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typ sraček na 4chan/pol/ je nesnesitelný.
Shabbos goys všude


File: 1586711895761.jpg (49.9 KB, 720x720, 93435456_10158275793947351….jpg)

4chan /pol/ je neironicky jedna z najvacsich rakovin v hostorii internetu.
To miesto je tak strasne plne sraciek, polopravd a manipulacii zo stran roznych zaujmovych skupin, ze cloveku sa az rozum zastavuje, ked to cita. Hlavne ked si uvedomis, kolko ludi povazuje /pol/ za doveryhodny zdroj informacii, ktore (((((oni))))) nechcu aby si vedel :D


Dice rollRolled 2

>4chan /pol/ je neironicky jedna z najvacsich rakovin v hostorii internetu.
toto, ale nemyslim si, ze to bolo tak vzdy, zlom nastal tak cca 2012-2013 ked /pol/ doslova znicilo cely ten web. /pol/ kokotizmus dojebal 4chan, chybaju mi stare casy, ked to bolo fakt iba smiesne memy, jebnute diskusie, niekedy prekvapujuco zaujimave a trolling. Dnes neomylne kazde jedno vlakno je dojebane /pol/ rakovinou. A hej, zastavuje sa mi mozog nad ludmi, co na /pol/ chodia cerpat informacie a doveruju tomu.


Dice rollRolled 3

A to nehovorim o tom, ze Trumpov volebny stab uplne neorionicky vyuzil /pol/ ako tazisko svojej kampane. To je neuveritelne, ale fakt sa to stalo.


(sorry for the English, I don't know Czech or Slovak)
1. You should link to 4plebs, which will have an archived version of the thread long after 4chan has deleted it. Here's the thread OP linked to in archived format:
2. 4chan as it exists now is for all intents and purposes a deeply anti-white, demoralizing, black propagandist, psychological warfare waging website that is only being kept up due to its anti-white psyop value. It is in all likelihood run directly out of metro Washington DC (where many tech hubs (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.), ISPs, and government institutions like the NSA, CIA, FBI, and the Pentagon (DoD) exist or are close by). If 4chan were really a threat to jews, it wouldn't have been allowed to become so large, now would it?


funny, how I consider 4chan to be the exact opposite.
To me it looks like a website that, due to its nature, has been flooded by torrents of cheap white-supremacist propaganda targeted at young boys to destabilize and undermine the western society.
To explain:
I dont think its white people who are to blame for this. Im not suggesting any racial conclusions.
But I really feel like race and white superiority have become the main tools of manipulation on 4chan.
I dont feel like 4chan is anti-white. Its originally an anime forum. "whiteness" has never been its topic.
The anti-white vibes you feel from it are, in my opinion, just a natural reaction to the copious amounts of white-supremacy that started to appear on 4chan as it became more popular among plebs.

>If 4chan were really a threat to jews, it wouldn't have been allowed to become so large, now would it?

It could be that jews are actually secretly running 4chan but considering the content and nature of that site I would say its much more plausible that jews are not really ruling everything and maybe, just maybe, theyre not what 4chan taught you about them.


I'm not the poster you replied to, but I'm going to assume that you just don't know any better.
>has been flooded by torrents of cheap white-supremacist propaganda targeted at young boys to destabilize and undermine the western society.
"White supremacism" as in the textbook definition (not white tribalism, but this whole supremacist idea that makes whites look like comic book villains) was itself a sign of a controlled group, specifically in America: the KKK, Rockwell's NSWPP, etc., thus the pushing of "white supremacy" is really a tool of anti-white agitators to blackwash pro-whites; I'll call this "faux-nationalism". 4chan was never "pro-white" but some people on /b/ ironically tried to imitate faux-nationalists for shock-value, this was manifested more clearly in /n/ and eventually, there were some actual white nationalists in later /new/ and /pol/. However, the demographics of /pol/ nowadays hardly consists of these kinds of people, let alone genuine pro-whites; in-fact, just like the KKK, they're essentially projects of faux-nationalist agitation. More often than not, a lot of these "white nationalists" hate all whites (typically jewish agitators themselves). They'll say that the British aren't white, Irish aren't white, Scandinavians aren't white, Dutch aren't white, Finns, Germans, Italians, Poles, Balts, etc., while the next thing they do is push for whites mixing with Asians because they're "traditional", blacks dominating white women or even white men, all sorts of pilpul used to justify degenerate fetishism common among jews (homosexuals, pedophiles, transvestites), etc.
All of this jewish agitation can be easily explained by the idea that jews now control 4chan as a propaganda tool (specifically /pol/. /his/, and /lit/, not so much the other boards). Ever since 2011, 4chan has been literally funded by jewish bankers, and thus relied on other wealthy jews (not just m00t/Poole himself, and he was already a degenerate and most-likely has jewish ancestry) kept up as a website and more importantly, government agencies have been plaguing the site even before that, thus it's not unlikely that it can be used as a tool of psychological warfare. Just because the content there may sometimes be "anti-jewish", it doesn't mean that it's not "run" by jews. More-specifically, not just their funders, but I'm talking about jewish moderators, actual jewish agitators that post on the board, and chatbots that have "learned" how to use pilpul. It's pretty obvious to see how they communicate based on what they push, and it's also easy to see their influence on young whites. As I said earlier, pro-miscegenation of any kind, cancerous overused memes like Wojak (specifically as "Soyjak") and Gigachad, attacking or strawmanning white culture, actual pro-Trump/Putin posts and most importantly, pro-negroid posts and negroid slang. Words like "based", "woke", etc. are all over not just 4chan but also the entire internet, indicating that the negrification of whites worldwide has skyrocketed since the 1990s.
Even slower boards like /his/, /sci/ and to a lesser extent, /lit/ are also awful nowadays. I'm not going to even talk about any of the other boards as they're basically just degenerate central. Thus a jewish "control" of 4chan is undeniable.


Also, to add, Hiroyuki Nishimura, the current owner of 4chan (former owner of Japanese 2chan) has taken an incredibly low profile, making it seem even on paper that agency-connected jewish agitators have more control over 4chan than he does.


presne o tomto hovorim, kazda diskusia sa zvrhne na muh bielousci a SKURVENI ZIDI REEEEEEE, nemoze jedno jedine vlakno byt bez toho. Toto je diagnoza uz.


File: 1586731985003.mp4 (76.12 KB, 480x270, 22274413_1535980669801742_….mp4)

10 tisic krat toto

na druhej strane zas…kde inde ked nie v tomto vlakne? XD


Just some philosemitic dumbasses with their retarded memes.


>Just some philosemitic dumbasses with their retarded memes.
Are you referring to whoever you're replying to (I'm not either of them by the way, I'm >>1947)?


Yeah. Just jewgle translate their posts. >>1952 is doing that annoying pepe reeeee shit too.


Okay, I thought you were referring to me (I'm assuming you're another Czech or Slovak poster since you replied with English presumably so I and >>1944 can understand)
I already translated them once they first posted it, after I saw what they typed out I just ignored it because it's kosher trash that might derail the thread into exactly what's bad about 4/pol/.


where are you from, anon?
not that it matters..Im just curious.


este toto tu chybalo, neironicky /pol/tardi.
>doing that annoying pepe reeeee shit too
go fuck yourself you dumb /pol/ piece of shit you are the reason why imageboards are so shit right now


>derail the thread into exactly what's bad about 4/pol/
what's bad about /pol/ is that that you can't keep your /pol/ shit on /pol/. You inevitably must ruin every single discussion and derail it to muh glorious aryan race which descend right from Gods vs. REEEEEEEE JEWS LITERAL HELLSPAWNS REEEEEE MUH FEMALES IN VIDEO GAMES REEEEEE I SAW A BLACK PERSON IN TV REEEEEEEE. Keep your /pol/ shit on /pol/ I'm not interested in your twisted world view where everything is about racism and politics.


Apparently, the Vorherrschaft division (tied to Timothy Wilson and the double traitor/army spook J. Will Smith's Kansas City bombing hoax) is seeing some shilling on 4/pol/.
They've revealed their leader is "Yuri Romanov" though replaced this with an email for the second post. No information on him as the first name is generic, but by his (most likely fake) surname he's probably claiming to be an heir of the Romanovs. Yeah right, he might as well be a "French" terrorist agitator called "Jacque de Bourbon". They've also revealed two other (fake) terror threats supposedly caused by the group, one with the same NZ mosque involved with the Tarrant op, and another in some Michigan synagogue (oddly enough, the article claims that jewish children go there for Sunday school even though that makes zero sense as jews don't go to Sunday school, they go to synagogue on Saturdays). Their posters have that degenerate James Mason artstyle, which just confirms all previous suspicions. Seeing this, 4/pol/ has essentially replaced Masonchan (as it's now "8kun") as the culprit of fake "WN" terror threats, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be taken down anytime soon at that.
And these two have outed themselves in their gay judaic tantrum. What else did I expect?


Hurrrr everyone who is not a hardcore nazi who spends all his free time on /pol/ is a jew haha I-I really showed him right ma?


>this is your brain on /pol/
Holy shit dude just turn off your computer for a while and go out. For fucks sake does your live really revolve around 4chan and /pol/ specifically? You really doesn't have any life outside of it?
>jews are literally behind every single thing and even 4chan or blokal post I don't like
You are on a path to get some serious mentall issues but I'm afraid you'll dismiss my genuine warning as another "jew trying to subvert me".


Who put "Keep calm and love jews" all over the site?
>hardcore nazi who sepnds all his free time on /pol/
Complete strawman, and you're on /pol/. Are you surprised people are getting an ill-feeling towards you? If you're not a jew then you're probably a gypsy, as they also come off as obnoxious and divisive.
The reason why "/pol/" is so obnoxious is because it's full of (yes, jewish) faux nationalists who are obsessed with pushing divisive agitation everywhere they are. Aside from obvious agitation in the form of fake terror threats, anything pro-Trump/Putin, pro-miscegenation (also homosexuality, pedophilia, transvestism and all its affiliates), MGTOW, demoralisation projects, "x group isn't white", etc. etc., and all these negroid memes (including this dumb Pepe "reeee" cancer which you yourself use) are what make /pol/ bad. People like you are what make /pol/ bad.
>Holy shit dude just turn off your computer for a while and go out. For fucks sake does your live really revolve around 4chan and /pol/ specifically? You really doesn't have any life outside of it?
Tell that to yourself or whoever the guy above is. Mental issues? What nonsense. I don't spend "all my time on /pol/", I only occasionally even come here, which is why I'm not able to just run an imageboard myself. The thing is, when I am on /pol/ or any related board, I'm in for serious discussion. I'm not in for literal jews and pedophiles harassing people and trying to force me out (this actually happened on Julay/n/), and pushing all their gay, divisive operations on everyone. The fact that this agitation is so widespread on nearly every single online forum (even just counting yourself here, or whoever >>1969 is if he's not the same person) only confirms that jews or useful idiots are trying to divide whites, whether they're actual agencies trying to use it as a psychological operation, or are just racial jews that find harassing normal whites funny. I find this true of 4chan (which has been funded by rich jews, and has been monitored for nearly a decade now) but also other imageboards because of how hard shilling is going on there. There's just no way around this.


Yeah, everybody who is not white supremacist is definitely a jew spending every second of his life subverting white people. The fact that you think that even this irellevant slovak board is worthy for jews so they are lurking here and trying to subvert every person fighting for white race just proves how deranged you are. HAVE SEX!


Jews! Jews everywhere. Watch out they are right behind you! Where the fuck do you think you are? This is a shitty board of some guy I don't want to know how you've discovered it. And trust me there are plenty people not sharing your ideological faggotry. But I expect you will tell me they are all 'jewish in disguise' 'jewish faux white nationalist'. yes I'm definitely a part of secret jewish organization and I'm paid to lurk here and promote D&C amongst honest white folks. Last but not least most people are not delusional faggots like you and they are just having fun even on imageboards. It's just your declining mental health what prevents you to realize that. *BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP*


>People like you are what make /pol/ bad.
I couldn't care less about /pol/ if it wasn't spreading shitty nazi ideology to other parts of internet and even real life. I'm white (believe it or not) but I don't want to live in your retarded nazi utopia. You can stick it up your ass. And if you mean this particular /pol/ on blokal.eu well you have to realize I'm doing you a favour trying to type in english that's a first thing. The other one is *BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP*


>Who put "Keep calm and love jews" all over the site?
xD me because I knew your schizo brain will suffer a literal meltdown. Trust me we know everything about you. We watch your every step. You can't win. And don't let me even start about 5G and upcoming mandatory vaccination with RFID chips. So remember: ✡️ Keep calm and love jews :) ✡️ 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTI PRIDE WORLD WIDE 🏳️‍🌈


Well, thanks for outing yourself as a racial enemy parasiting off of the Czech and Slovak peoples. The whole "scattered among the nations" bit in the Bible is about how jews infest every (White, or at least Caucasoid) nation.
>"The city of Prague has the oldest Jewish community in Bohemia and is one of the longest enduring and most important Jewish centers in East Central Europe."
They are fucking everywhere. That "Polish" jew who owned the 8ch.pl fork, the growing jewish community in Hungary under cryptojew Orban, the growing Hasidic communities in Ukraine and Russia, etc. Even that communist dyke Prime Minister of Finland is probably a racial jew.

I've heard that when the jews are done ruining Western Europe and North America, they'll move their operations to Eastern Europe and South America to finish up their job of exterminating the white race ("Amalek" in kabbalah) once and for all. The largest Hasidic community center in the world is now in Dnipro, Ukraine, and opened in 2012.

>a teraz mi americky kokot vysvetli ako som zid a MOSSAD sa znazi rozdelit bielu rasu plagatenim

Who said he was American, jewish faggot? there's more than one English poster here.


It should be assumed that in the year 2020, any BO that bashes "white supremacy" and spouts pro-jewish sentiment should be automatically considered jewish. Imageboard communities (including Eastern Europeans) are far too aware of jewish power in this day and age to attack exposers the way this BO/admin is.
At least he's showing us the problem isn't limited to English imageboards. I've seen this same spiel on German, French, Russian, Spanish, and even Arabic and Turkish boards as well (the latter two when it comes to exposing jewish power at the very least) (using translation software to translate their comments, all all of these languages have their shills spewing the same jewish propaganda with the same retarded memes).


>Well, thanks for outing yourself as a racial enemy parasiting off of the Czech and Slovak peoples
I have no words for this :D are you an american by any chance?


Are you literally incapable of understanding concept of trolling on imageboards? 'the fuck is wrong with you taking yourself so serious and this board too? I honestly hope that you are trolling me too.


What makes you think that every imageboard is automatically somehow your place to spread your ideological bullshit? Just get the fuck out of this board you mentally ill faggot. Btw I'm not a board owner the textfield in the top of the page is free to be edited by anyone including you (try it!). You are just a lolcow for me because I have nothing better to do right now. The jews lives in your head RENT FREE. Don't you have anything to do than obssessing about jews every moment of your life?


It's always "trolling" and "for the lulz" when it comes to explaining why jews keep pushing pro-jewish filth on imageboards, always trying to reduce every serious discussion into unfunny, hamfisted drivel. You're literally posting boilerplate textbook memes straight out of 4chan. I honestly hope you're just really immature and that you can see the light one day, but it doesn't appear to be that way.
Ah, so it can be edited. If this poster is not the admin, then I apologize to the admin (if he isn't pro-jewish) for making poorly informed accusations on him.




Stop having incest.


I'm' not a jew :)


Then what's up with your jewish shit and fart fetish? "braaap" ad nauseum.


I assume every single one of these posts is a samefag, probably the same as the earlier mentioned philosemite. This board is small, and outside of this thread, there's too many good people who can actually process jewish infiltration of things, even earlier on this very thread, but the medieval jewry thread saw actual success here, etc.
Whoever this poster is, he's having a judaic meltdown right now and should probably be ignored from now on.


Oh no! Someone is not sharing my worldview it must be a FUCKING JEW!


It's obvious it's the same poster. We'll see if the admin or BO cleans up his diarrhea, or at least heavily curtail it. If not, consider this board compromised.


>. If not, consider this board compromised.
Oh yes it is! My superiors know everything including your personal data. Our data department are going through it right now.

Guys seriously the only thing I'm pissed off is that this board nor any imageboard has never been meant as neonazi forum. Believe it or not some people don't want every discussion to be about jews and shit. You do every single thing you accuse jews of including subversion. I don't know how you've discovered blokal but you are just spreading your world view right here. I assume you are edgy teenagers thinking how you know it all because you've just uncovered le epic jewish conspiracy of white genocide.


BO has stated multiple times that he wants diversity of people on this board so I'm sorry to tell you this is not going to be your nazi echo chamber. The very idea behind blokal.eu is that BO wanted people who hold different opinions to come here and discuss. And it so happens happens that today I had nothing better to do so I trolled two english speaking faggots with paranoid schizophrenia but I don't think any post deletions is going to happen just because you don't like what I write. Grow up.


>I assume you are edgy teenagers thinking how you know it all because you've just uncovered le epic jewish conspiracy of white genocide.
I have covered in-depth about how jews were able to retain high positions in courts and as merchants/slave traders since BC, with certain jewish families running a slave network from France to East Asia, that there were Frankish slaves in West Africa during the middle ages, stuff nobody else publicly covered in this much detail; and this little spammer is calling me some teenage neo-Nazi for doing so? Absolutely despicable.
The board rules claim to crack down on spam:
>= o uživateľoch neuchovávame žiadne informácie okrem IP adresy a aj to len po dobu nevyhnutne potrebnú na správu ich príspevkov. (ban za porušovanie pravidiel, blokovanie spamu, …)
>= we do not store any information about users other than the IP address and only for the time necessary to manage their posts. (ban for violation, blocking spam,…)
This guy has made a massive meltdown, posting nonsense every few sets of minutes and then tries to talk with dignity to wash it off; but it isn't coming off, this has to be classified as spam.


I'm not even a so-called "nazi" as I view National Socialism and fascism as forms of controlled opposition that was the crux in killing off the white race in the 20th century and securing jewish domination in all white nations.

You can tell just by looking at a lot of "Nazis" that they were crypto-jews masquerading themselves as gentile Germans with the intention of doing as much harm to Europeans as possible, from the withdrawal of Moscow by the point that German troops spotted the St. Vasily's cathedral, to needless antagonism towards Poles and Ukrainians (the latter whom initially saw Germans as liberators, until the jews running NS Germany decided to antagonize Ukrainians and chase them into Bolshevik arms). Germans and Slavs were getting slaughtered and their cities destroyed while the jews were safe and sound in the internment camps with swimming pools, orchestras, and a steady food supply until maybe the very end of the war when some of the allies FUBARed the train tracks.

Does Adolf Eichmann look like a normal German to you? Is the hammer and sickle a right-wing symbol to you? (look these things up, I tried posting images but the board was rejecting them for being too large)
Goebbels and Mussolini dated jewesses. And, on a related note, imperial Japan was working together with Chinese communist forces. There was no "right wing" in World War II, it was just judeo-leftists fighting judeo-leftist foils.


I like how nazis try to portray jews as the only people doing cruel things and ignoring that literally every nation or people has been doing exactly the same shit including white people. Do you honestly believe that white people are inherently good and all attrocities commited by them can be apologized or even better that all attrocities attributed to white were perpetrated by some crypto jew? I'm fascinated by nazi indoctrination and how you look at white race through rose tinted glasses. Grow up all people are selfish assholes.


> but it isn't coming off, this has to be classified as spam.


What exactly is the meaning behind "right wing"? People use this buzzword but it had multiple meanings across times. Also what's your goal what would you like to achieve? Complete total irreversible jewish extermination? World where only white people exist? What exactly? And what made you hate jews so much to that ridiculous extent that you obviously believe that even this irrelevant board with 10 users at most is worthy for them to be watched by some jewish secret subversive organization. I just don't get it how people like you think.


File: 1586899697491.jpg (143.03 KB, 507x512, hnsnsdap.jpg)

I resized it, this should pass through:


You do realize that war is over and you are fetishising and obsesing over dead ideology? Just accept it. It's over. Nazis lost and there will never be some kind of revival. White race is dying not because of jews but because it's at the end of civilizational cycle. There will never be any rebirth. There will never be some sudden magical awakening in Germany or USA with nazi take-over. Dreaming is good but spreading this bullshit leads to things like Christchurch or that german idiot who didn't even killed jews but some german old lady. And that means threat to me and my family. A real threat because I can't know if some deranged asshole who thinks that everyone who looks certain way is a jew (Adolf Eichman wasn't one) won' kill me because of my brown eyes let's say or whatever.


Why do you keep calling us nazis when we're not? That's so typically jewish to use that word of abuse on your opponents.


Well what are you? I've already asked the question what is your end game? How does your ideal world looks like. And for the last time I'm not jewish cannot you comprehend that not everyone disagreeing with you doesn't have to be necessarily a jew? Do you honestly wholeheartedly believe that if someone doesn't share your opinions then it must be a jew? Well then 99% of white people are jews to you too


Can you comprehend that not everyone against jewish domination is a nazi?


Yes but you have to understand I don't spend my every minute of life reading about ideologies and politics to know every shade of right wing ideology. Most people don't give a crap about this stuff.


File: 1586903470090.png (285.46 KB, 499x361, cringe.png)

>imagine actually believing any of this


Oh look, another cancerous inorganic meme, literally popularised by Israeli trolls.


Look ma! I posted it again! I told him Mossad is spreading cringe meme on the internet. I definitely showed him!


😂👌 ok nazoomer 😂👌


Neviem čo má ten pic related znamenať, /pol/ nepodporuje Trumpa už dobrých pár rokov.


>. Also what's your goal what would you like to achieve? Complete total irreversible jewish extermination? World where only white people exist? What exactly?

Not him but the long-term goal of WNs is balkanization of the US into several ethnostates out of which one would be for whites only, yes.
As for jews, no one wants to exterminate them even the edgiest /pol/tards don't say such things. We simply don't want them to influence our politics and spread anti-white propaganda through the media



First of all, there are still literal "Trump generals" on 4/pol/, shills love to falsely accuse you of being a tranny or whatever if you don't support Trump (despite the fact that most people opposing Trump on imageboards are against homosexuality and transsexuality). Often, anti-Trump sentiment is even blackwashed by people promoting Democratic candidates as the "good guys" which just furthers the most obvious false dialectic there is in the western world today.
Second, why would they ever support Trump in the first place? He was a literal billionaire jew; not just a golem that supported Israel, he's literally jewish by blood. He wasn't any more nuanced than other republican golems at that, during his 2016 campaign he went on about how he was all for "legal immigration" from Mexico and was all for the blacks, etc.. There is absolutely no reason to like Trump; not a single one.
>Jared Taylor
The same guy who literally said "they (jews) look white to me", and who essentially views suburban prisons as an ideal for white society?
This whole new WN movement that advocates for a separate "ethnostate" is of an even lesser nuance than Putin's "Russianism". It's effectively civic nationalism minus blacks, Asiatics and Hispanics, but with jews, and without trying to resolve problems such as the negrification of the white psyche, etc.


File: 1588090711465.jpg (219.54 KB, 1024x647, zionistmeme.jpg)

The "Zionist Internet Memes" thread on End/pol/ has strangely risen to the front page this month. To give a quick rundown, it was a thread created on Endchan's /pol/ board to identify memes and buzzwords that could've been created or popularised by literal Israeli trolls (one that's been used in this thread was actually the "cringe compilation" meme with Shrek, which was spammed by Israelis on 4chan's /pol/ until it became popular), These memes were typically pro-Trump/Putin, promoting Christians vs. Muslims, etc., but were often even flat-out anti-white/Zionist demoralisation (image attached).
Anyways, the thread is now on the first page. This can be a good thing, as it gets people to realise how jewish spies act and operate on imageboards (and more broadly, the entire arsenal of negroid slang being used online, part of a larger negrification process that has been going on throughout all of the western world for over 100 years now), but I fear it's getting derailed and hijacked. The BO "AdolfHitler" is compromised, for one; there's a poster on a thread going on about how the Germans are the real jews (this derives from "British Israelism", which originated as a pro-jewish worldview) and that the Ashkenazi/Sephardi jews are actually just "imposters" (which if not a direct derivative of British Israelism like *"Christian Identity"*, it's been a known trope among jewish academics such as Eran Elhaik, Israel Finkelstein, Shlomo Sand, etc. for decades, which I suspect is a trick to limit anti-jewish thought by separating the jews from their ancient counterparts or denying their existence entirely, and thus both discouraging research into medieval/ancient jewry and the anthropological truth that jews are a biological race or "subrace"), with a particularly obnoxious way of writing at that. One poster with a Mosleyite icon even talked of "rightwing troll accounts with anime avatars" (i.e., jewish spooks) in a positive light.


>First of all, there are still literal "Trump generals" on 4/pol/
Those are migrants from r/T_D very few actual polfags support Trump now.

>The same guy who literally said "they (jews) look white to me"

If he said anything else he would be smeared as anti-semitic nazi by SPLC and other usual suspects. Jared is actually redpilled on JQ. Watch vid related he gives answer as from Culture of Critique.
What does this even have to do with anything? You asked what is the goal of WNs and I told you. And no one wants jews there. It's effectively civic nationalism minus blacks, Asiatics, Hispanics and jews. Which makes it racial nationalism


>Those are migrants from r/T_D very few actual polfags support Trump now.
I reckoned very few legitimate people there would support him to begin with. Why would these migrants be welcomed for so long? Why are pro-Trump memes still common on /pol/, both 4chan and (both the former and modern continuation of) 8chan? Even a large portion of people that oppose Trump tend to hide that he was always a rich jew, and try to separate his candidacy from his presidency.
>If he said anything else he would be smeared as anti-semitic nazi by SPLC and other usual suspects
That literally confirms my point. He doesn't call the jews out because he wants to stay on good terms with the powers that be. Now, he's already "smeared" on the SPLC, and most "anti-semitic nazis" listed on the SPLC hardly go over the jewish question in a historical context, let alone properly analyse modern jewry, and are effectively manufactured comic book villains. Say Jared was legitimately being screwed over by these various jewish agencies, which seems to be the image put out by his list on the SPLC: why wouldn't he already openly call them out? He doesn't call them out because he doesn't actually want to oppose jewish domination.
>Jared is actually redpilled on JQ. Watch vid related he gives answer as from Culture of Critique.
Culture of Critique is hardly even an analysis of the jewish question at all. Kevin MacDonald himself praised the jews for their abilities (which he views as a sort of "survival strategy" and not an inherent instinct to meddle with other races as a whole - of course ignoring that jews were a protected class throughout history and wouldn't have to worry about survival), and even avoids talking about them when they clearly have a role in a historical event that he blames for today's ills. That just confirms what I'm saying again, doesn't it?
>What does this even have to do with anything? You asked what is the goal of WNs and I told you.
>And no one wants jews there. It's effectively civic nationalism minus blacks, Asiatics, Hispanics and jews. Which makes it racial nationalism
It's the "goal" of this new subset of faux nationalism. "White nationalism" is an incredibly broad term, its meaning never inherently meant dividing the US into several states (same applies to western Europe, Canada, Australia, or wherever), it just meant racial nationalism for white people. Since you're mentioning Jared Taylor and his affiliates, I'm assuming that you're referring to his ideals in particular, which is in a way not actually white nationalist, as he considers jews to be white. These people are plastic representations of "white nationalists" because they're enemy agents to begin with. Thus, they should be shunned.


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