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Is the Law of Jante good for keeping braggarts down, or does it inhibit creativity and lead to stagnation? How is it addressing the crises facing Nordic countries today?


By the way, is this a byproduct of it or is this unrelated?


>Is the Law of Jante good for keeping braggarts down, or does it inhibit creativity and lead to stagnation?
To be fair, both are true. Within the nation (thus excluding mongrels or foreigners of any other race), Janteloven is good on paper as tribal unity and excepting egotistic individualists is always a good thing, however it's taken to an extreme; there always needs to be a good level of individuality and pride within a collective, and there's a difference between degenerate attention-seekers and otherwise creative people. It's part of the reason why Sweden nowadays has become a perfect example of a golem country, with general mass-extortion and debt among common native Swedes, reliance on welfare, and a society rooted in the destruction of traditional culture for negrification and living in commieblocks with IKEA furniture. This in-turn leads to alcoholism and mass-consumption of antidepressants which ends up with a society close to modern Russia (especially with immigration, contrary to what some may say about Putin). It's not necessarily the root of pro-equality sentiment in Scandinavia, but it does contribute to doing so by being so extremely anti-individualist and thus the domino effect leading to the weakness of the population. Of course, it doesn't work when applied to foreigners. Trying to treat a Somali refugee (just an example, not necessarily only Somalis, but any other non-Nordic collectivist culture) with the same type of ideas that you would treat a native Norseman with is completely futile, and trying to apply it to everyone is exactly what leads to this idea that foreigners should be assimilated and thus contaminate the regular population. Nevertheless, that's not where the idea of accepting foreigners comes from, just the civic-nationalist idea that they can be assimilated. Janteloven is and always was heavily criticised in Scandinavia, but the alternative that also accepts equality for foreigners (propagated by the controlled party-system, of course) is typically liberal individualism (i.e. masonry applied to the general population) which just leads to even more weakness.
Thus, tribal anti-individualism is good, but applying complete equality and rejecting righteous pride is too extreme, and applying it to foreigners is especially wrong.

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