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File: 1590997772857.jpg (57.83 KB, 638x960, 101665695_3243086659049366….jpg)


amerika ide dole v stankach, srackach a krvi
nieco si zelajte


Nech to co najviac uskodi (((im))) alebo sa to proti (((nim))) totalne obrati

File: 1590948047117.jpg (80.82 KB, 720x960, 97994586_3065577673485262_….jpg)


Brno <3 :)

File: 1590845529414.png (1023.88 KB, 1023x781, cfccb2ead10c3c38ca9e48db89….png)


co vy na to?


pekne ale nefungovalo by to v praxi

File: 1590442257250.jpg (75.77 KB, 1200x801, 239266_1200x800.jpg)


denna pripomienka, ze ked vyzeras takto, mozes trtkat nasu prezidentku


Tó žid, Júde!


Denná pripomienka, že môžeš jebať 50 ročnú, tučnú, ojazdenú kurvu s dvoma cudzími deckami ktorá bez mejkapu, drahých handier na mieru a jednej vydarenej fotke z tisíc vyzerá ako typická rozkysnutá 50 ročná starena, čiže neskutočne hnusne a odpudivo.


File: 1590525458756.jpg (175.26 KB, 535x798, 1353020932889.jpg)

>typická rozkysnutá 50 ročná starena
mnam dopici

File: 1589294294094.jpg (226.84 KB, 2048x1442, 96358627_2804489969673325_….jpg)


>narodni socializmus
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kde je moja liberalna demokracia, dopice, kde?!?!?!!


ta tomu vsemu vladne


Takový mám nejradši, co si myslí, že jenom a jenom jejich řešení je správné


File: 1589917908721.gif (3.18 MB, 640x360, 48ccdc777669231803a1e9a361….gif)

a myli sa snad? clovek, ktory ti nepovie, ze prave to jeho riesenie je spravne, je bud schizofrenik alebo profesionalny politik.


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File: 1586884080432.jpg (38.3 KB, 600x300, 90849223_2563605717083103_….jpg)

pointa je v tom, ze pre vacsinu vypatlancov je Putin velky spasitel, ktory nikdy nedopusti,aby islam ovladol slovanske krajiny.

Vobec tu nejde o zidov ani o to, ci su moslimovia zli alebo dobri.


Ja som to myslel ironicky, nepride mi nic zle na tom, ked sa Putin vyjadri pozitivne o islame, lebo to dava zmysel v RF a taktiez mozgonechaji osciluju tiez len medzi dvoma stavmi, bud je Putin spasitel Europy, zidobijca, amerikobijca alebo je to urcite kryptozid a zidovska babka, ale rusi su aj tak super po pici narod.


File: 1586887945909.jpg (128.47 KB, 720x959, 91059785_203071284441152_1….jpg)

ja oscilujem len okolo jedneho stavu:
-putin je skorumpovany autoritativny hajzel, ktory skodi rusku a celemu svetu


Toto ale neironicky.


na tuto krajinu mali uz davno hodit zopar nuklearnych hlavic


ale to nie je R*sko



File: 1587216384665.png (52.72 KB, 731x761, 1488 goyim are slaves.png)


Ever wondered why 14/88 has been pushed everywhere for the past 30-40 years? Pic related tells you why.

Some more interesting 1488 terms:
https://www.gematrix.org/?word=president+donald+trump (english gematria)

And as an extra:
https://www.gematrix.org/?word=goyim+are+damned (666 in jewish gematria)

Some say gematria is bogus, and this isn't how jewish gematria actually works, but it's pretty weird to say the least that the 'incorrect' method gives these results, isn't it?
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I've made a new thread for this on 10chan, though it's more of a general discussion thread for spookery relating to faux nationalism, not particularly David Lane/1488. I'm having suspicions about the BO there as well, but hopefully he isn't actually compromised.


There's always Tinychan.
>Posting of shotacon and lolicon is prohibited.
>Disruptive, or otherwise bothersome posts may result in a ban.
That said, it's a bit confusing in how it works. I've actually haven't posted there yet. Unfortunately they also require Jewgle Captcha for your first five posts to prevent drunkards from posting.


This IB called 22chan bans porn entirely, though it seems to be largely vacant and is largely made up of low-quality former-4ch posters; it's not as free from animefaggotry as it was (formerly) here at that. Anyways, since everything else failed:
there's also 370chan which is Lithuanian/English, though it has more animefaggotry it seems to be contained, and underfoule, a small French board that seems to be full of spam, practically everything else I've explored recently are either filled with animefaggotry (and/or any sort of pedophilia), or long-dead.



File: 1588618479378.jpg (90.35 KB, 540x625, nazi-propaganda-posters-00….jpg)



File: 1588619830835-0.png (189.14 KB, 442x376, a8a79eb4c428e96eb3ba31237c….png)

File: 1588619830835-1.png (317.75 KB, 425x494, 57c44acfaa2c7271e3cb5f33af….png)

File: 1588619830835-2.jpg (31.87 KB, 640x640, c000d88ce092f634f9e77d42b1….jpg)

>let's all go to a board run by a jewish transvestite guise

File: 1583516282564.png (104.35 KB, 564x452, jewfortresses.png)


Original thread:

We're all well aware of the aspects of the jewish question that involve over-representation in places of power in society, but I think it is also interesting to look into the jewish question from a historical perspective to see the privileges that the jews had since nearly the beginning of recorded history, so in contrast to the narratives of oppression peddled to us today.

From time immemorial this particularistic race has kept among themselves, seeing themselves as "chosen" with double-standards in morality. Through their natural drive to trade and usury, they have spread far and wide to port cities and trading post, growing rich through trade, interest and theft. With their newly found the wealth the jews become useful to European governments, using their influence to extract privileges from the kings such as tax exemptions, the ability to lend money at interest and even military protection. In the city of Tudela in Navarre the jews were housed by the king in a fortress to protect them from the enraged goyim (see pic).

Anyways, this thread will discuss jewry mostly from a historical perspective. Feel free to contribute and recommend either videos, works or infographs that go into good detail on these matters.
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File: 1588455066491-0.jpg (86.87 KB, 935x676, 1576876791138.jpg)

File: 1588455066491-1.png (76.05 KB, 646x883, Screenshot_2019-12-19 Micr….png)

File: 1588455066491-2.png (90.03 KB, 593x889, Screenshot_2019-12-19 KM-S….png)


Although this information is correct, it's slightly off-topic considering that this thread is dealing with medieval jewry, not modern jewry.
>Kevin MacDonald
Again with him being pushed? The information in this thread refutes his entire perspective of jewry which is also very appreciative of them for someone analysing the jewish question in history: that the jews are the way they are because they were trying to survive as an ethnic group. In-reality, the jews were actively protected by the church and by governing bodies, not only gaining tax exemptions, not only being able to universally charge interest towards non-jews, but even having their ethnic identity protected and celebrated, often even ruling and oppressing Europeans themselves (see Septimania and the "Cagots", and also the entire Slavic slave trade from Africa to Asia being firmly established by jewish merchants). All of this is a historical fact that contradicts MacDonald's entire position and therefore makes him wrong. Seeing this, his tendency to hide more historical facts about jews that contradict his position, and also his relative high position despite his supposed controversies makes it very likely that he's an enemy agent.


>>Kevin MacDonald
>Again with him being pushed?

It's not from him. He is literally citing other people. Are you blind?


The fact that you use him as a secondary source, and even in the context of his worldview of jews "fighting for survival" still legitimises him; and there are plenty of other sources proving that the Soviet Union was founded by jews, so that's not really an excuse.

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