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stare ceske a slovenske filmy

ktery film z domaci tvorby mate nejradeji?

ja jako kluk zboznoval cestu do praveku
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co si o této mrdce myslíte ?
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Is eating mixed meat safe? Non-kosher meat safe?

(US perspective, maybe applies to Euros)
Considering the decline in the flavor quality of meats (particularly nonorganic chicken and beef, and especially pork, the only meat that does not come in organic in stores), is it safe to consume mixed meat products, like sausages, bologna, meat paste, etc? Often low quality cuts of meat go into making these products, the cuts that taste foul on their own prior to being spiced up.
I can't help shake the feeling that meat products in particular are being tampered with and corroding our health, while jews have their own higher quality, poison-free meats.
Also in the US, and probably in Europe, a lot of non-kosher non-pork products come from third world countries, like shrimp and clams and whatnot. Even in coastal cities in America, the shrimp at the local Kroger or Stop and Shop or Safeway or other big brand store is from China or India, nations known for their polluted waters.
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Is the pervasiveness of the Latin alphabet also a linguistical war against us? Why did the Latin alphabet take so long in developing new letters for new sounds (z, w, j) and be so inconsistent in developing letters for other sounds (like sh, voiced th, voiceless th, zh, etc.)? Latinized Slavic languages attempted to account for this by placing accents on their c's, s's, and z's, but even then it's still quite a mess. Just look at Polish. Why the inconsistency in developing standardized renditions for the sh, ch, zh, etc. sounds in the Latinized world?

It's almost like the pervasiveness of the Latin alphabet aided in European languages becoming even more muddled and stratified against one another in certain respects. Like how German uses a w for the v sound, and how v in German is pronounced like an f. The (((church))) was hellbent on replacing prior scripts like runic and ogham as (((they))) considered such scripts to be satanic. Such scripts made innovations when needed, such as the Wynn character in Anglo-Saxon. The Latin script, due to its inherent rules that most standardized languages choose to follow, seems to curtail natural phonic evolution and make certain consonant clusters that would naturally occur in certain languages and follow a path of logic not occur at all.

All the sounds in our languages and the standard Latin alphabet only gives us 26 letters. What bullshit. Like our year and calendar system, it should be seriously weighed upon if the Latin alphabet should be still used for non Italic languages when the ZOGs are finally made history, or at least undergo serious modification (maybe something like the International Phonetic Alphabet). Heck, even modern Italic languages could stand to use new characters.

Also, somewhat related and showing how jewed linguistics is:
>The word schwa is from the Hebrew shva (שְׁוָא IPA: [ʃva], classical pronunciation: shəwāʼ [ʃəˑwɒːʔ]), the name of niqqud sign used to indicate the phoneme.
>The term was introduced by German linguists in the 19th century, and so the spelling sch is German in origin. It was first used in English texts between 1890 and 1895.[3][4]
>The symbol ⟨ə⟩ was used first by Johann Andreas Schmeller for the reduced vowel at the end of the German name Gabe. Alexander John Ellis, in his palæotype alphabet, used it for the similar English sound in but /bʌt/.
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Jews Attacking White Women

Does the person (VertigoPolitix) in this vid sound jewish? Or like a computer voice?
And does it feel like most of the photos he uses to represent "white beta males" and "white whores" are jews, offwhites, and multiracials? "Black on blonde porn" you know its a kike saying that shit.
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je to tady, panove!
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Original thread:

We're all well aware of the aspects of the jewish question that involve over-representation in places of power in society, but I think it is also interesting to look into the jewish question from a historical perspective to see the privileges that the jews had since nearly the beginning of recorded history, so in contrast to the narratives of oppression peddled to us today.

From time immemorial this particularistic race has kept among themselves, seeing themselves as "chosen" with double-standards in morality. Through their natural drive to trade and usury, they have spread far and wide to port cities and trading post, growing rich through trade, interest and theft. With their newly found the wealth the jews become useful to European governments, using their influence to extract privileges from the kings such as tax exemptions, the ability to lend money at interest and even military protection. In the city of Tudela in Navarre the jews were housed by the king in a fortress to protect them from the enraged goyim (see pic).

Anyways, this thread will discuss jewry mostly from a historical perspective. Feel free to contribute and recommend either videos, works or infographs that go into good detail on these matters.
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Kristian Kikernes

Does anyone still take this piece of shit seriously?
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The Christchurch hoax - one year later

Among Czech and Slovak circles, the idea that the Christchurch shooting was a false flag, let alone completely faked seems to be very uncommon. Most people either see Tarrant as a hero, or condemn it, furthering the general Christian-Muslim dialectic. Even more suspiciously, in most alternative English imageboards, the shooting was not only praised and legitimised, but often mandated by the BO, with any attempt to attack it by either attacking Tarrant himself (whether believing it was legitimate or not) or questioning the official story deleted. Nowadays, in most English and western European circles as a whole, any attempts to view the shooting as a psychological operation are quickly repulsed from both sides, mainly picking on weak argumentation on inconsistencies in the shooting, not regarding that mock shootings have come a long way since the 1990s, and that it shouldn't be so hard to fake a video of a shooting with minimal inconsistencies. For comparison, the British police have admittedly done mock terrorist attacks in civilian buildings using actors (attached); now think of what could be done without any civilian involvement in the event. Just because a shooting is "provable" doesn't mean that it's legitimate, and there are plenty of other reasons to question the shooting's legitimacy that usually isn't taken into account. For instance, the manifesto is written in American English, despite Tarrant supposedly being an Australian.
Nevertheless, this thread isn't about whether the Christchurch shooting was real or not. Over the past year, the Christchurch shooting has become a catalyst for future operations, either seemingly counter-attacks (Sri Lanka church attack), or more 8/pol/ shootings (Poway synagogue, El Paso, Oslo mosque), as well as being referenced in otherwise unrelated future operations. Take for instance the "Church of Christ" shooting in White Settlement (named for white settlers), Tarrant county, Texas that happened just around the end of 2019, right after Grafton Thomas supposedly stabbed a rabbi in a synagogue. The latter's first name was literally "Grafton", which is the city in Australia that Brenton Tarrant allegedly came from. Both the Christchurch and White Settlement shootings were allegedly livestreamed, the former by the perpetrator, the latter by the church. This is a complete name game with Brenton Tarrant being explicitly referenced several times in two back to back attacks in two days, even regular people wouldn't think of this as a coincidence. Thus, the Christchurch shooting has definitely played into jewish interests.
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filmove vlakno

Videli ste, vy kokoti skurveni, nejaky dobry film v poslednej dobe?
Ja sa v piatok chystam na toto.

>vseobecne vlakno na trailery k filmom, ktore treba vidiet.
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Is the Law of Jante good for keeping braggarts down, or does it inhibit creativity and lead to stagnation? How is it addressing the crises facing Nordic countries today?
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Chtěl bych tímto poděkovat výkonnému řediteli rasismu v ČR Romanu Prymulovi za uzavření hranic, zákazu vycházení bez podezřívavého výrazu vůči číňanům a povinnou tradicionalizaci českých žen. Vytvořil tímto konečné řešení koronavirové otázky a já už se nemusím bát, že nebude zjištěna existence naší rasy a českých boomerů.
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Najdetajlnejsia a najpresnejsia mapa rasoveho rozlozenia ludi, aka bola doteraz urobena.

Hovoril som si, ze by vas to tu mohlo zaujimat.
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a ja si napriklad myslim, ze europska unia je dobry napad a federalizacia je krok spravnym smerom. Staty by sa do EU mali pridavat a nie z nej odchadzat.

okrem turecka a ruska.
Jo je haved, ktora v EU nema co hladat.

prove me wrong
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zakladam obligatni /mu/ vlakno pro vsechnu hudbu, ktera podle vas stoji za to, aby o ni svet vedel
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No moment, takto si na pána prstenů nepamatuju?!?!
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Nemám rád nacisty 😒🖕
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volby do NRSR 2020 general

Budu volby 2020 najepickejsie volby v historii samostatneho slovenska? Necakal som, ze zazijem dobu, kedy sa o moj hlas bude uchadzat Meciar.

Mam taky pocit, ze v tychto volbach pojde o vela a pojde do tuheho.
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SaS bude mat viac jak 10%

urobte si screenshot
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Neplatím daně. Využívám všech mezer v zákonech abych obchcal stát. Pojďte do mě, řeknete mi jakej jsem zmrd a jak kvůli mě zkolabuje společnost.
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Zase ten Okamura! Jak jen předejdeme tomu, aby nadále posílal svá nenávistná fakta?
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Mam strasny problem s disciplinou.
Som lenivy jak kokot a hoci mam doma aj v praci kopec veci, ktore treba spravit, cele dni len hladam sposoby a dovody jak sa zajebavat a prakticky kazdy den sa nesie v duchu "od zajtra zacinam novy zivot".
Mate to podobne?
Jak sa prinutim byt viac discpilinovany a robit veci aj vtedy, ked sa mi nechce a chyba mi motivacia?

vseobecne motivacne vlakno.
Budem si sem obcas postovat obrazky a picovnky, ktore najdem na internete a aspon na chvilu ma motivuju robit so svojim zivotom nieco zmysluplne.

Feel free to contribute.
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data porn

mate rady grafy, mapy a tabulky?
Ja strasne.
Nehanbite sa podelit s nejakou zaujimavou ikonografikou alebo niecim podobnym.

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photos from WW1 and WW2

post some cool pics and vids from the wars when you stumble upon some on the internetz

bonus points for colored photos but anything topic related is welcome
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Mozme sa tu vsetci, nech uz sme na akomkolvek konci politickeho spektra, zhodnut na tom, ze komunizmus je picovina na n-tu?
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si fit?
kedy si bol vo svojej najlepsej forme?

vypln formular
tvoj 1rep max deadlift:
tvoj 1rep max bench:
tvoj 1rep max squat:
tvoj 1rep max OHP:

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Risko SSulik vlakno

V tomto vlakne vzdavame hold najlepsiemu politikovi, akeho Slovensko kedy malo.

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Co jste se sebou první měsíc nového roku udělali? Zlepšila se ám kondička? Omezili jste alkohol? Z sebe můžu říct, že jsem se alkoholu nedotknul a cukr jsem omezil tak výrazně, že už v podstatě žiju bez něj.
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Fuck nazi
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europska hudba

europska hudba
anything goes
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Čas na Líviu

Cisárovná panna naša oroduj za nás
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názory na anarchokapitalismus?
R: 29 / I: 31

co dělá člověka náckem?

Nazvali jste mě zde NS pepíkem, protože jsem postoval své názory na aškenázské a černochy. Nedává mi to ale smysl. Říkal jsem že podle mě jsou aškenázští inteligentnější než běloši. Neobhajoval jsem násilí a už vůbec ne jakékoliv posilování státní moci ve stylu Třetí Říše. Proč jsem podle vás nacistou? Jak by jste se ke mě zachovali, kdyby jste mě viděli osobně? Podívali by jste se mi do očí? Podali by jste si se mnou ruku?
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Noviny a iné kokotiny z netu

Panbožko, dám ti šancu a ak to nedojebeš, možno sa tu raz za uhorský rok aj ukážem.

Novinové vlákno je základ

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dnes zacalo oficialne pojednavanie ohladom Kuciakovej vrazdy

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Tato doska nemoze byt plnohodnotnym imageboardom, kym na nej nebude /ck/ vlakno.

Pepiku, ukaz tie tvoje proslule pokrmy praveho arijskeho jedinca.
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Amici sundali jedneho z najmocnejsich ludi na blizkom vychode.
Divim sa, ze z toho nie je vacsie halo. Podla mna sa jedna o dost velku vec a cakam, ze to bude mat riadnu dohru.

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toto si tu necham, aby ste vedeli aj vy a nezili v temnotach

Čo všetko patrí do okultizmu?

Hypnóza – práca so silami podvedomia človeka v zmenenom stave vedomia pomocou hypnotizéra

Veštenie – z kariet (napr. tarotové karty), z kávy, zo sklenenej gule, z vodnej hladiny, z ruky, I Ťing –veštenie alebo zisťovanie charakterov človeka pomocou trojkombinácií ôsmich živlov

Šamanizmus – liečenie a ochrana pomocou hľadania síl a duchov v zmenenom stave vedomia

Počítačové hry a filmy s okultnou a satanistickou tematikou – počítačové hry, napr. Sacrifice, D&D, Diablo, Psychic Detective, Arx Fatalis, Realms of the Haunting, Ars Magica, Dungeon Keeper; horory a filmy ako „Akty X“, Záhada Blair With, Xena, Konan Ničiteľ, Hviezdne vojny, Dračí doupě, Harry Potter, Pokémon apod.

Okultná, ezoterická a satanistická hudba – skupiny, napr. Prodigi, Iron maiden, Black sabath…, ďalej skupiny ako sú Era, Mystera, ezoterická a relaxačná hudba (u nás napr. Osho, Jean Michael Jarre), hudba New Age (Enya)…

Joga – všetky druhy, transcendentálna meditácia, holotropné dýchanie (vyvolanie psychickej zmeny a zážitku hyperventiláciou)

Aromaterapia – používanie voňavých esencií pôsobiacich na psychiku a duchovný stav človeka; vonné tyčinky a kadidlá

Bojové umenia – najmä tie, ktoré používajú zvláštne energie a symbolické postoje či pohyby napodobňujúce niektoré zvieratá, napr.: Kung-fu, ďalej Aikido, Taekwondo… Vyššie stupne týchto bojových umení majú okultný charakter.

Kultové, okultné a satanistické tetovanie.
Tričká a iné oblečenie s okultnou a satanistickou tematikou.
Okultné a satanistické webové stránky.
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Aky je vas nazor na Tor?
Pouzivate ho?
Existuju alternativy?
R: 66 / I: 40
human body appreciation thread

v tomto vlakne:
spolu obdivujeme krasu ludskeho tela nehladiac na pohlavie
ziadne porno
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Lidé v Česku se bouří proti zákonům a cenzuře, protože chtějí více svobody, kterou jim stát dá dobrovolně nebo nedobrovolně.
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bohli sme mat podkarpatsku rus… mohli
R: 19 / I: 3

Wow, jak je možné že byli nejlepší Čeští velikáni tak antisemitičtí?

Žid o sobě praví: Nehleďte na můj chudobný krámek – jinde probírá se má ruka miliony. Držím otěže, jimiž ovládati lze tento svět: dvě ty otěže jsou: zlato a důvtip. Jsem svrchovaným pánem v říši peněz, na zlatých nitkách mých visí mnozí národové a mocní tohoto světa jako loutky, jimiž hráti mohu po své chuti na jevišti dějin; tisíce obratných per dělají pro mne veřejné mínění… – Svatopluk Čech

Židé, když dosáhli svobody, neměli na mysli nic jiného, než jak by se obohatili a všemožně potlačovali náš český národ. – Karolina Světlá

A to jste nečetli Františka Palackého, mrkněte: https://knihy.abz.cz/prodej/co-rekli-nasi-velikani-o-zidech
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Vlánko pro vaše vlastní výtvory
R: 28 / I: 12
Víte co je zajímavé? Že špičky nacistického německa byli ti nejinteligentnější lidé na světě.


A že nacistická věda byla nejvíce popředu a dala světu např. počítač nebo rakety, díky kterým se USA dostalo na měsíc.


Jak je možné, že tak pokročilá společnost věřila na takové nesmysly, jako že evoluce lidí se nezastavila milion let zpět v Africe?
R: 19 / I: 8
Věděli jste, že je oficiální politikou Spojených Národů nahradit bělochy imigranty?