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This fucking board is so dead




n-no, we are just picking up speed, right?


revival bump



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víte co mi Všichni můžete! ale pokud zavoláte, určitě se nějakej chlápek místo pěkný kočky ozve! PS.: to máš za to, že tvoje číslo koluje jako SPAM seznamka do řady e-mail schránek - nemáš svůj telefon dávat KDE JAKÝMU KOKOTOVI!


File: 1571991834472.mp4 (889.94 KB, 1280x532, aladeen.mp4)

ale o co ide?


Ste Aladin na HIV


neironicky mam chut tam zavolat

File: 1571523025189.png (111.39 KB, 260x194, 11111111.png)


download the band discography you want for free:
Elvis,Beatles,Paul McCartney,Guns´n´roses ,Ramones ,Pink Floys,Iron Maiden,AC/DC , The Rolling Stones ,The police, Genesis,
the Band,Oasis,Nirvana,Saxon etc.etc.etc……



but I can actually afford to pay the 6€ on Spotify


>brazillian guy
like pottery
but I use rutracker anyways

>paying for music

what a zoomer thing to do

File: 1570685472484.png (10.2 KB, 500x500, bera.png)


Kohlchan is dead


wtf why how?



Nobody cares About your incel cirklejerk group


REEEEE!!! I don't want any Incel members on my pictureboards!

File: 1570545285638.jpg (30.43 KB, 661x554, 28xyygcl6hx11.jpg)



join if u interested


botnet ignore



Not true


Pratwurst ignore

File: 1567181324784.jpg (192.72 KB, 1080x1350, 8E4.jpg)



File: 1567181768081.jpg (278.6 KB, 1600x1200, donuts1.jpg)

Hmm… donuts


mega milk ignore


Ty krava vyjebana!


jhoooj tak tu by som poodjil. alebo ona mna, If you know what i mean

File: 1558283354080.jpg (51.17 KB, 330x229, catt.jpg)


admin is a pidor
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Is my flag visible now?






slovborg is that you?

File: 1567492545249.png (1.01 MB, 885x1559, waifu.png)


Friendly greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/


rodent ignore

File: 1569330489818.jpg (35.26 KB, 900x900, tysa-1.jpg)


I was wondering, did one of the Slovaks ever watch programs in Slovak language on Ukrainian television? For example, there was a TV program called "Aktuality", that aired on Tysa-1 TV channel (Тиса-1). Now this channel has been renamed from Tysa-1 to UA: Transcarpathia (UA: Закарпаття). Also on this channel showed programs in Romanian, Hungarian, Ruthenian and other languages.

Tysa-1. AKTUALITY 11.04.2014
"Актуально"/Aktuality. Program je v slovenčine (05.05.17)

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File: 1569503494649.jpg (68.55 KB, 800x800, Zlatá Praha.jpg)

I found another "Czech" beer here, called Zlatá Praha. Ukrainian brand Obolon (Оболонь) produce kind of beer that called Zlatá Praha. But they do not claim it as a separate brand. They simply took the name in the Czech style, without claiming that it was Czech beer "as is". Although the inscription «Original Czech Beer» not quite what they say, maybe it's some other Zlatá Praha, from another manufacturer. In the Czech Republic there is such a brand – Zlatá Praha?

I used to buy Beck's and Taller. I will not say that I am well versed in beer, but before it was of normal quality. Actually, I heard from a man that came from the Czechia, he is Ukrainian – that in Czech Republic the quality of products is much higher than similar products that are distributed in Ukraine.


>Just when people speak on/na it perceived Ukraine as an object or island like Cuba/Seychelles/Malta

I got different reasoning from the Ukrainians I know. "на Украине" was supposed to be a Russian expression, which implied that the Ukraine is a subject of Russia, rather than its own country (as it would be with "в Украине").


This is also the correct explanation. I just didn't go into details related to Russia, because I’m tired of Russia and their politics aimed at Ukraine.


Fuck Russia and all their politics

File: 1568567550408.jpg (118.71 KB, 900x900, koty.jpg)


>angels of heaven
your opinion, do you know anybody from this group and is it true that they pray for over 10 minutes to the turned off TV at the certain hour?

link rel


If you join them, chances are your änus will be molested :DDD

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