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File: 1569330489818.jpg (35.26 KB, 900x900, tysa-1.jpg)


I was wondering, did one of the Slovaks ever watch programs in Slovak language on Ukrainian television? For example, there was a TV program called "Aktuality", that aired on Tysa-1 TV channel (Тиса-1). Now this channel has been renamed from Tysa-1 to UA: Transcarpathia (UA: Закарпаття). Also on this channel showed programs in Romanian, Hungarian, Ruthenian and other languages.

Tysa-1. AKTUALITY 11.04.2014
"Актуально"/Aktuality. Program je v slovenčine (05.05.17)


those narrators have a strong non-slovak accent


File: 1569339320873.jpg (82.97 KB, 720x720, 1557901642215.jpg)

lol.. Ive never seen this but it looks boring
funny accent tho


File: 1569415959160.jpg (69.26 KB, 750x863, 1567291854665.jpg)

I'm being persecuted for possessing sacred knowledge of staroslovienska bukvica.


File: 1569419689954.png (102.58 KB, 1208x1052, 71270818_743764349389884_8….png)

now I have a question, OP.
How do you feel about this picture?


File: 1569441821077.jpg (452.79 KB, 1200x734, 599052.jpg)

Firstly, I can say that this picture was created by someone with pro-Russian views, someone who is interested in the final collapse of Ukraine, so some of the information presented here may be distorted in favor of Russia. This in no way means that I deny this information. If this is completely objective information, why in the image only Ukraine is losing territory and no one else? Siberia and Tatarstan could well be separate states. Kaliningrad region could also pass into the another country.

Secondly, all territorial claims are useless for the EU countries. I mean (on the example of Hungary) an EU country cannot add new territories under EU law, this is prohibited. It is necessary either to withdraw from the EU (which Hungary periodically wants to do, but does not actually do) or to do absolutely unrealistic things in EU laws. Hungary distributes its passports to Ukrainian citizens in Transcarpathia, Romania distributes mainly in Bukovina and the Republic of Moldova, Russia distributes in Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine. Actually, it is beneficial for people in Ukraine to have two citizenships: with a citizen of Hungary or Romania they can freely travel and work in the EU.

About the picture itself: Poland, of course, would like to have Lviv and some part of Western Ukraine, but I doubt that this is possible. They also want Lithuania and Vilnius. Belarus has a connection with Northern Ukraine, Chernigov. But this is not enough to get these territories. And all the more so since the whole of Belarus is essentially a vassal of the Russian Federation, Belarus is not an independent object in politics. Republic of Moldova is likely to receive nothing. Just because Romania will regain the Republic of Moldova, and after that Romania will add south parts of Ukraine. Also in the Republic of Moldova there is a problem with Transnistria. As for Russia, I think if they wanted to take all the territory of Ukraine, they would have done it earlier and much faster. Turkey has at least a historical right to Crimea. But Crimea will most likely never become Turkish. At least until the collapse of Russia. Slovakia is likely to receive nothing. Or several local areas and villages.


File: 1569449779238.jpg (93.92 KB, 1280x1280, 1565495740360.jpg)

you sound like a smart guy
you can stay


Hello my Ukrainian comrade. Yesterday I found out a way, how to make my Ukrainian friends feel appreciated with a single sound.

I started saying "v Ukraine" instead of "na Ukraine". Everyone loves it.


File: 1569494644884.jpg (95.21 KB, 720x489, Baltika.jpg)

Now I also have a question.

Here are four brands of Czech beer sold in Ukraine:
1. Žatecký Gus (Baltika Russia/Carlsberg Ukraine)
2. Velkopopovický Kozel (SABMiller)
3. Staropramen (MolsonCoors/StarBev Group)
4. Krušovice (Heineken International)

From the information that I found only Velkopopovický Kozel, Staropramen and Krušovice is the real Czech beer brands. Have you ever heard of beer Žatecký Gus? We have advertise on TV of all these brands as Czech beer. What can you say about all this beer? What is the best beer in the Czech Republic?

Yes, you did very well thing. Just when people speak on/na it perceived Ukraine as an object or island like Cuba/Seychelles/Malta. But if you say in/v it means "in the country".


File: 1569495336260.jpg (55.39 KB, 363x858, 1332237edd2e1ebd41f6e17306….jpg)

Žatecký Gus is not a czech beer. I think its some kind of russian beer that presents itself as a czech one in order to sell better.
The rest of the beers you mentioned is actually very common. They are sme of the most famous beers here.

I personally prefer smaller not-so-famous breweries. My absolute favorite is Matuska. Its very hard to find and one bottle usually costs about 120 czech crowns or so.
It tastes like heaven though.


File: 1569503494649.jpg (68.55 KB, 800x800, Zlatá Praha.jpg)

I found another "Czech" beer here, called Zlatá Praha. Ukrainian brand Obolon (Оболонь) produce kind of beer that called Zlatá Praha. But they do not claim it as a separate brand. They simply took the name in the Czech style, without claiming that it was Czech beer "as is". Although the inscription «Original Czech Beer» not quite what they say, maybe it's some other Zlatá Praha, from another manufacturer. In the Czech Republic there is such a brand – Zlatá Praha?

I used to buy Beck's and Taller. I will not say that I am well versed in beer, but before it was of normal quality. Actually, I heard from a man that came from the Czechia, he is Ukrainian – that in Czech Republic the quality of products is much higher than similar products that are distributed in Ukraine.


>Just when people speak on/na it perceived Ukraine as an object or island like Cuba/Seychelles/Malta

I got different reasoning from the Ukrainians I know. "на Украине" was supposed to be a Russian expression, which implied that the Ukraine is a subject of Russia, rather than its own country (as it would be with "в Украине").


This is also the correct explanation. I just didn't go into details related to Russia, because I’m tired of Russia and their politics aimed at Ukraine.


Fuck Russia and all their politics

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