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how does this make you feel?


>wanting to be considered white in 2019
I'm fucking lmaoing so fucking hard.


its okay to be white


File: 1567003874161.jpg (442.9 KB, 1080x1080, 1562446021047.jpg)

That top post smells like stupid jew but he's right nonetheless. Slovaks are not white, not mentally nor genetically, that's for sure. + on top of that, they are literally worse than most african nations/tribes. Definitely below castizos, hispanics and even gypsies in my list of non-whites. My best advice is to never associate with slolvaks irl, otherwise you will be seen as inferior and dare I say - 'slolvaklover' - in your home country. That's worse than having cancer. If people find out you were associated with slovshits, you are done, you can just kill yourself, your life ended. In case of genocide, I'd rather admit having 100% gypsy/jew blood than having even 0.001% of s(lov)shit blood, you'd be sent to gas chamber via express route. Any comment online mocking this joke of a nation is a good comment and should be pinned, archived and shared.



Words of wisdom. Slovakia is direct proof that there is no God.


good kek


Slavs are not white. Get over it. On the other hand slavs can benefit from non-being white. You can be a nazi if you're not white, aren't you?


where is the benefit in being a nazi?
its like being antifa - youre basically scum to every intelligent person.


That's what I'm trying to say. You can say fuck niggers, and no one would have a right to accuse you being a nazi.


>is x white or not
well anons,
you know ….

there is
>ivory white
>alabaster white
>dusty white
>snow white
there is different shades of white
But I don't think that slavic tribes have the same work dedication that can be seen in germanic tribes
we prefer simple and easy to maintain solutions instead of sophisticated ones


What video was it?


i don't know
i don't click on facebook/twitter/youtube/whatever comment section screenshots


File: 1572248743227.jpeg (38.17 KB, 474x284, ivanoslav.jpeg)

>we prefer simple and easy to maintain solutions

this is exactly why theres no such word as engineer in any slavshit language


>theres no such word as engineer in any slavshit language
Nigger, we have word inžinier for it. Czechs have inženýr


meant slavic word


Then we have strojár


its not a word of slavic origin, since there were no engineers in slavic countries

also nothing like a substitute for it
you know just like in nigger countries theres no word for 'snow'


Is this some kind of lazy trolling? Engineer originally comes from Latin "ingeniare". By your logic, only ancient Romans would be non-niggers.

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