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Does the person (VertigoPolitix) in this vid sound jewish? Or like a computer voice?
And does it feel like most of the photos he uses to represent "white beta males" and "white whores" are jews, offwhites, and multiracials? "Black on blonde porn" you know its a kike saying that shit.


If this video isn't just text to speech, he's definitely reading off a script (who would actually say "soyboys" and "single mommies" out loud with that tone?). Regardless, VertigoPolitix legitimises memetic warfare and the narrative that Trump was/is actually trying to be pro-white but is hindered by the deep-state, among other things; that alone would qualify him alongside renegade tribune, red ice, and other literal spooks operating on mainstream internet platforms. His old videos I'm referring to are on archive.org; something else notable from the get go is that his other channels were called "Deus Vult" and "Intelligence Mountain".
Nevertheless, most examples given of degenerate whites in this video seem to be of either part-negroids or jews; the man in 0:17 has almond eyes and thick lips, the woman in 0:40 clearly had plastic surgery done on her and also has blue contacts, the man in 1:21 has more thick eyes and a nose common among Ashkenazi jews, in 1:30 the father looks like an Israeli. and the man in 1:38 looks part-negroid with thick lips, a lack of body hair, and seemingly a fat nose and wide eyes, though it's hard to tell as he's blurred out. The man and woman in 1:44 both look like jewish actors, and in 1:53 the women at this rally are either negroids or have jewish features. Jesse Cox, the person photographed in front of the soylent joint is also probably not fully white; he was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, which is incredibly black, and has typical negroid features, namely the thick nose and wide-set eyes, he's also a ginger with brown eyes which is a very uncommon combination. Later on, he moved to a suburb outside of Dayton, Ohio, which is an incredibly negroid city, with likely more than 50% of the population being black.


To clarify, Wheeling is majority black for West Virginia and its low population, even the capital Charleston is 15% black and that's inevitable, besides the fact that it has almost double the population of Wheeling. Either way, Cox does seem to be likely part-jewish or part-black if not just a white degenerate.




>Wheeling, West Virginia, which is incredibly black
It was only 5.1% black in 2010, even less going back in time.
Wheeling is a college town, which could mean he's part jewish since jews flock to those towns, and Wheeling does have a jewish community going back to at least 1849.
Actually the whole country has a shitload of jews. There are probably people who have jewish blood going back 150 years and don't know it but still act out in psychotic and/or degenerate fashions because it's in their DNA. I'd wager at least 15% of the "white" population in America has some jewish blood. Just living here and walking around, looking at people, I can tell that they're much more tainted than from what I saw in Europe.
But it's also just as likely he's of British Islander descent* (which he looks like in other photos on jewgle images) and because he's a degenerate he allowed himself to get so fat and sport a stupid beard. Moving to a negroid city doesn't change your genetic makeup (and really, what city over 200,000 in the US does NOT have a substantial negroid or other minority population?

*Speaking about the apparent genetic taint in the American white population, I wonder to what extent the British population is tainted? Why are there so many more antiwhites that come from the British Isles comparatively than from other European nations?

Also, "Intelligence Mountain" is a double shill name. Intelligence is obvious, but "Mountain" is often used as a synonym for Intelligence apparatuses or spooks (Bilderberg, Zuckerberg, Lookout Mountain (related to the Manson Family psyop, etc.).


Sorry for deleting the earlier post, there was one grammatical error I wanted to fix, then I thought to add some more thoughts to it.


>I wonder to what extent the British population is tainted?
Since the British peerage has had a large line of jewish admixture dating back to William as well as later Sephardic jewish migration (especially during the Victorian period, when Disraeli was the prime minister), it could be wagered that a sizeable proportion of the British population is part-jewish, though it's likely not as large as the influence of other Europeans. A bigger example is probably in Russia. Poland used to be the "jewish paradise", and during the time it was, it controlled Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania, which later became the "pale of settlement" in Russia, i.e. the designated territory for jews to live in, before they started moving to cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow in the 19th and 20th centuries. Of course, jews were in modern-day Ukraine since antiquity, but the majority of jews in the region today came through Poland. Considering this, and also considering that ethnic Russian nationalists are imprisoned in Putinist Russia, there's a good explanation why a lot of "Russians" try to push anti-white sentiment (usually explained off as "anti-western", but especially anti-Baltic and anti-Ukrainian sentiment); they're part-jewish.


I'm seeing a large increase in "yellow fever" spam among other imageboards and western European circles; though it was large before, shill reinforcements are multiplying at least tenfold. One of Masonchan/8kun's top threads is a thread targeting yellow fever, and there's a horde of anti-white shills in that thread that's being kept in the first page by the administration.
This horde operates similarly to how pedophiliac jews operate online in-general. First red flag is that the subject title includes "psy-op" which implies clandestine methods and thus blackwashes the rightful opposition to pro-miscegenation propaganda. The anti-white pro-Asian posts on the other hand copy+paste all anti-white buzzwords and images as possible, whether roastie, man-jaw, etc., and often incorporate nonsensical elements. To list a couple obvious ones:
>the "honourary Aryan" meme (which is absolutely preposterous, especially for the Han Chinese, who were historically called the "jews of the east")
>if white women are attacked for being race-mixers, then why is the natural reaction to become a race-mixer yourself? that just knocks two birds out with one stone
>why do these yellow fever shill images highlight "Christian Asians" despite the fact that Asians are typically Confucians, Shintoists or Buddhists? this shows that the fact Asians are being chosen here is clearly just anti-white instead of some grassroots "pro-traditionalist" reaction
>a false dialectic between Asian-Americans on reddit wanting to mix with whites, and yellow fever (though this can often be exempted, as many yellow fever shills are also often pro-CCP and are Sinophile in-general)
These posters whether just independent jews with hatred for whites in their blood or part of some shock agency only seek an anti-white/pro-Oriental reaction among people already calling out negroid miscegenation. Even if the first thing a legitimate lurker does after seeing this thread is either respect whites mixing with Asians (similar to the "homosexuals are okay as long as it's just indoors/between consenting adults" cop-out), they have succeeded, if they give up on women entirely and become some sort of monk, these shills have done their job. If they choose to actually buy into yellow fever, then they've become full-on golems. So if you post on 8kun or wherever (which I hope you use a proxy doing so), don't take part in this fools' parade; any reasonable argumentation is worthless. Sabotage these posters as much as possible, always sage their threads if you have to post there.


I'm speaking anecdotally, but I've noticed that off-looking whites, and frequently outright jews, are more likely to miscegenate with Asians (just like miscegenating with other races in general) than visible whites are, at least in the US.

Jewish shills also fetishize Japan (probably because of how psychologically fucked up it is, at least Tokyo) while attacking and denigrating Chinese and Koreans (don't mistake that as me being pro-PRC, the Chosen People's Republic of China is just another golem hellhole dystopia being artificially risen to, probably, eventually go to war with the West, however distant in the future that may be). Whites don't care about "zainichi" and very few Japs go on English imageboards in the first place since few of them know English.


In Europe, Australia etc. Asian miscegenation seems to be different; consider that men in the Faroe Islands are apparently outright importing Thai and Filipino women and mixing with them with possibly up to 20% of the whole population being married to SE Asians (unsurprisingly, this is completely overlooked by faux nationalists), whereas Faroese women are leaving, mostly to Iceland or Denmark. Australia/New Zealand are now a haven for interracial Asian miscegenation by a large margin with Chinamen. Russia in the 90s was also apparently affected by many importing Japanese wives (though a trend of part-jews mixing with Asians may apply as well).
>while attacking and denigrating Chinese and Koreans
Most pro-Asian mixing shills fetishise either Japan, SE Asia, and to an extent China as well (or even if they're anti-Chinese, at least the diaspora, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.). This probably applies to not just shills on 8chan, but even the owner. Both Jim and Copypaste/Cripplekike live/have lived in the Philippines, and have Filipino partners. 663 (the degenerate owner of 16chan, probably a jew) also has an Asian girlfriend. With the Chinese however, it seems to be more Chinamen in China taking white women (especially from Ukraine etc.) than white men intermarrying with the Chinese.


>With the Chinese however, it seems to be more Chinamen in China taking white women (especially from Ukraine etc.) than white men intermarrying with the Chinese.
Never paid too close attention because it quickly goes into incel communities, although people like SerpentZA and laowhy86 (who are both apparently gentiles) among others make it look like the opposite, plus asiancel complaints on YouTube and elsewhere about China not doing enough to stop Chinese women from dating foreigners when the men can't get any, to the point that even Chinese rappers make embarrassing tracks about it.
Filipinos are an increasingly miscegenated population anyway. Their original look was more like other Polynesians and now they look more and more like the Vietnamese.


>Never paid too close attention because it quickly goes into incel communities, although people like SerpentZA and laowhy86 (who are both apparently gentiles) among others make it look like the opposite, plus asiancel complaints on YouTube and elsewhere about China not doing enough to stop Chinese women from dating foreigners when the men can't get any, to the point that even Chinese rappers make embarrassing tracks about it.
Neither have I, though I took a glance at it after all these jewish shills forcefully tried to shove this whole idea of Asian men wanting to "stop white men from marrying Asian women" so that they could marry white women (which obviously makes no sense). Attached is a Ukrainian news report of Chinese men apparently marrying Ukrainian women, uploaded by a channel called " Mongoloid Male White Female Love" which seems to be one of these "Asian incel" channels. On the other hand, there are apparently a lot of Chinese women from China being wed to "whites" which is where the entire yellow fever thing seems to come from. Either way, it's heavily-shilled miscegenation and a dumb false dialectic to enforce it as well.


I'm getting jewy/mongrel vibes from the woman in the thumbnail (didn't watch the video).
There's also lulzy stuff like this.


There are a lot of other videos in that channel of supposed Chinamen or SE Asians marrying East Slavs. I haven't watched them, but I've taken a glance at them; it is entirely possible they're part-jewish considering their artificial "white" looks despite clear indications otherwise (going by the thumbnail, the blonde hair looks dyed and makeup is heavily overused), and that these people are coming straight from the pale of settlement (minus one of a Serb, and another of a Frenchwoman who was also an actress, so there's that), where jews used to live in.
>lulzy stuff like this.
Apparently, some have suspected that video of being a publicity stunt (which could be entirely possible, red flags include that it was taken in Hunan which unlike the north was never a haven for Russian migrants, and that the woman didn't speak Chinese but in English with some poor attempt of a "Russian" accent)


> Attached is a Ukrainian news report of Chinese men apparently marrying Ukrainian women
To viedo je uplny cherry picking. Vo velkej väčšine pripadov ich Ukrainky odmietajú.

>However, she says, our girls are not too willing to marry Asians: "Everyone wants to meet Europeans, men with narrow eyes Ukrainian women do not like."

>In a marriage agency specializing in dating with Japanese and Chinese, it is confirmed: “There are many requests from the Chinese, but Ukrainian girls almost never respond - especially the young and Kievans.
>Women over 40 would not mind, but the Chinese themselves do not want to get acquainted with them.
>Over the past few months, we only had three marriages with citizens of China, and in one case the girl was from Donbass, he took her from there and moved to Kiev himself. ”


That's what I suspected, since although this image of Chinese-European interracial marriages is what's being pushed in the media, this doesn't correlate with reality. Similar to how actual pure western women don't actually love negroids that much.


This new buzzword "simp" seems to have spread out of nowhere recently. It's literally all over mainstream social media, random YouTube comment sections (could bots be involved in spreading it here?), mainstream imageboards, forums, etc.. It's supposedly aimed at men that "cuck" themselves to women, but it seems to be a cryptic-way of attacking normal white women, or relationships between white men and white women, something that negroids understand; and that's the thing. My other suspicions seem to be obvious, but one thing still seems to be very blurry: does this meme have its roots in negroid lingo? It's obviously spammed heavily among negroid-dominated circles like mainstream social media, yet this buzzword seems to be astroturfed far greater than previous efforts' consider that on Urban Dictionary, definitions for "simp" dates back to 2012. However, the recent definitions (going back to late 2019) stink of ebonics; just look at the 4th definition:
>S.uckas I.dolizing M.ediocre P.ussy. Some male who will do anything for a little bit of play from a female. He usually chasing around a female who not even worth the work or time.
>guy 1 ”Yo why is micah always being a simp towards ana?”
>guy 2 “because he hasn’t got play in over two months and he will do anything for it”
I don't have to explain; it's obviously ebonics. Though there are definitions predating that and predating its recent spread, and it's often explained as an abbreviation for "simpleton" which ties this meme to the entire NPC Wojak meme, which was most likely inorganic, So where does this buzzword come from?

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