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B-lokal is a Czecho-Slovak imageboard.

It is the first (and only one) of it's kind in that it aims to provide a platform for both Czech and Slovak imageboard community without treating any of them preferentially.
Users can post in Slovak, Czech or English language and all three are considered equal here.

Board overview:
> /x/-Settings
= dedicated to discussions regarding the site functionality, suggestions, improvements, etc
= IDs are enabled

> /pol/-Politics [Politika]

= dedicated to moderated discussions
= OPs are able to delete posts in their own threads
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File: 1570049094688.png (48.89 KB, 1756x206, _doomer_-_Nostalgia_thread….png)

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>be OP
>the faggot cuckime poster from 8gag /shroomer/
>find a new home
>finally find people you like
>the Aussie guy
>Jean Pierre
>various amerikanskies
>and all the other guys I forgot
>one day: 8gag goes down
>have no means to contact anyone anymore
>lose all your newfound internet meme friends
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>People go to fucking club and they sit around, drink and fuck around on cellphones.

Are you for real? I mean, I know I have friends who do that, but I thought it was a Dutch thing.


Damn right.

Damn right I am for real.


>disappointed by state of art in this decade. It's so numb and passive, at least when it comes to music (I'm aware performance artists doing crazy and sometimes disgusting shit exist), we need change in culture, man.
Yeah, it was a bad decade art wise. People are getting tired. I don't care for performance art, but I wish an element of glamor would return to music/art. Bryan Ferry said some 15 years ago that rappers were the only-well dressed people in music… and now even the rappers don't care about it. Everybody just willingly retreated into a cultural cage, and the only thing the woke neo-puritans ever did was to lock the door shut.

Depression, doomerism and collapse-mongering is mainstream now. Look at all the Greta bullshit. To be truly countercultural these days, you have to know what's wrong, but refuse to be psyop'd by the anger and the panic. It's a tough act, and most people just fall into predictable radical niches that have been thoroughly contained and co-opted. We don't need cultural rebels as much as we need cultural anarchs.

>Still I wish there would be more market for rappers who stand up and say again what the fuck is wrong instead of rapping about how they are famous and laughing to faces of other niggas who couldn't get out of slum, talking about more real shit than about hoes and their booties

why not both? And one can dovetail into the other. It's all about refusing to be oppressed. Like I said, "To hell with your laws and your cultural expectations" is more punk than punk. And the few garishly clad rappers live it, even if they don't say it.

>Speaking of fucking clubs, I recently found out that actually killing it with dance in clubs is something people don't do anymore. People go to fucking club and they sit around, drink and fuck around on cellphones.
Around here "clubs" are kinda prole, so they are more diverse and have a higher ratio of dancers to the folded-arms contingent. But >>511 is 100% accurate for punk/indie shows (except it's more like $10 cover and $3 beer, and there is no expectation of women coming to you). The only plPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>why not both?
>Like I said, "To hell with your laws and your cultural expectations" is more punk than punk. And the few garishly clad rappers live it, even if they don't say it.
Nah, I meant that I'd like to have some diversity in rap as well, not just one or another. Even in past you had "serious" rappers and then more pop oriented rappers. Like look, I'm rap pleb so I don't really know what's going on now but it seems to me like if this type of xanaxrap is becoming, or already is mainstream, then we automatically need to push things into other direction just for the fuck of it. I leave this to people who actually live this lifestyle of hiphop, it's something I can respect but it goes totally around me and I don't want to tell people what they should do, especially if it's about something I don't participate in.

File: 1575276686496-0.png (1.57 MB, 1600x900, czpol1.png)

File: 1575276686496-1.png (1.58 MB, 1600x900, czpol2.png)

File: 1575276686496-2.png (1.39 MB, 1600x900, czpol3.png)


>tfw no czech bolice gf who would put gypsies in front of justice

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this is czechia's poklonskaya moment

>when you are retarded with your keyboard and hit enter before typing a message




>czech bolice gf
ummm… She's Slovak anon. You can tell because all pretty czech women work either as whores or camsluts.

File: 1570886235753-0.jpg (132.57 KB, 640x631, 0a7019ffe0063201114689e6c2….jpg)

File: 1570886235753-1.png (660.57 KB, 464x525, 0d2b0892c990b535b83d81b723….png)

File: 1570886235753-2.jpg (89.69 KB, 564x705, 2f1fd45edde616bef747faa218….jpg)


aka existence is a nigger

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File: 1571168435242.jpeg (93.52 KB, 500x500, EFRt4W6VUAA_nsD.jpeg)

the Goth subculture is so old at this point that even its revivalists are getting old. If you are looking for skinny goth girl energy, you can find it in arthoes.


File: 1571169757564.jpg (483.52 KB, 3264x2448, 1355080448086.jpg)

>that t-shirt
makes me wanna eat her out badly


File: 1571170654492.jpeg (104.61 KB, 1080x1080, heyllo.jpeg)

#MeToo [raised_hands.png]


File: 1575080076387.jpg (200.3 KB, 1059x1600, 98ef72268638eac8748b9a09da….jpg)

found this cutie yesterday

File: 1574551367266.gif (65.03 KB, 588x459, pyrcia-zadowolona.gif)



hola segnor
como sta


wassup, yo


sup everyone


henlo fellow slavs

File: 1572587680317.jpeg (351.77 KB, 850x794, 07A7B496-77AC-45ED-9BD5-4….jpeg)


Япония - безопасная страна, но будьте осторожны, когда вы поселитесь в Японии.
Это место требует особого внимания.
Говорят, что русская женщина собиралась быть изнасилованной раньше.
Этот администратор должен быть особенно осторожным.


File: 1572587747008.jpeg (165.85 KB, 573x600, 689ED2A3-2641-41E8-85C4-2….jpeg)


Это один из аспектов Японии, который существует давно.


pic looks shopped tbh

File: 1572286219165.jpg (201.92 KB, 787x646, 881b8e120c2f9ebfd27a824ba6….jpg)


Is every thread here a slavthread?

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File: 1572304875168.jpg (65.39 KB, 720x540, 2b265f41acf6be53bd64bd4e33….jpg)

Every thread is a serbia thread
serbistan zindabad


sqiptaristan murdabad


File: 1572339240943.png (391.17 KB, 618x484, 73319310_2436509789941557_….png)

there is no such thing as slavs in czechoslovakia
for centuries we have been a melting pot of all kinds of ethnicities.
germans, slavs, hungarians, gypsies, ottomans…
we got the best of the best and worst of the worst
in other words - it doesnt matter.


File: 1572415674089.webm (847.03 KB, 1280x720, zindabad.webm)

based blerim
do you also do this?

File: 1566988463393.jpg (83 KB, 856x960, 69028331_10214539805636189….jpg)


how does this make you feel?

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meant slavic word


Then we have strojár


its not a word of slavic origin, since there were no engineers in slavic countries

also nothing like a substitute for it
you know just like in nigger countries theres no word for 'snow'


Is this some kind of lazy trolling? Engineer originally comes from Latin "ingeniare". By your logic, only ancient Romans would be non-niggers.

File: 1569905592336.png (9.45 MB, 3658x3658, GИP..❁..PNG)


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Could you explain what is the meaning of the magical diagram that you posted? I am really curious, but don't trust those links.


Belarus has more than one internet users


t. Lukašenko
Prove it



mostly false
although everything related to the government and government itself is shithole

File: 1571652529694.jpg (141.09 KB, 598x595, e9e67dc178befea653b69b7681….jpg)


This fucking board is so dead




n-no, we are just picking up speed, right?


revival bump



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