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File: 1587216384665.png (52.72 KB, 731x761, 1488 goyim are slaves.png)


Ever wondered why 14/88 has been pushed everywhere for the past 30-40 years? Pic related tells you why.

Some more interesting 1488 terms:
https://www.gematrix.org/?word=president+donald+trump (english gematria)

And as an extra:
https://www.gematrix.org/?word=goyim+are+damned (666 in jewish gematria)

Some say gematria is bogus, and this isn't how jewish gematria actually works, but it's pretty weird to say the least that the 'incorrect' method gives these results, isn't it?


File: 1587218772207.jpg (2.55 MB, 4032x3024, 1574059127274.jpg)

Walmart, which is often regarded as the prole's (i.e. "goy's") supermarket, often prices their items at $14.88, to the point that threads have been made about it like this one https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/243428401/ (further down in the comments section people note the 'goyim are slaves' reference). I've seen this myself at a local Walmart, and I have on multiple times gotten grocery receipt bills for $14.88 after taxes at different big brand stores (aka the only stores left in the US), not only Walmart.

Just look up 'walmart 1488' on a search engine to see what I'm talking about.
14/88 is regarded as a hate symbol, so why are jew-owned corporations flashing out this number over and over again? How often does it occur outside the US, particularly in Europe?


File: 1587224492804.png (38.55 KB, 1421x277, archiveis 18.04.2020.PNG)

(just a note, I typically don't focus on numerology too much aside from seeing certain numbers as red flags/indicators of a controlled event or individual, as it can quickly devolve into nonsensical number games which can distract from actual expositions; plus, events that are actually being astroturfed typically use less obvious numerology, as 33, 666 etc. are easily noticeable)
"1488" is said to come from David Lane's 14 words combined with either the "88 precepts" or just a code for "Heil Hitler" (HH), Lane was a suspicious ghost figure himself, but something odd I noticed last year during the initial Christchurch event was that news articles started attributing the 14 words to Hitler in Mein Kampf, even though there's absolutely no such thing in the entire book.
>Meanwhile “14” is a reference to the 14 Words, a white supremacist slogan derived from Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.
Of course, his gun actually has several more crypto-Hebrew signs (the "Legionary Arm Sign" for one, which we now know is the Hebrew letter Hei rotated and stylised; he referenced other "WN terrorist" hoaxes like the Quebec City attack, referencing medieval battles is also a favourite of theirs as done during the Breivik op, especially when a good portion of the battles referenced were initiated by Venice, which was heavily jewish even for said time period), so that's another red flag,
Speaking of Mein Kampf, last year there was even an entire article by a jew (Jessica Schulberg) at the Huffington Post dedicated to how price-tags were being put at $14.88 for Mein Kampf on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (alongside pro-NS descriptions):
This means that they're obviously self-aware about these prices, as they admit it (not as an indicator of jews actively pushing it, but as an indicator of "white supremacist" boogeymen pushing it). In-fact, it was specifically sold by an Amazon-owned book reseller (and to add, Amazon's foundation and rise is suspicious itself, and probably warrants its own investigation).
(by the way, is archive.is down for anyone else? Attached is what I always get whenever clicking on any archive.is link, which is why I'm linking archive.org links instead)


File: 1587231045845.jpg (47.33 KB, 878x494, david-lane main photo.jpg)

The "David Eden Lane" character, who's name is weirdly biblical (never heard of anyone of either sex with Eden in their name), was supposedly the founder of Wotanism, and was born in Woden, Iowa.

He doesn't look like a normal white. In fact, in the main photo of him touted, he doesn't look like a natural person, and it looks like some piss poor photoshop job. The eyes are way too black and no irises are visible. Considering all the other spookery in 'white nationalism' (Pierce, Rockwell, Mosley, etc.), it brings into question of whether or not the killing of liberal jewish radio host Alan Berg was real, and considering how many supposed events have been shown to be psyops if not outright hoaxes, it should be assumed Berg's murder never happened, and thus, David Lane was a fake prison inmate. He also wrote a letter to Timothy McVeigh, though got no reply, make of that what you will.


I also remember a supposed terrorist attack that happened in Russia, I think Volgograd, back in 2013 that killed 14 people and it was initially found that the bomb used 88 grams of some sort of explosive material. I've tried searching for it, but I can't find the 88 grams of explosive material references anymore. I explicitly remember reading about it in a major news website, either RT or a British newspaper site. This has since been wiped off the web.

Another 1488 reference in Russia was during the Ukraine war where some Russian punk who videotaped himself torturing puppies to death enlisted in a pro-Russian battalion and had an official card with an ID number of 1488. The unit's symbol had a bat imposed over a webbed globe, which is similar to one used by I believe a Russian intelligence agency today.

Do you by chance also recall either of what I'm referring to?
>by the way, is archive.is down for anyone else? Attached is what I always get whenever clicking on any archive.is link
It works fine for me. Maybe the servers for wherever you are are down. The Internet Archive aka The Wayback Machine and owner of archive.org is known to delete sensitive past save states that are no longer kosher and need to be purged. They're headquartered in San Francisco after all.


All I can find on them is that they were peers.
The Eden baronetcy was located in West Auckland in the county of Durham, and later in British colonial Maryland (the governors of Maryland were often Edens). They claim descent from a man named Robert de Eden (so, it's a baronetcy of French, probably either Norman or Angevin origin, but might've been part-jewish from what was gathered during the medieval jewry thread) If David Lane is an Eden, then he probably descends from these peers. However, his connection to them is very spurious. Wikipedia also records him as a "Wodensson" (which just extrapolates from Woden, Iowa and adds it to his name) and some sources don't even record him as an Eden at all. The Lanes were also baronets located in Cavendish Square in the county of London (which wasn't a part of London itself back then, but it was part of the greater area), apparently Irish in origin. There are several other David Lanes throughout the US, UK, Canada and Australia, including actors, ambassadors, politicians and activists. One of them, David J. Lane apparently worked for the Gates foundation, was nominated by Obama to be the US ambassador to the UN agencies for food and agriculture, and later became the president of the Annenberg Foundation, founded by Walter Hubert Annenberg, a jewish spook. To give just a few spooky connections that Annenberg had, he was the ambassador to the UK, before that he had relations with Elizabeth II when she was still young, the Reagans, and even the Pahlavis of Iran. He married a daughter of a Canadian-jewish businessman, and after divorcing her, married Lee Cohn, the niece of Harry Cohn who founded Columbia pictures.
So David Lane really comes off as some sort of spook or spook asset, which is why they bring him up anyways (despite his really short relevancy in the supposed death of Alan Berg and his writings including the 88 precepts)
I've seen an article of an attack in Volgograd from 2013, though I don't remember any numerology references. They probably adjusted the numbers (similar to what happened with Christchurch and other recent attacks, where the original numbers were changed). Now there are said to be 34 dead and 85 injured. The story's clearly nonsense by the way, Pavel Pechenkin, a half-Russian convert to Islam and migrant to Dagestan from Mari-El? Anyways, as for the Russian punk I don't remember/can't find anything on it, it was probably scrubbed as well.


They seem to have purged the "14 and 88" Islamist terror attack in Russia (I recall it was a tram suicide bombing, and it may or may not have been in Volgograd, but it was around the same time as the Volgograd attacks (multiple ones in Volgograd supposedly happened around that time)).

I'm leaning on David Lane being a nonexistent entity or at least a touched up jewish actor. His cranial profile (I recall seeing a higher definition still photo of him from an interview he supposedly did, which I wish I saved) looked really weird for someone supposedly of British Isles or French descent, and he struck me as having either a Kavkaz or a certain type of Middle Eastern appearance. At least he had blue irises in that photo instead of this freakish empty black.

As for the Russian faggot, he was actually a bit of a meme on Krautchan back in 2013 or 14, so he probably exists somewhere. If I find it, I'll post it.


By the way, didn't David Lane supposedly have some sort of pedophilic attraction towards Lynx and Lamb Gaede, the two twin sisters ran the band "Prussian Blue"? This might explain the pedophilic tendencies of jewish faux nationalists today; because it's a heavy fetish among racial jews. Both heterosexual and homosexual pedophilia down to the age of 3 are justified in rabbinic judaism, mostly using pilpul.
Also, the Gaede sisters were covered again in the media around 7 years ago, and have apparently become liberal hippies, probably intentional by whoever was behind them to push some sort of "redemption" narrative, sort of similar to this video (which also gives a closer look into the homosexuality of both historical and modern-day faux nationalist leaders),


Yup! He even wrote about kidnapping white teenage girls and raping them to breed. He sounds jewier the more I think about him.


Where did he write about that? I remember hearing about him doing it, but I don't remember the exact source.


The book's name is KD Rebel.


While that spammer has his internal meltdown before he's removed (hopefully), I've skimmed through it and I've seen the obvious degenerate fantasies and pilpul that Lane's apparently making here. Just read this:
>"I was studying the Precepts this morning, and there is one that says homosexuality is a crime against nature, but you didn't get a little bit upset when I told you what Gloria and I did. How come?"
>Eric drew on his knowledge of history and human nature to answer her question.
>"You know, Dory, all through known history women have been denied access to men, or to nature-decreed sexual appetites. Convents for nuns, harem quarters, all-girl schools, for example. And of course in times of war the male population was decimated. So it appears that women often satisfied their sexual needs with each other. I believe that such relationships are wrongfully called Lesbian. They are substitutions for men. A Lesbian is a woman who truly prefers sex with women over sex with men, and there aren't many such women of our race. Women have good instincts. Even if they have been involved in affairs with one of their own sex, almost invariably when the right man becomes available they prefer him as a sexual partner. Just like yourself. You do prefer me to Gloria, don't you?"
>"Of course, you big dummy," she giggled nervously.
>Eric continued, "Anyhow, since Wotanists don't believe in that Christian nonsense that 'sex is sin', and because nothing is more dangerous to people's freedom than unnecessary laws and nosy busy-bodies, neither Lesbianism nor substituting a woman for a man are worth making a big deal about."
>"What about threesomes, two girls and a guy, with the girls putting on a show with each other for him to watch? That seems to be what most guys want."
>"Well, I don't know much about that, but you just said, 'a show for their guy to watch'. Seems like there's still a man at the root of things, so I still wouldn't call it Lesbianism, even though I suppose they enjoy the sex.Shirley told me that she thought most women had a secret urge to try it with another woman at some time in their life. But even if she was wrong, I know women are born actresses and they love to put on a show."
>"For a man, you sure know a lot about women," Dory observed, "and yeah, I think lots of girls want to try it with another girl at some time. I even had a crush on a teacher one time. And I wouldn't mind putting on a show for you,but no one ever saw me and Gloria."
>"So do you think the girls in threesomes really enjoy the sex with the other gal?" he asked.
>"Oh, unless they have some hangups, they would have to. I mean, a girl's body responds to touch, especially in certain places regardless. A tongue or a finger inside her or tickling her love button, and her mind isn't thinking, and her body is just squirming around wanting it. That's as honest as I can be,"she answered. "Now you be honest, you would have loved to watch me and Gloria, huh?"
Lane is literally justifying lesbian "sex" and threesomes here, likely because it's him projecting his degenerate jewish fantasies. He even says that homosexuality being against nature in the 88 precepts only applies to male homosexuals.


I'm removing the spam periodically.
Anyway, the writing is so shallow and sounds like some shit from a third rate adult comic book or erotic dime novel.


Seeing how much he's been pushed despite his general irrelevancy, how come David Lane supposedly had no academic training? I say this because he was supposedly imprisoned before the internet went mainstream; his entire early life is said to have been in school, with him recognising the beauty of whites because he knew a blonde girl in 1st grade (which might in a way imply he wasn't actually white himself). His "adoptive family" then apparently settled in Aurora, Colorado (known almost universally outside of the municipality itself as where the Batman shooting supposedly took place) and was an alumnus in Aurora Central High School. Then he goes on to join the John Birch Society, KKK, Aryan Nations, and then this group "the Order" (an incredibly ambiguous name shared by para-masonic organisations and literal comic-book villains)?


I've noticed a particular obsession with 420 as well. It's notably a slang word for marijuana, but it's also the US format of the 20th of April/"April 20", which is not only also Hitler's birthday, but is also when many fake events are said to have taken place. For example, there was supposedly shooting in a small town in Canada earlier today, now being pushed as "Canada's greatest massacre". In the Americas it would've taken place on the 19th, but for the rest of the world it was already the 20th. Some other notable events are the BP Oil Spill and the Columbine event (said to have taken place in Colorado too, which really seems to be a hotspot for spookery seeing David Lane's residency there before it, and the supposed Batman shooting after it). More notably, Waco and the Oklahoma City event (even explained as McVeigh timing it to take place on the same day as Waco) were also said to have taken place on the 20th of April. The Sri Lanka church event from last year was on the 21st in Sri Lankan time , but since it's said to have taken place on 08:57 (presumably referring to 24 hour time), it still would've been the 20th in much of the Americas.


The Sri Lanka bombings are particularly notable, because last year, the 21st was itself Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, but it still would've been the sabbath for many jews in America (where it was Saturday/the 20th), meaning the day, event, and sabbath all coincided in their perspective, and initially, it was primarily documented on (jewish) American news ((CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, NY times etc.), not by native Sri Lankans.


20 April (using dd/mm formatting since this is a European board, whatever) is the 110th day of a normal year, so there's the 11 thing going on.

Don't know why 19 April is also a focus date for ZOG. Maybe to synchronize with the 109 expulsions myth.

Also, this latest fake mass shooting, this time in Nova Scotia, involves a guy named Gabriel Wortman, who was born the same year as McVeigh (1968) and graduated the same year (1986). 7 letters in both men's first and last names. Both men have the same height, 6'3" or 191 cm (9/11 reference, 6+3 = 9 and 1+9+1 = 11), this height is a very common recurrence among fake perpetrators. Wortman, McVeigh, David Freeman (who along with his brother and cousin killed his Jehovah's Witnesses parents, the Freeman brothers are described as "neo-Nazis") James Holmes (Batman shooter), and Adam Lanza (Sandy Hooknose) are all described as 6'3''/191 cm.
On 4chan they're getting into whether or not Wortman is a jewish mass shooter rather than if the shootings even happened in the first place.

And getting back to McVeigh… Oy Vey? There was a character in the 1991 manuscript for the novel The Final Jihad named Thomas McVey who bombed the Oklahoma City federal building.


Adding to the Freeman family murders, there's this "ginger jihadi" vibe I'm getting from one of the brothers:
More on them, according to kosherpedia:

The murders happened on 26 February, another suspicious date (Galileo is banned by the RCC from teaching heliocentrism, Hitler breaks the Treaty of Versailles, the 1993 WTC bombing, the movie that shills love to push on /pol/ Falling Down (which has the lead character killing a neo-Nazi) was released 26.2.1993 (foreshadowing the WTC falling down on 9/11?), the "Trayvon Martin" "death", probably other things as well).


Other dates that have suspicious events:
2 February (33rd day of the year)
30 March (30+3 = 33)
15 April (not sure of its significance, but a lot of disasters and terror attacks happened on this date)
8 June (again, not sure of the significance, but engineered calamities fell on this date)
23 July (ditto)
23 September (remember the whole 239 scare in 2015 and again in 2017?)
10 October (11 thing going on)
31 October (a lot of high profile plane crashes supposedly happened on Halloween for some reason, EgyptAir 990, American Eagle 4184, Western Airlines 2605, among others that had not nearly so many "deaths")
3 November (3x11 = 33)
9 November (9/11, non-American format)

The 11ths, but especially:
11 March (11x3 = 33)
11 September, of course

The 22nds, but especially:
22 March
22 July (22/7 is very close to pi)
22 November (22+11 = 33)

Then dates adding up to 11 (16 April, 14 June, 28 October, etc.).

This list is by no means exhaustive.


File: 1587420135723-0.jpg (526.49 KB, 1536x2048, GabrielWortman.jpg)

File: 1587420135723-1.png (338.89 KB, 840x630, active-shooter-gabriel-wor….png)

So this Nova Scotia shooting is probably an attempt to abandon the whole Corona pandemic scaremongering and quickly go back to normal by the end of the month (they've tried to push a white supremacist boogeyman last month, specifically with this "Timothy Wilson"). The bioweapon theory regarding the pandemic is now mainstream (note regarding this, the germ theory is questionable at best, so I also reject this idea of a manufactured bioweapon rather than the actual conditions being mostly non-existent outside of Wuhan) and thus China's going to become the new boogeyman for the west and a target of a war goal that most political sides may support (think 9/11, obviously fake yet all parties supported a "war on terror"). China's growth over the past century was noticed, but the boogeymen shifted between a myriad of Mossad terrorist groups, the IRI, Putinist Russia, and North Korea, while China got rich as this happened.
But back to the shooting itself, it's clearly a hoax that resembles the White Settlement nonsense from December.
>#Colchester: Gabriel Wortman may be driving what appears to be an RCMP vehicle & may be wearing an RCMP uniform. There's 1 difference btwn his car and our RCMP vehicles: the car #. The suspect's car is 28B11, behind rear passenger window. If you see 28B11 call 911 immediately.
>1. Wortman Was at One Point Believed to Be Driving a Car Made to Look Like an RCMP Cruiser & Was Possibly Wearing a Fake Police Uniform, Authorities Said
"Gabriel Wortman" wears a fake police uniform. Quite similar to the fake beard and hair of "Keith Kinnunen" during the supposed White Settlement church shooting or the fake suicide vest of "Usman Khan" during the second London Bridge hoax. This Wortman however appears to have shot up an incredibly small, insignificant place in rural Nova Scotia (isolated due to the Corona pandemic), yet it still receives the same type of coverage events like Christchurch, the Bataclan, Boston marathon, and other supposed high-profile attacks. It even supposedly killed more than three times more people than the staged Quebec mosque incident which took place in a large city, and is even leading to Trudeau justifying more gun drama, which wasn't much of a problem in Canada before him.
This shooting supposedly lasted 12 hours, from April 18 to 19 in Nova Scotian time, with Wortman supposedly vandalising policecars after the initial shootout, and remaining uncaught. Meanwhile the unnamed "witnesses" supposedly called CTV instead of 911 (in some small town in rural Nova Scotia) before after 12 hours Wortman was finally killed.
So I can't even say the event is twisted at best, it's more likely than not a hoax rather than something staged like the White Settlement event (which was livestreamed) and London Bridge, which took place on a famous landmark. More on this Gabriel Wortman himself, his full name comes off as jewish, both first and last names, though his pictures show him as a white Canadian. A French Canadian woman named Sophie LeBlanc (literally "the white") on Twitter posted that her mother apparently went to high school with Gabriel Wortman, and that his future included being an RCMP officer. Seeing what happened with the shootout, that should be taken as a sign of sorts, whether this woman is in on the hoax or if her mother really did know Wortman, this foreshadows the attack in a way, since Wortman was driving a police car and wore a "fake police outfit".


>whether this woman is in on the hoax or if her mother really did know Wortman
*assuming this Wortman is a real person and isn't just operating on a fake identity. The jaw of the person on the yearbook does resemble the shooter however, so it could be the same person or a relative.


Just to get this out, at the end of the Turner Diaries (William Luther Pierce's novel, which inspired James Mason's Siege, and which also was said to have inspired McVeigh) Earl Turner flies a plane into the Pentagon on the 9th of November, or 9/11 outside of the US. Thus this date being used as a reference to 9/11 is hardly ignored.
Speaking of "Turner", it's an extremely suspicious surname among faux nationalist groups, or at least its American and Canadian branch. Think Hal Turner.


Adding to that, WLP was supposedly born on September 11, 1933, a really suspicious looking date of birth (then he supposedly died from a fast-acting cancer on a July 23rd (2002), which has funny activity in other years, like Amy Winehouse's supposed death in 2011).

In the Turner Diaries, the "heroes" bomb the airport for Houston, Texas on a September 11 and September 12 (how would that even work unless it was done around midnight, which isn't specified? TD had shit writing), killing a bunch of random people for no reason, giving us a fictional 9/11 dated terrorist attack.


I've discovered some more pedophiliac infiltrators within faux-nationalism (which I define as a manufactured movement trying to twist pro-white sentiment into serving the interests of anti-white/jewish agitators and thus is a tool that blackwashes the pro-white movement: see Rockwell, Pierce, James Mason and more-so for Europe, Evola and Devi (and do keep in mind, Devi had ties to Rockwell)). There was this extremely suspicious Terry Davis-like figure under the moniker of "Bryan Østergaard". This figure has a Wordpress blog that dates back to May 2008, and it reeks of an abandoned op. This guy claims to be "pedo-positive", a buzzword he coined, and started Exherbo Linux, a distro literally titled "Linux for pedophiles", and loves to use the term "GNU/Linux" in homage to Richard Stallman does (a jewish pedophile himself, who autistically demands people refer to Linux-based operating systems as variants of "GNU/Linux"). More recently, this character has been claiming that the Danish police are after him and that he has encrypted all his CP and whatnot. The strange thing with his texts is that they're a mix of psy-op material and truths. For example, he's against Trump and considers him a jewish shill, but for the wrong reasons; this character is supposed to have been denied entry to the USA for being a pedo (and a year before that, his blog was pro-Trump,). More on him trying to blackwash real truths about the jewish mind is that "he" actually does expose the correlation between jews and scat fetishism, but claims that the correlation between jews and pedophilia/pederasty is intended to bar whites from being pedos, which is really dumb, especially considering pedophilia is extremely rare among pure whites. Essentially, he's claiming that the jews are "bad pedos" while he's a "good pedo" (an oxymoron).
In his pro-Trump article, he claims that the Clintons are "bad pedos" and mentions the whole comet-ping-pong Clinton debacle. Notice how he uses David Lane's quote at the end of it:
On falsities this character tries to legitimise, he has legitmised McVeigh (who he calls a pedo himself) and Breivik (legitimised as a "hero" and "defender of Christianity")
>American Patriot and known Pedo Positive Timothy James McVeigh
>I am going to be starting a war of attrition with the Danish Police, the disloyal Danish, and the Jewish ran European Parliament. We will bring the roadwar to them. We need to strike fast and hard just like the heroic Anders Behring Breivik, Justiciar Knight Commander of the PCCTS, Knights Templar, did in 2011.
Speaking of him coining Breivik as a "defender of Christianity", this guy literally praises the current pope as "anti-jewish", just because he's as much of a pedophile as them (and probably has jewish blood himself, like most of the popes), just an open one:
>The biggest open supporter of the Pedo-Positive movement has been the Catholic Church and the new Pope Francis who has fought tooth and nail to stop the Shit Eating JEWS from criminalizing pedophilia and keeping all the young firtile girls to themselves (because everyone knows jews are semi-secret Pedo-Positives).
And would you look at that; this character even admits that jews are not just secret, but even "semi-secret" pedophiles, but he just can't resist associating their enemies with pedophilia. He's also aligned himself with literal homosexuals as well, so there's that. "Semi-secret" is itself an understatement when jews use literal pilpul to claim homosexual pederasty with children under 8 is kosher under rabbinic law, but that conveniently has to be ignored.


File: 1587853133864.png (1.43 MB, 1280x891, ar15 of psyop character.png)

In "his" last post, about him being denied entry to Trump's America, "he" said that he'll engage in a massive terror spree against "schools, hospitals, churches, stores, mosques, temples, streets, and apartment complexes" if the Danish government doesn't legalise pedophilia while removing Muslims and jews and declaring war on the USA. Here he references Waco, as well as the Breivik op, yet again, this time with the "Christian European Defender" moniker.
>On February 28, 1993, the American Government(under pro jewish shiteater Bill Clinton) began a siege to wipe Christians and Pedo-Positives off the map. I, like the innocent victims at Waco, am a victim of the Jewish-Shit Eating run American Government. Unfortunately, I am unable to bring my war to the America due to circumstances beyond my control. Ever since the Great Pedo-Postive and Christian European Defender Anders Brevick defended Norway from the Jewish Shit-Eating Marxists, I have been stockpiling ammunition, rifles, and explosives for the day that the roadwar begins in Europe. The time to start the roadwar is now. I will start the war in my native Denmark. The Danish Government particularly under Jewish Shit-Eating shill Lars Løkke Rasmussen have attacked the Pedo-Positive movement relentlessly. I will bring the war to the Danish Government unless my demands are met. My demands are: Legalize Creation and Distribution of Child Pornography, Legalize Sexual Relationships between an adult and a six year old, remove all Islam and Judaism from Denmark, and finally start a war on America and its Jewish shiteating President Donald Trump. Unless these demands are met, I plan on shooting up schools, hospitals, churches, stores, mosques, temples, streets, and apartment complexes. I have over a million rounds of ammunition and 10 fully automatic rifles. I will win this war.
This last post was submitted on the 3rd of March 2019 (3/3, go figure, there's another suspicious date) with the image of an AR-15 on a Danish flag with a timestamp (attached here). The thing is, there was no such mass-terror attack in Denmark; but this was less than two weeks before the Christchurch op in New Zealand. It was also posted on 4/pol/ just 4 days before the New Zealand op, on 3/11 (multiplied together is also 33, again, go figure):
Now, this was his last post on his entire Wordpress blog, so after this post, this entire character seemed to have been scrapped; probably because the Christchurch attack was already being finalised, and because associating real truths about jews with pedo-acceptance and also McVeigh and Breivik would still be too risky; it would've been too ridiculous to push a pedo Terry Davis as a mass-shooter rather than have several characters like Tarrant pop up over time. Anyways, his Wordpress site and that of Exherbo Linux are still up, meaning this character, or whoever's behind him is still around in some way, shape or form (so much for being targeted by the government). I found out about this blog through the attached image with the AR, long after its supposed "death", and it really says something that it's still online after a year of inactivity and before that, illegal activity.
By the way, look at the comments sections, specifically on his "why I created Exherbo Linux" article:
They're rife with literal pedo-apologists and questionable usernames at that, like "Chad Thundercow", "Joe Doe", "John Podesta" etc., usually linking to pro-pedo websites.


No Scandinavian has this name, right? Certainly not anyone born before ~1983 I'd imagine. I don't see it fitting into their languages.
Just like no Anglo-Saxon has the name Boris.


File: 1587881594820-0.png (50.34 KB, 1050x866, danskernesnavnebrian.PNG)

File: 1587881594820-1.png (46.37 KB, 887x896, danskernesnavnebryan.PNG)

File: 1587881594820-2.png (49.64 KB, 1231x886, danskernesnavneosvald.PNG)

>No Scandinavian has this name, right?
It's not a Scandinavian name at all, but some people all over Scandinavia and Finland (Iceland seemingly being an exception) do have Celtic-originated names like Bryan (which is typically in its regular English formatting "Brian" anyways), and also "Kevin", etc. I suppose it's either given due to common Anglophilia from a few decades ago, and thus a somewhat widespread adoption of Celtic names (or could also have been a name popularised by part-British/Irish and Scandinavian people to begin with). I suppose if this Bryan character is operating under a fake identity, then he thought he was smart by choosing a name like that instead of something like "Svend", or even "Rasmus".
>before ~1983
Danskernes Navne actually records a peak of "Brian" and "Bryan" in Denmark in the 1970s; attached as the website uses cookies.
Also, as a sidenote, older names derived from English (as Denmark is close to England culturally and geographically, even the English aristocracy still has recent Danish ancestry) tended to be Anglo-Saxon in origin, and not Celtic (or Hebrew for that matter). See the popularity of Osvald, which peaked during the 1900s and 1910s.


File: 1588088986865.jpg (218.3 KB, 1195x941, cc5d5-6th2bsept-8.jpg)

>Another 1488 reference in Russia was during the Ukraine war where some Russian punk who videotaped himself torturing puppies to death enlisted in a pro-Russian battalion and had an official card with an ID number of 1488. The unit's symbol had a bat imposed over a webbed globe, which is similar to one used by I believe a Russian intelligence agency today.
So I just found the faggot. His name is Alexey Milchakov, known online as kinolog in the early/mid 2010s. He was still active as recently as 2018, per the search results, and is on record as having been sponsored by Russia to train Belarusians in battle tactics. He is alleged to have beheaded Ukrainians and is a self-styled "fascist" despite it being an illegal ideology in Russia.

You can search for the puppy torture pics on your own if you really want to. I won't post them here. He looks like a fucking queer in his earlier photos, more recently he's been sporting an unkempt beard and gained weight.


The official holohoax remembrance day in Israel fell on a 21st of April this year, thus just a single day after the alleged Nova Scotia attack. Since funerals should take a day to prepare, this synchronises well with both hoaxes:
Even more interesting, "yom hazikaron" (the day Israelis honour dead IDF soldiers) is just a week after their holohoax remembrance day. In 1999, this would've fell on the exact same day on the Columbine hoax, also on the 20th of April.
It's surprising that hardly anyone points out at all that many recent hoaxes supposedly occurred during or extremely close to jewish holidays namely Sandy Hooknose (14th of December was right in the middle of 2012's hanukkah), the jewtube shooting (right in the middle of the 2018 passover), and Christchurch (just 5 days before purim). Jews love it when events take place close to their holidays, see all the events taking place on tisha b'Av after their old temples were destroyed. Wikipedia even has a list for such events that are commemorated by jews on that day, and they don't even always take place exactly on that day itself.
>Over time, Tisha B'Av has come to be a Jewish day of mourning, not only for these events, but also for later tragedies which occurred on or near the 9th of Av. References to some of these events appear in liturgy composed for Tisha B'Av (see below).
>The First Crusade officially commenced on August 15, 1096 (Av 24, AM 4856), killing 10,000 Jews in its first month and destroying Jewish communities in France and the Rhineland.[9][11]
>The Jews were expelled from England on July 18, 1290 (Av 9, AM 5050).[9]
>The Jews were expelled from France on July 22, 1306 (Av 10, AM 5066).[12]
>The Jews were expelled from Spain on July 31, 1492 (Av 7, AM 5252).[10]
>Germany entered World War I on August 1–2, 1914 (Av 9–10, AM 5674), which caused massive upheaval in European Jewry and whose aftermath led to the Holocaust.[9]
>On August 2, 1941 (Av 9, AM 5701), SS commander Heinrich Himmler formally received approval from the Nazi Party for "The Final Solution." As a result, the Holocaust began during which almost one third of the world's Jewish population perished.[13]
>On July 23, 1942 (Av 9, AM 5702), began the mass deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to Treblinka.[13]
>The AMIA bombing, of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, killed 85 and injured 300 on July 18, 1994 (10 Av, AM 5754).[14]
>The Israeli disengagement from Gaza began in the Gaza Strip, expelling 8000 Jews who lived in Gush Katif; August 15, 2005; 10 Av, 5765.[15]
It should be noted that the Batman shooting supposedly took place 10 days before tisha b'Av as well. Anyways, these dates are all supposed to be coincidences are they? It's one thing for shootings to take place so close to jewish holidays (which Wiki admits jews count when commemorating those holidays), but it's another for the Columbine hoax itself to literally coincide with an Israeli holiday that mourns fallen IDF soldiers.


File: 1588267955866.png (50.34 KB, 189x399, Werner Goldberg.png)

>Werner Goldberg was a German who was of half Jewish ancestry, or Mischling in Nazi terminology, who served briefly as a soldier during World War II. His image appeared in the Berliner Tageblatt as "The Ideal German Soldier", and was later used in recruitment posters for the Wehrmacht.
They couldn't find a full-blooded German to represent the ideal soldier? Or is this another jewish wink of the Third Reich? See, goyim? The ideal of Germany has jewish blood… reminds me of something von Bismarck said about how mixing jews with gentiles produces exemplary offspring.
>He was later "dismissed" after it became known that he was a half Jew.
The Goldberg name didn't make it obvious? Is Goldberg a common name among gentiles, even in Germany?
What the hell was really going on in the upper echelons of the Third Reich?


File: 1588275186815-0.jpg (56.84 KB, 502x354, hitlertrir.jpg)

File: 1588275186815-1.jpg (101.33 KB, 716x938, Alfred_Naujocks.jpg)

Even today, Werner Goldberg is excessively pushed as a "Nazi soldier", typically ignoring his jewish ancestry. Here's something even more odd: there was a modern Soviet WW2 memorial with Werner Goldberg's face on it erected a few years ago in Tobolsk, Russia. He was recognised as a "Nazi soldier" by the press but there was absolutely no reference to his jewish ancestry in the mainstream; the whole story has red flags all over it, no pun intended:
Nevertheless, some more well-treated jews in the Third Reich include:
>Ernst Moritz Hess
He apparently fought with Hitler when he was a corporal in WW1; he's stated to have moved to Italy after Hitler's rise to power to escape "Nazi persecution" though was recalled back to Germany which as a whole makes no sense at all.
>Hessy Levinsons Taft
She won Goebbel's "most beautiful Aryan baby" contest, and was subsequently given a similar treatment to what Werner Goldberg would have later on. Her whole story makes zero sense. Levinsons is obviously a jewish name (Levin being a variation of "Levi"), yet in 2014, she stated she was entered in to "trick the Nazis" into admitting a jew as Aryan.
Apparently, one of the girls Hitler was often photographed with was actually jewish (forgot her name, but it's the first image attached). It's been suspected that Eichmann and Alfred Naujocks are crypto-jews; especially the former, who looks like a typical Ashkenazi jew, and is even rumoured to have been born in Sarona (a settlement in Israel that was known to be a haven for early Zionist migration). Naujocks is claimed to be Lithuanian, yet looked nothing like a Balt, and despised non-German Europeans including both Poles and Danes. Is it also a coincidence that not only did he "escape" the Nuremberg trials, not being caught once, but after WW2, he even lived as a businessman in West Germany?


On top of the NSDAP's odd obsession with the Teutonic knights, they also had an odd obsession with Charlemagne. Although Widukind was admired by many German nationalists both before and during the Third Reich by Saxons for defending Germany from Charlemagne and the church, Alfred Rosenberg (the architect of "positive Christianity") supposedly saw his surrender to Charlemagne as a positive thing.
>After the National Socialists came to power in 1933, so many plays and other works were written about Widukind that there were complaints that he was becoming a cliché. Alfred Rosenberg praised him as a hero of German freedom, who finally joined with the founder of the German Reich (Charlemagne).
So he was a "hero of German freedom" yet this was because he was defeated by Charlemagne who massacred the Germans? Makes no sense at all. And as for being the "founder of the German Reich", the "First Reich" was supposed to be the HRE, which was established by Charlemagne, and the Third was supposed to be a continuation of Charlemagne's empire:
>Hitler admired the Frankish Emperor Charlemagne for his "cultural creativity", his powers of organization, and his renunciation of the rights of the individual
>He criticized the Holy Roman Emperors however for not pursuing an Ostpolitik (Eastern Policy) resembling his own, while being politically focused exclusively on the
>After the Anschluss, Hitler ordered the old imperial regalia (the Imperial Crown, Imperial Sword, the Holy Lance and other items) residing in Vienna to be transferred to Nuremberg, where they were kept between 1424 and 1796
>After the 1939 German occupation of Bohemia, Hitler declared that the Holy Roman Empire had been "resurrected", although he secretly maintained his own empire to be better than the old "Roman" one.
The 33rd (go figure) Waffen-SS grenadier division was a French one also named after Charlemagne, was formed in February of 1945, and was noted for being one of the last divisions to defend Hitler in Berlin, even lasting longer than much of the German SS.
As you should know already (see the medieval jewry thread), Charlemagne was a philosemite until arguably the end of his life (the so-called "Capitula de Judaeis" was only instated just before he died in January of 814 (which should be seen as a red flag itself), and was quickly repealed by his successors), so why the adoration of Charlemagne? Why the idolisation of the "First Reich" despite the fact that Hitler supposedly abhorred the Habsburgs, which was a direct continuation of it, similar to how the NSDAP idolised the Teutonic knights, yet banned its supposed continuation of it?


Not to derail (though this thread has already gone off the original topic) but is "Widukind" (supposedly meaning something like child of the woods) a legitimate name? It seems strange that an adult would be referred to as some type of child, unless the name was a derogatory epithet by his enemies. Though it may have been a legitimate naming convention of the time, I don't know. That's assuming the story of Widukind and Charlemagne is even legitimate in the first place and wasn't invented centuries after the supposed exchanges, much like Saint Patrick of Ireland is thought in some academic circles to be a completely fictional character.

Big-Lies claims that the official story of the Christianization of Europe is far from reality and Christianization was actually a very slow process, taking centuries or even close to a thousand years. A similar reality might be true for Islam as well.
>Charlemagne was a philosemite until arguably the end of his life (the so-called "Capitula de Judaeis" was only instated just before he died in January of 814 (which should be seen as a red flag itself), and was quickly repealed by his successors)
Just like Joseph "antisemitism is punishable by death" Stalin supposedly went against the jews at the end of his life and was done in by the Doctor's Plot. Totally real /s.


Apparently, the Unicode decimal encoding and HTML code of the Hebrew letter "aleph" (the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet if read from right to left) is 1488 as well:


I've made a new thread for this on 10chan, though it's more of a general discussion thread for spookery relating to faux nationalism, not particularly David Lane/1488. I'm having suspicions about the BO there as well, but hopefully he isn't actually compromised.


There's always Tinychan.
>Posting of shotacon and lolicon is prohibited.
>Disruptive, or otherwise bothersome posts may result in a ban.
That said, it's a bit confusing in how it works. I've actually haven't posted there yet. Unfortunately they also require Jewgle Captcha for your first five posts to prevent drunkards from posting.


This IB called 22chan bans porn entirely, though it seems to be largely vacant and is largely made up of low-quality former-4ch posters; it's not as free from animefaggotry as it was (formerly) here at that. Anyways, since everything else failed:
there's also 370chan which is Lithuanian/English, though it has more animefaggotry it seems to be contained, and underfoule, a small French board that seems to be full of spam, practically everything else I've explored recently are either filled with animefaggotry (and/or any sort of pedophilia), or long-dead.



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