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>be me
>Take Russian literature course our of interest
>guy who teaches the class is also the Czech teacher
>recommends I take Czech
>need a language for next semester
Would the Czech language be enjoyable or easy to learn? To be honest is sounds really interesting.


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not sure if it will be easy. Its not hard but its a slavic language so it will be a little bit harder for you (assuming you are an american).
If you want to pick a language simply just because you want to pick one, czech is meh.
Its OK but it wont be of any significant use to you in life unless you intend to get really good at it.

What languages do you speak?


Do you have any interest in Czech culture? Because you will not have an easy time learning any Slavic language. You can only succeed if you connect with the culture and the people.

Or, who knows, maybe Czech can be your gateway language for learning Russian. Russian is both beautiful and badass, but hard to get into.


I speak, beyond English, primarily French and Norwegian. I want to get an eastern European language certificate from my school, but want something more niche than Russian.
Yeah, I have seen some Czech cinema and read Kafka. But beyond their beer consumption I know very little about their culture. I had a fluke where I wanted to learn Romanian but it turns out that my university killed the program here, so now I have to pick something else up.


Just be aware that Eastern European != Slavic. For example, Romanian is closer to Italian than Russian. That being said, I would recommend Bulgarian. It is the easiest Slavic language, once you get over their cyrillic script. They have no conjugations, other Slavic languages. Also, Bulgarian food > any other Slavic food.


Adding some Bulgarian choirs. Hollywood uses those a lot. The tasty part starts after 01:15.


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Red Scare turned me into a Slavophile, but I am too lazy to learn a new language.


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if you want something more niche than russian you can go for either czech or slovak. They are both similar and equally cool.
and whole B-lokal can help you with your studies

czech is more used worldwide but slovak is more dulcet imho


Thanks fren, I'm thinking Czech might be the way to go to broaden my niche language skills.

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