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Among Czech and Slovak circles, the idea that the Christchurch shooting was a false flag, let alone completely faked seems to be very uncommon. Most people either see Tarrant as a hero, or condemn it, furthering the general Christian-Muslim dialectic. Even more suspiciously, in most alternative English imageboards, the shooting was not only praised and legitimised, but often mandated by the BO, with any attempt to attack it by either attacking Tarrant himself (whether believing it was legitimate or not) or questioning the official story deleted. Nowadays, in most English and western European circles as a whole, any attempts to view the shooting as a psychological operation are quickly repulsed from both sides, mainly picking on weak argumentation on inconsistencies in the shooting, not regarding that mock shootings have come a long way since the 1990s, and that it shouldn't be so hard to fake a video of a shooting with minimal inconsistencies. For comparison, the British police have admittedly done mock terrorist attacks in civilian buildings using actors (attached); now think of what could be done without any civilian involvement in the event. Just because a shooting is "provable" doesn't mean that it's legitimate, and there are plenty of other reasons to question the shooting's legitimacy that usually isn't taken into account. For instance, the manifesto is written in American English, despite Tarrant supposedly being an Australian.
Nevertheless, this thread isn't about whether the Christchurch shooting was real or not. Over the past year, the Christchurch shooting has become a catalyst for future operations, either seemingly counter-attacks (Sri Lanka church attack), or more 8/pol/ shootings (Poway synagogue, El Paso, Oslo mosque), as well as being referenced in otherwise unrelated future operations. Take for instance the "Church of Christ" shooting in White Settlement (named for white settlers), Tarrant county, Texas that happened just around the end of 2019, right after Grafton Thomas supposedly stabbed a rabbi in a synagogue. The latter's first name was literally "Grafton", which is the city in Australia that Brenton Tarrant allegedly came from. Both the Christchurch and White Settlement shootings were allegedly livestreamed, the former by the perpetrator, the latter by the church. This is a complete name game with Brenton Tarrant being explicitly referenced several times in two back to back attacks in two days, even regular people wouldn't think of this as a coincidence. Thus, the Christchurch shooting has definitely played into jewish interests.


>Among Czech and Slovak circles, the idea that the Christchurch shooting was a false flag, let alone completely faked seems to be very uncommon.
Internet censorship is becoming way more common not just in the Anglosphere but elsewhere around the world. I remember when the supposed Burgas bus bombing occurred in 2012 and there were some Bulgarians on YouTube calling it out as an Israeli psyop. It seems to have gone away.
Strangely Germans are allowed limited conspiracy candy thrown about, seemingly to a little more degree than Anglocentric YouTube since 2018. In fact, immediately after the Christchurch shooting, all of a sudden videos exposing events as hoaxes, including ones from years ago, were wiped or made very hard to find.


I am against censorship 👎
And i like Anonymous because they fight against that shit.


File: 1584303315197.jpeg (156.72 KB, 1920x1080, black sun.jpeg)

But how exactly would this psyop help the jews? I am open minded about this. And what is a better approach of wining this war?


Apparently, there are some Czech sites that do call the Christchurch shooting out as a hoax, specifically Aeronet, and Krajskelisty, so I might be wrong here, though the former does have some red flags from its content alone:
I literally just stated why it helped the jew, but I'll clarify: Since it originated on 8chan (it was run by jews and spooks), it allows it along with all the other honeypots that became popular after it fell to be tied into fake "radicalisation" in the mainstream media, something that elsewise couldn't be done before in a serious way (unlike calling it an "internet hate machine" etc.). Second, it furthered the Christian-Muslim dialectic as it was supposedly a successful attack against Muslims that supposedly was a revenge for supposed past successful attacks by Muslims (both the Turkish invasions, then the fake Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice, Munich, London Bridge and other recent attacks in Europe), both sides can claim "victimhood" from attacks by the opposing group, and also more media narratives keep popping up, this also led to the Sri Lanka church bombings which was another event supposedly caused by jihadists that purportedly killed European Christians in Sri Lanka, etc.. Even the synagogue shootings supposedly killed only one person, which wouldn't even make it a mass shooting, and still give jews victimhood. Overall, it changed the entire political landscape; and that's the thing, it did so in a way that played right into their hands.
A better approach (for whites to regain power) is debatable, but it needs to involve an actual attempt to take control of things for starters, it needs to make people realise what cause they're fighting for; with the manifesto being spread, hardly any new information was being spread, consider that the manifesto consists of both the most basic information about white genocide you can get, and then a giant Q&A where Tarrant denies he's anti-jewish. For the shooting itself, all mass shootings have resulted in more gun purchases than ever before including Christchurch, and nobody uses them, it's clear that they don't fear guns. Even if 56 people died (which is the same amount of people supposedly killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting i.e. a supposed jihadist shooting), that means nothing to the government let alone most people. since people aren't trying to look into the reasons for the shooting, they're either going to say the shooter is bad and guns should go, or that gun rights should be defended. Spreading information doesn't work like that.


>Even if 56 people died (which is the same amount of people supposedly killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting i.e. a supposed jihadist shooting)
49 fags (all but one of which were nonwhite for some reason) were supposedly killed in Orlando + the supposed shooter Omar Mateen was killed by police (btw, a Zyaira Mateen supposedly was killed in a Chattanooga, Tennessee school bus crash just five months after the Orlando hoax, Chattanooga also featured a Muslim supposedly shoot up a US Armed Forces recruiting center on 16.7.2015, 29 days after the 17.6.2015 Charleston church shooting hoax.
51 people (one of which was a non-Muslim woman) were supposedly killed in the Christchurch shootings, though I do remember the very day it 'happened' that 49 were killed at the mosques.
(56 (52 vicsims + 4 'suicide bombers') did supposedly die in the 7/7/2005 London transportation 'bombings' if that's what you were thinking of.)


Apparently the official story is that 51 were killed and 49 injured, though some switch the two around. Either way, it's still telling how 49 occurs in both the Muslim shooting and the anti-Muslim shooting.
Mateen and Tarrant have similar backstories as well. Both were mysteriously kind to who they were later supposed to kill before said events. Mateen supposedly went to the same gay nightclub before his event, Tarrant went on about how he loved Pakistan before his event, even though it was after he was supposedly "awakened" by the refugee crisis. Both came from notable families; Mateen's father is admitted to have been a secret informant of the FBI, owned "The Durand Jirga" where he hosted a political commentary. Later on, he ran for the president of Afghanistan. Omar himself was born at the Long Island jewish medical center (the same one Frederick Trump was born in). In-fact, the Mateens (at least the ones in the USA) are probably jews themselves, see also Justin Mateen, the founder of Tinder and an Iranian jew living in LA. Since Herat is right next to Iran, this basically seals the case of Omar Mateen being a jew.
Tarrant on the other hand was a peer, and was said to have inherited his father's lifesavings, which is supposedly how he travelled the world (even visiting both Iran and Israel, which would be impossible for a normal person). All of this despite claiming he came from a "working class, low income family". How did his father get so rich if he came from a ruling class, low income family? Here we have two spooks with similar backstories (the former being a jew), killing the same amount of people.


>Omar himself was born at the Long Island jewish medical center
>Tarrant on the other hand was a peer, and was said to have inherited his father's lifesavings
This is, of course, presuming that Omar/Brenton are real people and retired their identities after concluding their missions, and not either just actors with pseudonyms or outright CGI fabrications.


Anyway, since you're Scandinavian, do you know any more about this Ebba Akerlund character? "For Ebba" has become some shill rallying cry after Christchurch, and this Ebba girl looks more Slavic/Southeast European in appearance than a usual Swedish girl.


File: 1584327710068-0.png (708.57 KB, 476x595, stefanakerlund.PNG)

File: 1584327710068-1.jpg (108.75 KB, 768x960, ebba 1.jpg)

That's the reason why I point out their backstories are similar. Though it is odd seeing that Mateen is admitted to being a jew.
Here's a newspaper admitting that Omar Mateen was born in the Long Island jewish hospital.:
>Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, born at Long Island Jewish Medical Center on Nov. 16, 1986, came to the district in 1991. He briefly attended St. Lucie Elementary before transferring to Frances K. Sweet Elementary.
There was this article by "The Australian" that tried to give more detail to Tarrant's backstory (thus more information on Tarrant comes from a newspaper than from the texts attributed to him himself)
The Åkerlunds are a weird family, they don't have an established history like most other Swedish families do (until recently, all Swedes took their surname from their father, it was only priests and peers that had surnames). There's Hans Åkerlund, a pro-refugee judeo-leftist politician in Sweden ("Hans" as a name is odd, since the Swedish variant of John is Johan), the degenerate film/music video director Jonas Åkerlund, etc. Some of them also appear to have ties (perhaps familial?) to the Rausings, a priestly family turned industrialists and businessmen, via the packaging company Åkerlund & Rausing. It was established by Ruben Rausing, which is inherited now by his sons Hans and Gad Rausing. More Hebrew names, and only one of them is common among Swedish gentiles (even then, it should be Johan). Apparently, Ebba's father is Stefan Åkerlund. Here's a picture of him and who I presume is his wife, taken from his Instagram page. Both him and his wife have blue eyes, yet Ebba doesn't; that's just not how inheritance works.
In Tarrant's supposed old posts (which only really confirm that this attack has been planned since 2017, with small details like that trying to legitimise him), he claims that the attack was being covered up even though several mainstream news outlets in the UK and elsewhere outside of Sweden were reporting on it, it's even documented in Wikipedia. The supposed attack itself, like all supposed truck attacks is suspicious. Supposedly, Rakhmat Akilov, the "Uzbek asylum seeker" that committed the attacks later worked as a construction worker throughout Europe in 2014 to pay debts for his daughter's wedding, but then went to Sweden of all places on claims that he was being oppressed by the Uzbek government, even though he was working abroad in Europe. After being kicked from his construction job due to using drugs so much, he only then started to support the Mossad front ISIS and then committed his truck attack in 2017; his supposed motive for the truck attack was for the Swedish military to leave Iraq. Strangely enough, authorities questioned the authenticity of his supposed conversation with a Chechen ISIS supporter (which seems like an attempt to hide the authenticity of the attack under the rug, by pointing out a specific detail being inauthentic), and he was said to have made Roman salutes and racially insulted people in prison after the attack, which is a strange detail left in for this character if he's meant to be a jihadist. Apparently, Ebba's grave was vandalised 30 times after the attack and this was shoehorned by jewish neocon media like Breitbart months before Christchurch, which sounds incredibly unrealistic especially considering Tarrant was toying with the narrative that Ebba's death was being covered up, and that it had to be reinforced by jewish media a year after the actual attack.


File: 1584331544070-0.png (42.4 KB, 800x897, 800px-15divss.svg.png)

File: 1584331544070-1.png (12.84 KB, 241x172, 123115_0902_heiheigrace1.png)

File: 1584331544070-2.jpg (1.77 MB, 1250x10000, tarrant letter.jpg)

Two more things to note about Tarrant, his gun had the "Legionary Arm Shield" on it, which is actually the Hebrew letter "hei" turned upside down.
There was supposedly a "Russian" man named "Alan" (odd since Alan isn't a Russian name at all) who sent and received a letter from Tarrant, and posted it on 4/pol/. It resembles his handwriting enough that it could very well be Tarrant or whoever was behind him. One oddity with it is that this Russian never posted his original letter, another is the contents of the letter itself. He switches from Australian English to American English, in one instance he even crosses out "realised" for "realized", the American spelling, but keeps the word "colour". More odd things attributed to "Tarrant" here includes that Russia is one of his favourite countries (go figure), he describes what he likes about Russia, notably that he likes jewish architecture (even saying that he liked the business district of Moscow because it was very "cyberpunk"), and degenerate negroid music (saying one of his favourite Russian songs was "Toxin" by Dirty Ramirez, go figure), and for political ideas, he said he took influence from Richard Dawkin's idea of cultural memetics, go figure. Even if Tarrant was legitimate, this alone warrants a reason to attack him. An "Australian" on 4/pol/ (perhaps a spook?) also claimed he was friends with Tarrant on Steam after reading the The Australian article on him, here is that thread and his supposed Steam page:
This account's username was "Commander Rockwell", of course coming from George Lincoln Rockwell, who was a complete shill that allowed a jew, Frank Collin into the high ranks of his party, and was tied with the Nation of Islam, Christian Identity, and Savitri Devi at the same time. Everything just keeps tying together, does it?


>the same one Frederick Trump was born in
*where Fred Trump (Trump's father) died in, not where he was born


Today, the Tarrant operation is continuing as now he has supposedly pleaded guilty, a few months before his supposed trial starts; also today, a Saudi billionaire is travelling to Christchurch on a private plane which probably (intentionally?) has to do with the operation:

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