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Does anyone still take this piece of shit seriously?


He switched from making YouTube videos to ranting on a Twitter page that he named "Gandalf the White" (convenient as before that, it was a big stage for his followers).
It seemed that his popularity has diminished after he said that a blond Turk was closer to him than an Italian, though it was taken advantage of by the wrong type of people, especially on other imageboards. Nevertheless, there needs to be some investigation into his wife, Marie Cachet. I'm not saying "Varg" was some hero before she came along, but she seems to have introduced a lot of nonsense into his philosophy, namely all the anti-civilisation and animist hocus pocus. "Cachet" just means official, but it seems the actual family that Marie comes from is "Cachet de Montzean", who were aristocrats that ruled over the land north of Lyon, and apparently Marie Cachet was born in a castle, showing that they were still relevant after the revolution. How would Varg get money otherwise? It's also odd that Varg renamed himself "Louis Cachet" and is now passing his lineage from the mothers' side, which is what jews do.


Now that I think about it, Breivik (a complete psyop character) also recently "changed his name".


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>Does anyone still take this piece of shit seriously?
anyone ever did?
I always considered Varg to be a grown up man with a mindset of a 14 year old teenager.
His popularity comes from saying edgy things and doing even more edgy things. Even his music (though I like many of his songs) is objectively nothing impressive and nobody would know him if he and his friends didnt do all the crazy stuff in the 90s.


Come to think of it, aren't Cachet and Cacher (kosher) homophones in French?


File: 1584657276635-0.jpg (337.17 KB, 1024x650, louis cachet 1758.jpg)

The first part of "Cachet" seems to be pronounced similar to "Cacher" though "Cacher" seems to be pronounced similarly to the accute "é" at the end. Thus, they're not homophones but they're extremely similar. "Cachet" means "official" or "signed". Interestingly, "Cacher" which is spelt and pronounced identically is also the French verb for "hide". Thus, the French word for kosher, hiding/concealing, and "Cachet" are all nearly identical.
Varg claimed in his genealogy video that the name comes from the Letres de Cachet given to a count by the king of France along with some land to perform "some duty", and later on one of them was executed during the French revolution. What was this duty? I found some records of a "Cachet de Montezan" from before the revolution, specifically another Louis Cachet ("Louis" seems to be a common name in this family, thus could it be said that the Cachets have wholly infiltrated Varg?). He built a canal from Lyon through La Dombes for commerce. It doesn't specify that he was a merchant however, so red flags for him seem to end there.
There's this French book on Amazon that apparently details the histories of the Cachets, written by a Cachet himself, "Eudoxe De Lombardon-Montezan".
Their coat of arms (apparently multiple for the same name, which is odd in itself) are also detailed on this website. Also of the Cachet de Garneran, which seem to be the same family (just as the counts of Garneran, and not of Montezan):
>Supporters: two addorsed lions facing the sinister heads.
>Gules, 3 pales Or, charged each one in chief of a lozenge Sable.
More books, specifically their origin as the counts of Garneran, and later "Lombardon" (Lombards from northern Italy):
This essay lists "Comte Louis Cachet de Montezan" as the noble envoy in Munich during the revolution:
Most oddly enough, Polish Wikipedia has an incredibly short article on the original Louis Cachet, citing French books.
>Louis Cachet, Count de Montezan - a French military officer, high civil servant and diplomat who lived in the 18th century.
>In the French army he became a cavalry captain. In the years 1730–1747 he was the president of the parliament in Dombes, as mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Diderot and D'Alembert. He later served as authorizing officer for Dombes. Being him, he ordered in 1758 to dig a communication channel in Thoissey (Saona River).
>In later years he held diplomatic functions. In the years 1777–1779 he was the minister minister in the Archbishopric-Cologne Electorate, and in the years 1780–1789 in the Bavarian Electorate (Munich).
So Polish Wikipedia talks about the Cachets, but English and even French Wikipedia don't? He was apparently a high-ranking military officer alongside all what was said before, such as him ruling the Dombes and making a canal, and being the diplomat to Bavaria. I don't really see any smoking-gun evidence of him being directly jewish however, aside from linking him to the old lines of France including the jewish kings of Septimania, and dukes of Aquitane and Normandy,


Did you know one of Louie Kosher's songs was sampled in a 2016 hip hop track?
>"Pussy Print" (censored on the album as "P**** Print") is a song by American hip-hop and trap artist Gucci Mane featuring Kanye West, from Mane's ninth studio album Everybody Looking (2016).
>The track samples 1996 song "Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität" by Burzum throughout.

Now in the US, which mostly honors international copyrights (and usually puts even greater restrictions on them for for-profit derivatives and distribution), you can't just sample somebody else's song into your own work for profit. You can't even just sample a song without permission and simply pay royalties later. So, unless Louie was retarded enough to sign away all legal rights to the song to the record labels which published his album (Misanthropy and Cymophane), it would mean that Louie gave the green light for his well overrated and often shitty music to be sampled into something even shittier.


>Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität
Varg should still have the rights to it as he used it in his videos all the time.

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