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>be OP
>the faggot cuckime poster from 8gag /shroomer/
>find a new home
>finally find people you like
>the Aussie guy
>Jean Pierre
>various amerikanskies
>and all the other guys I forgot
>one day: 8gag goes down
>have no means to contact anyone anymore
>lose all your newfound internet meme friends
>without the chance to even say good bye at least
<whatever, it will cum up soon again
>down ever since
>try to find backup boards
>they are all dead
>Finally, after 2 months of Odyssee, some guy on Neinchan points me towards a direction
>a certain booze-pilled musician is apparently lurking here
May the real Latvia-san please stand up
I repeat
May the real BO-san please stand up

t. Sven Johannson
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oh there's plenty of diversity in rap. Depression in general in becoming mainstream across multiple genres.
As for myself, I want experimental "white" music, but with the big dick energy of hip hop. A neo no wave where people wear $500 suits and celebrate life with a vengeance…


>I want experimental "white" music, but with the big dick energy of hip hop. A neo no wave where people wear $500 suits and celebrate life with a vengeance…
Do you mean something like Moonman for example or smth more like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs4E1vlsye4 ? Or smth totally different?


nahh, I meant a synthesis of James Chance and Playboi Carti


File: 1576301993327.mp4 (14.44 MB, 480x360, Arbeit Arbeit(Necu Necu di….mp4)

bauštel bluz theme song


File: 1576302322721.mp4 (3.43 MB, 320x240, Mirko Kebab mit Salat.mp4)


File: 1576302362503.mp4 (3.99 MB, 384x288, Mirko Kleine Fette.mp4)

flut detektiert


she sacrificed herself for us


djes ba jebo te cevap


to bruda
kako ide?


dobro dobro, a kod tebe?


evo pije se kafa i uziva se u zivotu
kako ti nadje ovaj sajt?


>evo pije se kafa i uziva se u zivotu
samo uzivaj momak

>kako ti nadje ovaj sajt?

preko medjumreze ^^


Hola a todos
I have a Kurisumasu presento for you guise as well
I found Uruguay-san and the Indonesian guy, as well as the American who travelled to Ecuador and one of the Australian guys:


I wish you a good time, merry christmas, a good start into the new year and hopefully we see us when I am back from Düsseldorf


>doesnt show VPN flag
rulecucked tbh


File: 1579594257267.jpg (141.72 KB, 899x1200, v1.bjs3MTQ4ODQ7ajsxODMyMzs….jpg)

Looks like the place is alive https://8kun.top/doomer/index.html


Just got the memo that board is up. Who did it?

>imagine posting on boomer qanon burgerboard



Imagine being a wojak meme in 2020.


File: 1579632689063.mp4 (7.68 MB, 640x360, interview.mp4)

Lel read the cyclical thread
they think it was you who is running the board again
how many times did we get fucked over by jim and his son?
it is really time to let yogapig be past and focus on new things in life


>read the cyclical thread
I tried but I don't have mood for it. It's filled with gibberish about nothing. I'll just ask you, how is this different from that reddit doomer board? Plus I don't like the new format of 8kun or whatever the fuck 8chan turned itself into. I feel like I'm too detached to care.


File: 1579646907865.png (47.91 KB, 808x322, newfags.png)

>from reddit
not at all
I am sure in a few weeks time they will have threads exchanging telegram groups and phone numbers and doing IRL meetups to vibe


File: 1579647071075.png (226.6 KB, 1827x686, conquistadores.png)




File: 1579718753317.jpeg (99.2 KB, 1125x754, DOOMERGIRL.jpeg)

at least reddit has content like this


post more i coomed


File: 1579735929718.jpg (305.82 KB, 1078x1079, 21319f25fb88b7c7bd304d969e….jpg)

anon delivers


File: 1579735965959.png (1.09 MB, 1122x916, 8fa2acaf3773fc2abcb749642d….png)


File: 1579736005685.png (966.93 KB, 1122x930, 54517091ea8d3e96b74cb17a67….png)

>flood detected


File: 1579736059321.png (141.09 KB, 727x560, d9ea1747b2ae38d398e52f536f….png)

best girl too


So women finally realized that men are not falling for any random thot and they turned gay as well. Gotta love 2020 gender wars. God bless the west.


Hey, it's proxy-chan who made the irc chan. I'm online a lot more now. Would be good to see you back at /doomer/ on 8kun


Even better, Normies are actually improving memes now. That's how bad wojak and his variants have become

I couldn't be less interested in some eco-nihilist garbage. The modern world is cool and good, its discontents are mostly boring. Kanye West alone is more subversive than a thousand washed-out anarchists.


File: 1579801080726.jpg (5.33 KB, 180x279, images.jpg)

You can like, to be brutally honest, suck on these dick and ballz, mate.


I've seen some improved drawing of female doomer variant recently but I don't remember where. Maybe someone will post it, it wasn't that bad.


Oh my bad, it's right up here.


I cannot decypher what you mean
and who is proxy chan even?
I remember we had an IRC channel via TOR that was dank but it was only like 3 people online whenever I checked in

But I really feel that late 80s early 90s nostalgia whenever I see a movie from that era. I don't know it just feels like those times were special somehow. They are over, will never come back again and I missed them.


File: 1579907368847.jpg (25.12 KB, 389x691, doomers.jpg)

Doomers are being culturally appropriated, and I am here for it. Can't wait for women to wear the "Sexy Doomerette" costume this Halloween.

>They are over, will never come back again
No, they will not. But I feel that the 80s spirit of optimism and living large are about to make a comeback. Not among the normies, but as an anti-normie thing to do.


File: 1579907925300.jpg (242.09 KB, 1146x1280, 3a2371d7057a4d411a2345028b….jpg)

>suburbia kids wear black because it looks edgy and rad
>we wear black because it gives you natural stealth when you have to run away in the middle of the night from police because of a botched burglary because your cousin was a retard and activated the boomer lady's alarm system
good personnell is hard to find


yeah, Criminals >Suburbanites with a failed normie cope ideology. Embed related, nasty German punk before the genre became a preachfest.


based music taste as always


Do you know that feeling when you want to hop in some comfy riot but it's always organized by some weak university students calming the crowd down? This weak population is such a downer sometimes.


Pressing S to spit on people who made black bloc a fashion


File: 1579923768124.png (463.38 KB, 1024x576, 1446303742042.png)

black is the new black




File: 1580012513293.jpg (73.24 KB, 514x960, 225ada0026e69faef9026e954c….jpg)

>when you forget your pikku


sopa de batato


Fuck those faggots. All that Saudi money and a literal fuckton of American air support… and they can't even topple a pencil-necked eye doctor.

>Iran threatens US: earthquake near their nuke plant, own-goal shooting down that plane
>China gets uppity: literal plague and cities on lockdown
That settles it folks, God is an American.


Fynn Botato


File: 1580093086671.mp4 (11.54 MB, 480x360, Minus Cway-Između.mp4)

if you are posting music I want too


uma delicia


File: 1580174691170.jpg (67.5 KB, 711x960, we-stan-a-virulent-kween.jpg)

I like poasting musiks and maymays


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