sequel based on the original folk tale. These are jokes and memes, you kike puppet fed retards.” The “GAS | ME | DADDY” channel description offers this greeting: “HELLO SPLC, IM BACK!! (NOTE FOR FEDS: All rhetoric expressed on this channel is purely harmless rhetoric, and should not be interpreted as amounting to any kind of threat.)” And on the “RapeWaffen Division” channel, where posters advocate for violent rape, the description reads “Rape War Soon! Prepare! Note for feds: Complete satire. HAIL METH 1690 HAIL RAPE 1589HAIL CRACK 1230 HAIL AIDS 1776.”
So these Telegram channels are claiming to be full of feds… …and they literally are since the ADL is aware of what they're doing, and the ADL is not only doing nothing about it, but the ADL is publicly showing that they are aware of what these Telegram channels are up to. If these channels were legitimate WN terrorist groups, would they immediately abandon ship, or just stay the way they were? That's exactly what the Vorherrschaft division did. It's still up now. It claims to be "new" (perhaps to give the illusion that it's targeted by feds), yet is under the same name:
It's probable that Yuri Romanov is nothing more than a Hal Turner-type asset, though is used for psychological warfare via making terror threats and blackwashing pro-whites, instead of being used as a federal informant under the cover of a radio host. Anyways, though that covers the spookery going on there, have so many legitimate people actually fallen for Telegram? There are channels hosted everywhere, including Czechia, Ukraine, Germany, Russia (despite Putin supposedly being against it) legitimising Tarrant and tying pro-whites to more fake terror threats.


Here's "RapeWaffen" (definitely a jew behind this), perfectly intact from before the ADL article. Apparently they love numerology there too. Archive.fo stopped working for me again, but here it is:
Here's "Holocaust II" (ditto, though it claims to not believe in the holohoax, legitimises it anyways)
Here's "Gen Zyklon 1488" (ditto, shilling for negrified Gen Z and also using "1488" as usual). Apparently this is a "confirmed channel" and so is Vorherrschaft division - basically meaning they're more kosher.
This isn't necessarily mentioned by the ADL, but there's "Brenton Tarrant's Lads" which is supposedly a Ukrainian channel with less members, and was known to shill on 4chan and Masonchan.
Nevertheless, all these groups have a hundred members or more, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for agency-connected Telegram channels. "Holocaust II" and "Gen Zyklon 1488" supposedly thousands of members. Are these even real people, or just mainly shills and chatbots (like 4/pol/)?




File: 1587567010778.png (352.69 KB, 863x738, kosherwojak.PNG)

t.me also lists "Brenton Tarrant's Lads" as having 2.44 thousand members, and shows their posts (scroll up to see older posts); not their chatroom, but it does give an insight to who these agitators are.
What is a shill chatroom without the kosher memes? Here they have a typical James Mason-esque poster with the text "Take the action pill - become a kaboomer today". Since this Telegram was known to have been influential in the "Brenton Tarrant memetic warfare" threads of 8/pol/, you can be even more sure that a lot of memes legitimising Tarrant come from their chatroom.


"Lad" is another call sign of a zionist shill. Now, the average (non-jewish) imageboard user is probably a white male in his 20s, maybe early 30s, and a lot of others in their teens and later 30s. Since older people aren't really that common on imageboards (and would probably be turned off by the faggotry on most of them), wouldn't it come off as really weird to be called a "lad" by someone presumably of similar age to you, or for you to call an assumedly similarly aged anonymous poster a "lad"? Usage of "lad" implies the user is significantly older than the one it is being applied to, like someone at least in their 40s or even an elderly gray-haired man.

It's not a naturally used word outside of maybe Scotland, and even there I haven't heard it used the way it is on 4chan and similar outlets.


>It's not a naturally used word outside of maybe Scotland
From my observances, it does seem to be quite common in Ireland, parts of England and Australia (where I'm assuming this Ukrainian Telegram channel is trying to extrapolate off), but it's incredibly uncommon in the USA, which is nearly as high as the entirety of the UK when it comes to instances of "lad" or "lads" in 4chan.
There are 125784 instances of "lad" and 154693 instances of "lads" under the Union Jack, whereas the US is extremely similar with 112884 and 123596 respectively, despite the fact that "lad" is so uncommon in the US, and should be more common in northern Ireland, Scotland, and parts of England. Thus, despite the fact that the USA has a higher population, it shouldn't come anywhere close with the amount of instances of "lad" and "lads". Just for comparison, there are more instances in the USA of than there are in Australia (16089 for "lad", 28223 for "lads"), and the USA completely overwhelms South Africa (only 702 and 806 respectively). Why is South Africa, a country where most whites speak a dialect British English that may or may not have some Dutch influence so underrepresented?
Poland is also extremely overrepresented in instances of "lad" or "lads". There are more instances of "lad" in Poland, than there are in Russia and France, both of which have much more people than Poland.
This also begs the question: "Tarrant" says "Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie (who's probably a homosexual by the way)," in his car. Brenton Tarrant was supposedly born somewhere in the middle of the year 1990, meaning the earliest year that he would be able to go on imageboards was 2008, which is when 4chan in particular saw a large rise in new posters for various reasons. Assuming most people weren't underage back then, that means a sizeable portion of the userbase of 4chan and 8chan are probably older than Tarrant. Why would he use "lads", assuming he's older than his audience?


Also, for the record, neither are common even among Ukrainian IPs on 4/pol/:
Since "Brenton Tarrant's Lads" is supposed to be a Ukrainian channel, that even shows Ukrainian militias holding the Tarrant manifesto, that adds even more suspicion onto that channel.
Speaking of Ukraine, it's also odd that it's becoming a centre of jewry in Europe alongside Putinist Russia; plus just after the Tarrant event, some pictures said to be of Tarrant turned out to be pictures of a Ukrainian man named "Pasha Shturgunov" (with a Turkish first name at that).


>Brenton Tarrant was supposedly born somewhere in the middle of the year 1990, meaning the earliest year that he would be able to go on imageboards was 2008, which is when 4chan in particular saw a large rise in new posters for various reasons.
What specifically made 4chan get big in 2008? I remember discovering ED a few years before, though I never bothered with 4chan at the time. I do recall 4chan getting bigger around 2008, I don't know if it was partially due to the hacking and defacing of hip hop websites with NS imagery and other edgy stuff that gained them notoriety, or if it was the conclusion of the Hal Turner saga that began in late 2005, or if it was the "over 9000 penises" gaff that Oprah Winfrey made on her show in response to a troll on her web forum.
>Assuming most people weren't underage back then
To be honest, that's quite an assumption, though the bulk of posters then were probably born in the 1980s, with a good smattering of underage b& from the 1990s. This moot character was only 15 when he started 4chan (assuming he's the one to actually have started it). I think a lot of 'oldfags' (don't really like that term anymore) have since moved on to other places, and I've discussed this with other old time posters on various sites. They all say they either grew out of 4chan, or it's just complete unfunny drivel now (for me mainly it's definitely the latter, I miss the coupon threads).


I remember conversing with Ukrainians and Russians on Krautchan when the Ukraine war broke out. A Ukrainian said that their right-wing battalions are led by jews, specifically singling out Dmytro Yarosh as a jew, and a Russian said he believes that Russia is working in collusion with Ukraine to send its "neo-nazi" elements into Ukraine defense forces to be slaughtered. A few years later another Russian said that Russia no longer has neo-nazis since they all went to Ukraine and can't come back without facing lengthy prison sentences.


Anyway, not to derail the thread, but 'lad' and 'kek' have the same jewish gematria.
https://www.gematrix.org/?word=lad (you'll see kek as the second result in the list)
May mean nothing, but both words are used all the time on /pol/.


>What specifically made 4chan get big in 2008?
I've stated that it was various reasons that it grew so large, but in my perspective, it was probably the entire "Anonymous internet hate machine" nonsense that was being propagated on news channels (not unlike the scaremongering today, but on a much lower scale; the stadium bombing threat was likely a hoax, used to justify later intel ops on the site). The line between some semblance of "classic 4chan" and its complete destruction is either drawn after raids were banned in 2006, after Chanology in 2008 (symbolised by green anon being replaced with the V for Vendetta mask), or after rage comics were introduced.
See the attached video, which was technically directed against other (now long-dead) imageboards like 7chan and later 711chan both of which once had invasion boards (/i/), but since 4chan was also an imageboard this overblown perception likely carried on to 4/b/. It was from 2007, while the "over 9000 penises" was from far later on in 2008. Even the "Rickroll" was popularised on YouTube before that happened.
>I think a lot of 'oldfags' (don't really like that term anymore) have since moved on to other places, and I've discussed this with other old time posters on various sites. They all say they either grew out of 4chan, or it's just complete unfunny drivel now (for me mainly it's definitely the latter, I miss the coupon threads).
I think most actual old posters outgrew it and left with some remnants, but a sizeable portion of the 4chan userbase (and 8chan's by extension) is probably made up of new arrivals from 2008 if not extremely new posters from the 2010s. Granted, I'm talking about actual normal users, and not just shills, bots, and even trolls for that matter, which seem to make up the majority of posts on 4chan today.
I remember both the Azov battalion being financed by Igor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi, a jewish oligarch in Ukraine, and more recently by the Israeli government itself. These facts are however often twisted by Putinists into claiming that it's a war by pro-jewish Ukrainians against Putinist Russia, and not the other way around in a sense. The Azov battalion's involvement in the Ukraine war would've been a cleansing of remaining Russian nationalists (including any national-socialists; since going by Putin himself, ethnic Russians don't exist, and trying to advocate for their interests gets you in prison). I remember Russian "national socialists" being an actual thing before Putin, but while the Chechen conflict was still going on, there was a "Russian national socialist" group that beheaded a Dagestani and Tajik (in Adygea/Circassia) which got him arrested, and suddenly all ethnic Russian nationalists were "shut down".


That sounds about right for 4chan's growth. I became aware of it before 4chan, and I used several other boards aside from 4chan in the late 2000s. I think I just looked up 'nigger' in jewgle or something and found the ED page, which led me to the rest. Or maybe I came across it through (the also now long-dead) Uncyclopedia.

What I'm getting at though is that I discovered it on my own edgy volition. I too distinctly remember by 2008/2009 4chan, 'Anonymous', etc. were getting major attention (and at the time they were spun as leftist hacktivist boards/movements, which they definitely weren't (at least entirely)). I think Wikileaks made it go further in 2009/2010. Now all of a sudden every teenage retard was going on about how "we do not forgive, we do not forget" and college students had those dumb guy fawkes masks. The main issue was not that imageboards were taking on a "normalfag" vibe, but rather young people were becoming more and more retarded by trying to assimilate the original 4chan culture and memes into their vocabulary.

The imageboard impact on the masses can be further seen now by the use of countryballs (from KC) and spurdos (Kovalauta) and of course Wojak in mainstream YouTube videos and retarded, hack spinoff memes on Twitter and Reddit. That, and communicating like retards (deliberately nonsensical or strange vocabulary/grammar).

And of course today, the successors of the skinheads and various neo-nazi organizations of the 20th century are judeo-negrified trash using dumb shit like 'boogaloo' and similar old as shit memes. Back when 4chan had more legitimate posters, memes didn't last that long. It's why 'over 9000' eventually became mocked as a newfag indicator. Now, memes are not allowed to die.


>The imageboard impact on the masses can be further seen now by the use of countryballs (from KC) and spurdos (Kovalauta) and of course Wojak in mainstream YouTube videos and retarded, hack spinoff memes on Twitter and Reddit. That, and communicating like retards (deliberately nonsensical or strange vocabulary/grammar).
I'd like to note that /v/ has also had a more indirect impact as many now-mainstream games and YouTube channels actually originated on /v/; also that a lot of the nonsensical grammar we see today actually predates it, and goes back to "leetspeak" on BBS boards.
There were probably two waves of such vocabulary spreading, one during the "Eternal September" back in 1993, where AOL helped made Usenet mainstream for Americans, and thus spread its existing customs. Then in the late 90s and 2000s, when common blacks were able to gain internet access, "leetspeak" would've merged with mainstream judeo-negroid grammar which ended up in the atrocious vocabulary seen in 4chan today.


What about Skype?


Are you a new poster or just the same jewish pedophile asking a question?
Assuming you're the former, Skype started out legitimate when it was a P2P program developed by a few Estonians, however, after it was acquired by other companies (namely Microsoft, but also Ebay before that) it became spyware as well. It utilises a proprietary VoIP protocol nowadays and has done so since the late 2000s or early 2010s.


And how about Signal? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Protocol https://signal.org/docs/ it's open it's just a protocol.


Apparently it requires the use of a phone, so regarding security, this appears to be another Telegram situation; though from what I've seen, Signal isn't actively being used for info-collecting and psychological operations, or at least to the extent that Telegram is.


So what platform do you suggest as a secure one? I miss the old days of Skype when it was owned by the original company when even intelligence services complained that they cannot break it.


I'd probably suggest just either a self-hosted IRC (could be yours, could be someone else's) or other open-source chatrooms, perhaps even simple P2P chats (which is basically what Skype was before it was taken over). Just be sure to use a proxy.
For now, consider any chat platform that offers you to use their servers for free or requires a smartphone compromised, even if they claim to encrypt your messages.


I don't like because anyone can join an IRC channel. I especially despise idlers because they can just harvest logs. And invinte-only channels are borderline useless since it's hard to choose people I can trust.


What about regular P2P chatrooms? Or open source self-hosted servers like rocket.chat?


Just to let you know, I'm the guy who conversed with you ITT until post 2112. The other English poster from 2150 to until whichever one before me is someone else (not accusing him of the pedokike, just to clarify).


I know, I just mentioned him in that post because the jewish pedophile was spamming jewesses and CP up until then, while you haven't posted here for a while; this new poster came off as a different guy from the beginning, and I suspected him of being the jewish pedophile at the start, though he doesn't seem like him at all from his replies.

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