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How to find a submissive, skinny, 17-year old girl from either Slovakia or Czech? I'm not wealthy, so she has to be able to provide for herself while also serving my needs.


If girl like that exist in here she must be ugly as boar's ass


File: 1581542118823.jpg (113.3 KB, 1440x960, 84340728_3434564543224853_….jpg)

where are you from?
If you are from finland as your flag suggest, you should not have problems finding a girl like that. Just by being Finnish you are immediately much more attractive for girls here.
I personally know at least 3 different girls who are drooling for Scandinavian men. My gf is one of them and just the other day she literally told me listening to a guy speaking Finnish makes her horny. She is far from being 17 though. So I guess thats out of your league.
But still. Being a westerner or a northerner in either Czechia or Slovakia kinda makes you a pussy magnet instantly. Unless you are utterly repulsive to look at.

are there actually any girls on b-lokal?
I think I saw one here months ago but its hard to tell if it wasnt just an anon pretending.


>hard to tell if it wasnt just an anon pretending.
How new are you to imageboards?


Im not new and thats why I know there actually are a few girls on some imageboards.


zero chance on this one tho


File: 1581809801802.jpg (44.42 KB, 600x430, pinkpills.jpg)

There might be some women here. They just don't know it yet.

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