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I've just returned from super sekret top jewish conspiracy kabbalah meeting at Prague cemetary. We have all agreed that growing nazism and antisemitism on blokal.eu is a serious threat to world jewry and our plans to domiate goyim and especially it's a huge obstacle in our pursuit for irreversible extermination of white race which we hate so much. I was assigned a task to gather the best ideas how to counter this growing threat on this very important site (blokal.eu) so please help me (you DO love jews, don't you?) and propose some glorious ideas. Shalom brothers.


It has been brought to our attention that blokal.eu is frequented by one english native speaker who is extremely dedicated to oppose our will. He has been assigned to our top MOSSAD secret agent. Sources (his whore of a mom whom I creamped pie last night, that dirty slut) say that his interests are taking himself extremely seriously, masturbating to drawn japanese people, reading Mein Kampf in original (despite he can't read german) and refreshing blokal.eu because he is to stupid to realise that he's being trolled by single line of Bash script. He hates jews, himself and anything what could've made him somehow successful in real life. Be aware this individual is very dangerious since his posts can cause terminal autism and even rot your meme glands.


Please our supreme leader BO Pan Boch, second only to the glorious Bogdanoffs save our jewish nation from this threat. Haven't we suffered enough during the history in the hands of raging white supremacist nazis? Have you forgotten the six millions?
❤️ 🕎 Keep calm and love Israel 🕎 ❤️


File: 1586955927754.jpg (8.88 KB, 225x225, snibbety snab.jpg)

The crab says nazis do everything they accuse jews of and then they deny it.
✡️ Keep calm and love jews ✡️


Oy vey! Shut it down! I've been called out. Shut it down! Shut it down! The nazis are coming!
t. Judenkiller88


UPDATE: Our MOSSAD's top agent has discovered that subject, english speaking nazi, frequenting blokal.eu (currently evaluated as the biggest threat for the world jewry) is kissless, handholdless, hugless virgin. He lives in his mom's basement and is often visited by his "uncle" late at night who punishes him for being a naughty naughty boi. Photographs also indicate that he might have a micropenis and extremly ugly face. Age between 15-17. He has a lot of free time right now since he doesn't have to visit school due to coronavirus he unknowingly has.


Hi my name is Guthrum and after I've been banned on every single other imageboard because I'm annoying mentally ill faggot I came to flood this board with my paranoid schizofrenic bullshit. I'm a lolcow and pathetic Q Boomer. Soon I'll kill myself that's how pathetic I am.


nice thread about schizoposter who unfortunatelly discovered blokal and floods it with his schizo hallucinations about jews



Guthrum is a wittwe crybaby. Cry some more and KYS!


Every english speaking nazi on this board is literally samefagging Guthrum. What a fucking asshole!


File: 1587241821865.jpg (308.37 KB, 1442x596, Guthrum's Mind Right Now.jpg)

Guthrum schizo mind


File: 1587242040592.jpg (98.67 KB, 700x728, Guthrum's drawing.jpg)

QBoomer schizo Guthrum we watch your every step. We are always one step ahead of you. We are coming for you soon. You have nowhere to hide. You are done. You've made very powerful people angry and that's your end. Enough is enough. This is not a warning.


Do you think this is a joke? A trolling attempt? Don't be fooled Guthrum. This time you've crossed the line. The kind of information you are spreading were never meant for general public. It's over for you. You will be death soon so will your family.


File: 1587245840122.png (204.03 KB, 1871x858, Guthrum IRL.png)

Guthrum IRL


File: 1587461840486.jpg (1.29 MB, 5186x2069, zima2.jpg)

OK toto je inak celkom dobre.
pousmial som sa


>A Ukrainian said that their right-wing battalions are led by jews, specifically singling out Dmytro Yarosh as a jew, and a Russian said he believes that Russia is working in collusion with Ukraine to send its "neo-nazi" elements into Ukraine defense forces to be slaughtered.
t. Guthrum the schizonazi for whom even other nazis are literally jews.

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