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File: 1574551367266.gif (65.03 KB, 588x459, pyrcia-zadowolona.gif)



hola segnor
como sta


wassup, yo


sup everyone


henlo fellow slavs

File: 1572587680317.jpeg (351.77 KB, 850x794, 07A7B496-77AC-45ED-9BD5-4….jpeg)


Япония - безопасная страна, но будьте осторожны, когда вы поселитесь в Японии.
Это место требует особого внимания.
Говорят, что русская женщина собиралась быть изнасилованной раньше.
Этот администратор должен быть особенно осторожным.


File: 1572587747008.jpeg (165.85 KB, 573x600, 689ED2A3-2641-41E8-85C4-2….jpeg)


Это один из аспектов Японии, который существует давно.


pic looks shopped tbh

File: 1572286219165.jpg (201.92 KB, 787x646, 881b8e120c2f9ebfd27a824ba6….jpg)


Is every thread here a slavthread?

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File: 1572304875168.jpg (65.39 KB, 720x540, 2b265f41acf6be53bd64bd4e33….jpg)

Every thread is a serbia thread
serbistan zindabad


sqiptaristan murdabad


File: 1572339240943.png (391.17 KB, 618x484, 73319310_2436509789941557_….png)

there is no such thing as slavs in czechoslovakia
for centuries we have been a melting pot of all kinds of ethnicities.
germans, slavs, hungarians, gypsies, ottomans…
we got the best of the best and worst of the worst
in other words - it doesnt matter.


File: 1572415674089.webm (847.03 KB, 1280x720, zindabad.webm)

based blerim
do you also do this?

File: 1566988463393.jpg (83 KB, 856x960, 69028331_10214539805636189….jpg)


how does this make you feel?

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meant slavic word


Then we have strojár


its not a word of slavic origin, since there were no engineers in slavic countries

also nothing like a substitute for it
you know just like in nigger countries theres no word for 'snow'


Is this some kind of lazy trolling? Engineer originally comes from Latin "ingeniare". By your logic, only ancient Romans would be non-niggers.

File: 1569905592336.png (9.45 MB, 3658x3658, GИP..❁..PNG)


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Could you explain what is the meaning of the magical diagram that you posted? I am really curious, but don't trust those links.


Belarus has more than one internet users


t. Lukašenko
Prove it



mostly false
although everything related to the government and government itself is shithole

File: 1571652529694.jpg (141.09 KB, 598x595, e9e67dc178befea653b69b7681….jpg)


This fucking board is so dead




n-no, we are just picking up speed, right?


revival bump



File: 1571988604338.jpg (32.71 KB, 540x960, nasrat.jpg)


víte co mi Všichni můžete! ale pokud zavoláte, určitě se nějakej chlápek místo pěkný kočky ozve! PS.: to máš za to, že tvoje číslo koluje jako SPAM seznamka do řady e-mail schránek - nemáš svůj telefon dávat KDE JAKÝMU KOKOTOVI!


File: 1571991834472.mp4 (889.94 KB, 1280x532, aladeen.mp4)

ale o co ide?


Ste Aladin na HIV


neironicky mam chut tam zavolat

File: 1571523025189.png (111.39 KB, 260x194, 11111111.png)


download the band discography you want for free:
Elvis,Beatles,Paul McCartney,Guns´n´roses ,Ramones ,Pink Floys,Iron Maiden,AC/DC , The Rolling Stones ,The police, Genesis,
the Band,Oasis,Nirvana,Saxon etc.etc.etc……



but I can actually afford to pay the 6€ on Spotify


>brazillian guy
like pottery
but I use rutracker anyways

>paying for music

what a zoomer thing to do

File: 1570685472484.png (10.2 KB, 500x500, bera.png)


Kohlchan is dead


wtf why how?



Nobody cares About your incel cirklejerk group


REEEEE!!! I don't want any Incel members on my pictureboards!

File: 1570545285638.jpg (30.43 KB, 661x554, 28xyygcl6hx11.jpg)



join if u interested


botnet ignore



Not true


Pratwurst ignore

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